Betano Review 2023: What Do They Offer for Ontario Bettors

Toying with the idea of joining Betano? Read our Betano review to see what lies ahead before you commit.


Betano review

Betano Review – sports and markets covered 

Betano is currently live and active in the Ontario market. You must be 19+ and a Canadian resident to sign up and play. Yet if you are, our Betano review will give you all you need to know before joining. Starting with the Betano sportsbook, this really is the pride and joy of the entire site. With 20+ sports to bet on, including baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, American football, and winter sports, the selection here is clearly fantastic. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When you start to take a closer look at the Betano Ontario sportsbook, more appealing features are revealed. Specifically, when exploring betting options for top events in leagues like the NHL, NFL, and NBA, you’ve got a wealth of different markets on offer. Common markets here include moneyline, under/over totals, spreads, props, outrights, futures, and more. In fact, if you look at the overall market depth for major events for top sports, there are often hundreds of different markets listed.

Betano review

This is the case when looking into the pre-match and/or the live betting markets. So if you can’t find a suitable market with Betano, we are inclined to say that you probably won’t find one with any other Canadian sportsbook.

Betting limits and quality of odds

One of the first things people tend to think about with an online sportsbook is what the minimum accepted wager is. So let us tell you right away that bets can be made from as little as $1 with Betano. Should you switch your focus to the in-play markets, however, Betano gives a little more flexibility by reducing the limit to $0.50. This should be adequate enough to ensure that most punters can get some skin in the game without going beyond their financial means.

As for the upper limits concerning how much you can win, this isn’t something that many people will need to worry about. That’s because the upper limit is $25,000 for many of the top sports. And to even be in with the chance of landing such a payout, you’d have to be betting some pretty big money. So as you can see, Betano is ideal from the perspective of limits for all types of punters.

Betano review

Yet when it comes to the odds, this is another area where Betano shines. Particularly for major sports like basketball, football, hockey, and soccer, the odds offered are usually highly competitive. This means that your wager will produce a good return based on what you may have received elsewhere. Then again, this is only true if your wager does ultimately come through as a win.

Betano review for all extra platform features

Given that Betano ranks as one of the leading betting sites in Canada, the platform boasts many different sections to browse through. We don’t just mean sections relating to the main sportsbook either. Instead, we are talking about alternative products like casino gaming, premium features like cashouts, banking, support services, and more. These are all key areas to address in order to summarize our Betano review in either a positive or negative light.

So without further ado, let us complete a quick review of all areas that we consider important on the Betano Ontario platform right now.

In-play betting and streaming services

Since we’ve already touched upon live betting earlier in this Betano review, you know that this is an option. Of course, there are a number of benefits behind live betting vs pre-match betting too. You can snap up various bets at higher odds with live betting based on how things are doing. And at the same time, live betting allows you to sit back and observe how the game is developing.

In-play betting and streaming services

Therefore, you can make informed betting decisions based on the performance of the team/individual on that day. In addition to that, we’d like to point out that Betano keeps competitive odds and very diverse markets at the forefront of the offerings for in-play betting. This is obvious by the range of bets you can make for many live events, as well as the general value of the odds supplied too. As for the process of actually making a live wager, it’s as easy as one-two-three.

You simply tap the market, enter the amount of money you wish to bet, then place the wager. Once completed, you are officially in the game. However, while this is all well and good, there is another positive to mention. Provided that you’ve got funds in your Betano account, you may watch live sports where possible. Betano currently offers streaming for a range of sporting events that you can wager on. Just seek out the small streaming link, tap it, and you will be watching live sports in no time.

Cashing out bets at Betano Ontario – how this works

Right off the bat, we can inform you that the Betano platform does support cashouts. This is a feature that punters absolutely love about the Betano sportsbook, and understandably so. Most of the major markets lend themselves to this feature. And if you place a bet that performs as you’d hoped, Betano is sure to serve up an enticing cashout offer. You can then choose to take it and end your bet or leave it in the hope that things keep going to plan. If they do, the cashout value will increase, but if they don’t, the value may decrease or be removed altogether.

Then again, that’s why it’s always an interesting game when deciding whether to cash out your bet or not. Yet if you thought that this was positive enough, we’ve got another thing to add. Based on our own experience, Betano is fantastic at adjusting cashout values in real-time relevant to the event in question. There is very little lag between a major event that impacts your cashout offer and the eventual change in the cashout value. This way, you’ve always got your finger on the pulse.

And if you ultimately do want to take the cashout that is offered to you, it’s easy to do so. You simply navigate to your in-play bets, open it up to reveal the cashout value, then take it with the click of a button.

Betano app – supported devices, installation, and overall offerings

Did you really think that a site of this scale and popularity would be reserved for desktop betting only? No chance! At the time of writing, you can easily download the Betano app from the main mobile site. There is a designated Betano app available for each of the two major operating systems – Android and iOS. Just tap the corresponding app to reach the installation page, and take the necessary steps from there.

betano app

Once installed, you get to access a one size fits all mobile app that has a terrific selection of products and features. For starters, we can tell you that this singular mobile app plays host to casino gaming, sports betting, virtuals, and live casino gaming. This avoids the need to install different apps, and it ensures that you can navigate around all of the top products with ease. Adding to this, Betano has included all of the premium features that desktop users have at their disposal.

Examples here include the support of live betting, cashouts, streaming, bet builders, and much more. But perhaps the greatest credit of all is that no matter what you are trying to do, the app will respond rapidly with essentially zero delays or technical problems.

Processing deposits and withdrawals at Betano Ontario

You are hopefully pretty clear on the fact that Betano is a real money gambling platform. So because of that, it’s critical that you learn how to fund your account, what the supported methods are, as well as how to withdraw funds when ready. We have good news on that front too, as Betano has several established and popular payment options for both deposits and withdrawals. These include MasterCard/Visa credit and debit cards, as well as Interac Online.

Processing deposits and withdrawals at Betano Ontario

Standard minimum transaction values are fixed at $10 as well, so you don’t have to be a high roller to manage your funds appropriately here. You also won’t be burned by any needless fees, as Betano Ontario maintains a policy of zero charges for withdrawals and deposits. This always bodes well when taking funds in or out of your account. And the other fantastic factor about banking at Betano is that transaction speeds are generally very quick.

For deposits, no matter what method you decide to use, your funds should arrive within seconds of hitting the deposit button. As for withdrawals, on average, it can take 1-3 business days for the withdrawal to be completed. But if you have failed to complete verification or you are trying to withdraw a large sum of money, this can be as long as 5 business days.

Therefore, the best way to speed things up is to simply ensure that verification is done as soon as possible once you’ve joined.

Access to customer support services – available options discussed

As professional as the Betano site is, there can be times when you might be unsure of something. This is perfectly normal, and to be frank, this can be expected no matter which online sportsbook you join. Because of this, it’s nice to know that Betano takes customer support very seriously indeed. By hitting the ‘contact’ link, which is within the footer of the main site, all of the options will present themselves. These include both the email and live chat links, although there is no listed phone number – a little disappointing.

With this said, live chat is offered on a 24/7 basis, so you can quite literally always reach a designated support agent, night or day. This is the best option if you want to get a direct answer to any issue, and it’s also the most convenient too. But if you wish to email the team instead of using live chat, of course, you can do that too. Just bear in mind that response times are slower via email.

Other Betano Ontario products worth noting

The sportsbook that Betano has to offer usually grabs most of the headlines in the Canadian market. Yet if you do start to explore the other products that are supported, things are rather remarkable. On that note, since the casino is the standout product, despite being split into several subcategories, we want to provide a quick Betano casino review for this region of the site.

Betano Casino – 400+ games to enjoy

As you can see, there is a fantastic range of casino games listed at Betano. You can browse through more than 400 of them whenever you like, with many top titles coming from providers like Playtech, IGT, and Pragmatic Play. At the same time, you may like to know that there is also a huge live dealer portfolio to enjoy. As for the top games in this section, we’d definitely encourage you to check out Monopoly Big Baller, Gold Bar Roulette, or Ontario Blackjack.

Betano Casino

Final Betano Review – an incredible betting site

Betano is obviously a site that knows what it takes to dominate the Ontario market. We say this due to the sheer quality of each product and feature that they’ve chosen to implement. And since members get to benefit from multiple products after creating just one account, what more could we honestly ask for? Betano has even made the site as user-friendly as possible with top-notch aesthetics and an immensely simple navigation setup.

So for us, Betano has to go down as one of the current market leaders in Canada. To that end, we really do feel that the Betano platform deserves a 5/5 rating for the current setup. And who knows, the site could get even better as time goes by.


Easy – Betano has an AGCO license for starters, as well as a huge range of positive customer reviews.


Betano will ask that you provide your name, DOB, address, contact, and a few other things when joining.


You can use a Betano registration code, yes. However, you won’t receive any special benefits in exchange for doing so.

The only implications of using a Betano registration code are that your account can then be tracked for marketing materials in the future.


No. The entire casino catalog has been implemented through HTML5 technology. So you don’t have to install anything at all.