Bally Bet Review 2023: Ontario Sportsbook and Casino

Take a look behind the curtain in this Bally Bet review for the Ontario platform. Full review and sign-up details given within.

Bally Bet review

Bally Bet Review of current sportsbook offerings 

Up until a few months ago, Bally Bet was a site that only supported online casino gaming. However, in recent times, the site has gone live with a fully functioning Bally Bet Sportsbook. This is something that has completely changed the game for current members. And it’s also something that potential customers find very appealing too. As for the specifics of this sportsbook, you can wager on many sports that are immensely popular in Canada.

Some of the sports that are included in this range are basketball, hockey, football, soccer, tennis, and many others. Between these sports and associated leagues such as the NBA and NFL, you can bet on hundreds of different sporting events on a monthly basis. Not only that, but the Bally Bet sportsbook also boasts quite a range of markets. Based on what we’ve seen from these popular leagues, you’ve got standard betting markets such as spread, props, moneyline, as well as under/over totals.

Backing this up, if you start to look at events that are taking place in a few months’ time, you will notice that Bally Bet has some pretty awesome futures and outright betting markets as well.

Bally Bet sportsbook odds and respective betting limits

Now that you have an idea of what sports you can bet on, let us dive further into the true value of the site. Starting with the most popular sports, we believe that Bally Bet offers fairly competitive odds overall. This is especially true for the major sports leagues coming from North America – NBA, NFL, NHL, MLS, and others. So on the surface, if we base our Bally Bet review on a value perspective, it’s clear that you can get a better return on your wagers here compared to other sites.

Bally Bet app

Then when you come to the betting limits, things also look rather promising. You only need to stump up $1 to get a bet placed with Bally Bet, yet you can bet several thousand if you had the capacity to do so. Of course, this is not something that we encourage unless you really do have the financial capacity. But either way, it is nice to see that Bally Bet has an all-inclusive betting range.

And if you were fortunate enough to land a big win through the Bally Bet Canada sportsbook, you will have no trouble withdrawing the funds. That’s because Bally Bet has very high withdrawal maximums to complement the other positives mentioned here.

Additional site features – comprehensive Bally Bet review

As you have hopefully guessed already, our goal here is to give you the most in-depth review of Bally Bet Canada that we can. Because of this, we cannot end things by simply covering what the sportsbook has to offer. This would only leave you with an idea of what you could actually bet on if you chose to sign up. Instead, we wish to take things further and run through top features, user experience, and much more.

In covering these areas, we believe that you will then have the right knowledge to make an informed choice. That choice is whether you decide that Bally Bet is the right site for you or not – simple. So to get you closer to that decision, let’s move on to discuss these additional features right now.

Streaming and live betting capabilities at Bally Bet Canada

Over time, the expectations that punters have of regulated sports betting platforms have increased tremendously. Nowadays, people want to be able to place bets on their favorite sports, and also watch them at the same time. Of course, this is known as live streaming. However, at the time of writing, live streaming isn’t a feature that Bally Bet has available. This is the case regardless of whether you have a funded betting account or not. So sadly, you cannot watch top sporting events through the Bally Bet sportsbook.

Anyway – that gets the one negative point out of the way. Moving to a more positive focus, you can absolutely engage in live betting on the Bally Bet platform. Once you’ve actually registered and signed in, you should be able to see a few key sections within the sportsbook. One of these sections is clearly labeled under ‘live betting’. And by tapping the link, Bally Bet will then show all of the current in-play events that you could wager on.

Streaming and live betting capabilities at Bally Bet Canada

To clarify, live betting is supported for pretty much all of the leading sports. You can then place wagers on these markets in the exact same way as you could do for the pre-game markets. Just scroll through them, tap the market, enter your stake, and away you go. With this said, as is the case with all online betting sites, just be wary that the odds will change quickly here.

So if you are really looking to lock in that bet at the price shown, don’t mess around!

Bally Bet review of the cashout feature for sports betting

It’s understandable if the absence of live streaming has somewhat tainted your expectations of Bally Bet. However, we can tell you now that things are about to get a whole lot better. That’s because one of the other common features that punters love to see is cashouts. And Bally Bet not only supports this feature, but the site also allows the vast majority of betting markets to be cashed out. This is different from alternative Canadian sportsbooks which tend to reserve cashout options for only the main betting markets.

With this said, it’s not like you will receive a cashout offer for every bet that you place. Things must be looking good, meaning that your bet must be looking likely to result in a win. Only then will Bally Bet step up and issue a dynamic cashout value. These are generally quite generous, based on our experience. And if you like the offer, you can cash out your relevant bet with just one tap/click of the screen.

Bear in mind you don’t have to take the cash out offer, not by any means. If you’ve got the confidence and gut feeling that your bet will win when all is said and done, you can leave the cashout offer alone. In doing so, should you be correct and your bet ultimately wins, the returns will be more than what the cashout value was. However, there is always the risk that your gut feeling will be wrong and the bet ultimately loses.

You just never know when it comes to sports betting. But simply having the option to cash out a wager is a major positive of the Bally Bet Canada site.

Bally Bet App – details of Android and iOS performance

Not only has Bally Bet gone live with an epic online sportsbook, but they’ve backed this up with a tremendous app to go with it. From the main homepage, you should see download links to two apps. These are the same apps, only they are tailored to the two main operating systems for most smartphones – iOS and Android. But before you do, we would advise making sure that you’ve got the latest software installed for your mobile.

This way, you should get the best performance from the Bally Bet app. And you will also receive the latest updates and security measures that have been implemented into the app too – highly recommended. As for what the app has in store, this is where things get intriguing. For starters, this is a two-in-one mobile app, meaning the app supports sports betting and casino gaming. Whenever you’ve registered and verified, you can access both products as and when you’d like to.

Bally Bet app

Concerning sports betting, you’ve got access to the entire selection of sports and markets through the app. And to be honest, we prefer the app for things like cashouts and live betting thanks to such a great layout. As for casino gaming, everything works as a click-and-play system. This means you can browse through 100+ slots, table games, and live dealer games at the drop of a hat. No downloads are necessary – just pick a game, tap it, and enjoy.

Bally Bet Canada Banking – supported methods, limits, and fees

Considering that all of the products listed on the site are linked to real money betting, we had to discuss banking in this Bally Bet review. So, starting with the deposit methods, you’ve got a few to choose from here. The main options include credit/debit cards, PayPal, Interac, and certain prepaid cards. There is a $10 minimum deposit enforced for all of these options, yet transactions should go through immediately. Of course, zero fees apply to deposits.

Then when it comes to withdrawals, things are slightly different. Processing speeds are not instant for withdrawal requests. Instead, there is a 24-48 hour pending period, and you must verify your account details before you can withdraw funds. Assuming you have and all is in order, once approved by Bally Bet your funds should then come through within 3-5 business days. This is the average regardless of which method you decide to use.

You should also know that Bally Bet does not charge any fees whatsoever to process withdrawal requests. Then again, that’s how it should be with any reputable betting site in Canada.

Customer support options and their quality

You needn’t worry if anything doesn’t go to plan with your Bally Bet account. Should you be struggling with anything or require assistance, you can easily reach the support team. Current options include email, phone, and live chat support. And as you’ve probably gathered already, the live chat is the best route to go down if you are in need of an immediate answer. This can be accessed through a link on the main site, and via the Bally Bet app if you’d prefer.

After running through some automated questions, there is the chance to be connected to an agent. As for the other options, phone support is generally quite good with Bally Bet, although it isn’t a 24/7 service. And finally, if you decide to email them, it could be 2-3 days before you receive a response.

In-depth Bally Bet review for other products

You’ve no doubt picked up on the fact that Bally Bet is a multi-product site already. That’s assuming you’ve read through the details shared throughout this review. However, we’ve not yet gone through the specifics of the other major product on the site, which relates to the casino. So let us change that right now:

Bally Bet Casino – games and overall appeal

Bally Bet Casino

The Bally Bet casino can be accessed through both mobile and desktop platforms. Once loaded, you’ll be treated to a three-figure range of games. These are split through a couple of key subcategories including slots, table games, as well as the live casino. Of course, this shows that you can experiment with a range of top titles. As for the main games you may like to try, we’d suggest checking out Multihand Blackjack, 9 Pots of Gold, as well as Monopoly Live (located under the live casino banner).

Bally Bet Review Summary – an exciting prospect for Ontario punters

The reason that we say that Bally Bet is an exciting prospect is that it’s still quite new in Ontario. This is particularly true for the Bally Bet sportsbook that is currently available. However, just because the site is newer than others, this does not mean that the quality isn’t as good as more established platforms. In fact, from what we’ve witnessed here, the quality is just as good if not better than many others.

Yet if we had to give an overall grade for the Bally Bet site, we’d give them a 4/5 for the moment. That’s mainly due to the absence of things like live streaming for sports and a limited range of jackpots for the casino product.

Bally Bet Canada FAQs

You can, but the Bally Bet promotional code doesn’t involve any benefits or incentives for your account.


You are required to prove both your ID and residence status after joining.


Yes. Bally Bet has the correct license required to offer a range of online betting services in Ontario.


The main requirements are that you are a resident of Canada and are over the age of 19.


Unless you’ve won an incredibly large bet, payouts should be paid out instantly.


Absolutely. You can set up restrictions on bet sizes, deposits, and more.