BetMGM NBA Playoffs Promo 2023: Code “WABPLAY” Unlocks a $1000 First Bet Offer

As many of you will know, the NBA playoffs are underway. The post-season for the NBA is always a blast to watch – and to bet on for that matter! This is why we are pleased to be sharing the BetMGM NBA playoffs promotion with you. As you can see, by using the BetMGM NBA promo, you can make a wager on this event of up to $1,000. If the bet loses, BetMGM will actually reimburse you with bonus bets credited to your account.

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Bonus & Offers details
  • BetMGM NBA Playoffs Promo: Get a First Bet Offer up to $1,000 in bonus bets
  • Refer a Friend Offer: Both of you will receive a $50 bonus
  • One Game Parlay: Try One Game Parlay at BetMGM Sports to Combine Your Bets and Increase the Fun
  • NBA Finals Offer: Get A Bonus Token When Your Team Advances!

Terms and conditions apply

21+ years old and located in any of the states where BetMGM is legal and licensed

Valid in NJ, WV, IN, CO, NV, MI, TN, IA, VA, DC, AZ, LA, IL

Expires on: 31-12-2023
Last check: 2 days ago

And just so there is no confusion, this is also known as the BetMGM welcome offer, which is available in multiple states right now. This includes mainstream states such as New York, Indiana, New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and many others. Of course, you also need to be over the age of 21, while being based in an eligible state if you are to grab the BetMGM NBA promo. Of course, since we are at the playoffs stage in the NBA season, you can then use this bonus to wager on any of the playoff games right now.

There is plenty to consider, and we will be getting to that in more detail soon.

A closer look at the bonus

In order to avoid any confusion whatsoever, we’d like to provide you with a breakdown of the BetMGM NBA playoffs bonus that we are talking about here. Once again, this is also the BetMGM welcome offer. But since we have arrived at the NBA playoffs, many new customers are choosing to use the offer for this competition. That’s why we are using the terms synonymously, as you can already see. But coming back to the bonus now, there are some specifics that you must take note of to maximize the bonus and ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria.

Deposit restriction

Besides actually opening a brand new account with BetMGM, there is one additional step you must do before the bonus is officially yours. After joining, you must proceed to deposit funds to qualify for the bonus. This initial deposit has to be completed using a debit card. Sure, BetMGM has other payment methods available, but this is the one stipulated to receive the BetMGM NBA playoffs bonus. And in addition to the debit card requirement, you must actually deposit at least $10 to ‘unlock’ the offer, so to speak.

BetMGM NBA Playoffs Promo

BetMGM NBA promo requirement

Referring back to the sign-up process now, as a new customer, you must apply the WABPLAY promo code identified earlier. This is the code that is specifically tailored to the bonus mentioned. Registering without entering it may mean that you are no longer eligible to claim the BetMGM welcome offer, at least not the one that we have mentioned here. The promo code must be applied exactly as shown too, so it’s best to copy and paste the code to avoid any errors.

Eligible markets

Some people assume that the BetMGM playoffs odds will be part of the terms and conditions of this bonus. However, we can confirm right now that this isn’t the case. The actual odds of the market that you choose to bet on have no bearing on whether you get the bonus bets or not. This is quite different from the welcome bonus issued at other online sportsbooks in the USA. So really, this means that you can pick whatever market you like, bet up to $1,000, and receive bonus bets if the bet loses. This brings us nicely to our next point.

Refund breakdown (if applicable)

If your first bet does lose, which we hope doesn’t happen, you will be given bonus bets up to a maximum value of $1,000. But when you are given the refund, it isn’t just credited back to your account in one fell swoop. Instead, you will receive the refund incrementally. The refund is actually given in the form of five separate bonus bets, each totaling 20% of the amount that you lost on the initial wager.

So for example, if you chose to bet $500 on your first wager, regardless of the BetMGM playoffs odds, you’d get five separate bonus bets worth $100 each. And when it comes to NBA playoffs gambling, it’s tough to find a better incentive than this!

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What’s on offer for existing players?

We’ve talked a lot about the BetMGM welcome offer here, but where does this leave those players who already have a BetMGM account? Well, we are pleased that you have asked! Below, you will find some of the other NBA playoffs promotions that BetMGM currently has available:

Bet x receive y

Over the last few weeks, we have seen this promotion pop up time and time again with BetMGM. Basically, the site seems to pick certain games throughout the playoffs, and if you bet a certain amount on any market, as long as it involves the chosen team, you will be given a bonus bet. This tends to chop and change on a rolling basis with BetMGM, which is why we haven’t provided specifics here. However, a more recent example includes the 76ers.

In this BetMGM NBA playoffs promotion, you could bet $50 on the 76ers and receive a $10 bonus bet for doing so.

Enhanced prices

Putting bpnus bets and incentives aside now, BetMGM also has a range of enhanced markets for you to take a swing at. These enhanced markets are everyone on the site, and it’s fairly simple to see the benefit in wagering on these options. Basically, BetMGM picks certain markets and pumps the price, which subsequently pumps the potential return from your bet. As an example, BetMGM might choose to increase the odds on the Heat to beat the Hawks by 10%. If you were originally going to win $100 with your wager, suddenly, you stand to win $110.

BetMGM NBA Playoffs

Insurance for certain outcomes

Some of the more common NBA playoffs promotions relate to insurance incentives with BetMGM. As you can already see, this is exactly what the BetMGM NBA promo involves too – a chance for you to get your money back if the bet loses. But instead of simply offering a refund if your bet loses here, BetMGM gets a little more specific. For these promotions, you might be offered a refund if your team loses in overtime if a certain player drops more than a certain number of points, and so on and so forth.

The actual outcomes that relate to the insurance offer change regularly. And for that reason, we encourage you to check back in with BetMGM to see the precise details when you can. Note that the information given here is just an example. You might find that by the time you want to bet on the NBA playoffs, some of the insurance incentives might relate to specific wagers such as single game parlays or over/under stakes.

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More about the event

You are probably saturated with information relating to the NBA playoffs gambling markets and NBA playoffs promotions at this point. So we won’t continue to go down this avenue. Instead, we’d like to wrap this up by talking about the NBA playoffs in a more general sense, giving you some information that you may or may not know about the event. For starters, the NBA playoffs are obviously the post-season part of the NBA league. Teams from both the Western and Eastern Conferences have qualified at this point, and they are currently facing off to see who progresses.

Eight teams from each conference have made it through the NBA playoffs. And at the time of writing, we are in round one of the playoffs. That’s why we say that now is the best time to claim the BetMGM welcome offer and punt on these games. There are so many games and markets to choose from right now that you are almost spoiled for choice. But coming back to the playoffs information now, there are some teams you may want to take note of.

In the Eastern Conference, Miami is the heavy favorite, and they already have a 2-0 lead on the Hawks in the playoffs opener. You’ve also got Boston in the bottom half of the playoffs draw for the Eastern Conference. These guys are also a formidable team. As for the Western Conference, the Phoenix Suns are tipped as the number one seeds. And down at the bottom, the Memphis Grizzlies are the number two seeds.

As we say, currently, just a few games have been played in each of the NBA playoffs rounds. So why not take advantage today and claim the BetMGM NBA promo to start betting on this fantastic competition?