Bet365 Esports Review – A Guide To Esports Betting

Ever wondered whether the bet365 esports offerings live up to expectations? Find out through the information right here.


Bet365 esports offers

Right off the bat, I can confirm that bet365 has some excellent offers that can currently be used to bet on esports competitions. This all starts with the new player bonus, which can be utilized to bet on esports. And plenty of ongoing offers can also be used for esports – especially around the time of important esports competitions! So, regardless of whether you are a brand new bet365 customer or an existing one, there is plenty of value to be obtained in the way of bonuses.

Top bet365 esports events to wager on

Now that I’ve established that you can easily bet on esports with bet365, I’d like to showcase some of the main events. With bet365 having such extensive coverage of this relatively new form of betting, as you’d expect, there’s plenty to pay attention to. This involves esports betting markets for popular leagues involving Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite, League of Legends, and several others. Note that these are leagues that take place throughout the year, but there are major competitions that need mentioning too:

The International

This is the biggest event of the entire esports calendar, and it is typically held late in August of each year. This is actually the World Championships for Dota 2, which is a separate event from the regular leagues involving this game. With prize money exceeding $30 million in recent years, it’s always a fun event, and bet365 truly steps up the bonuses at this time of year too.

The Fortnite World Cup

As you may have guessed from the title, this event lets the best Fortnite players come together to battle it out for the biggest crown of them all. Usually, this event takes place in July, and it takes place in the city that never sleeps – New York. Much like The International, prize money here can exceed $30 million, and the individual winner can walk away with a cool $3 million.

Intel Extreme Masters

Unlike the previous two competitions, the Intel Extreme Masters doesn’t focus solely on one event. Instead, this one consists of high-profile contests for some of the biggest esports in the world – namely Fortnite, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The prize money is still in the millions for this one, and the event usually takes place in February of each year.

Intel Extreme Masters Esports Event

Live streaming for bet365 esports events

Bet365 does offer a wealth of streaming opportunities for esports, not only for regular leagues but for larger competitions too. The catch is that you must have made a bet within the last 24 hours, or you need to maintain a funded account. The good news is that if you are a regular punter, whether on esports or something else, you’ll likely meet these conditions. And to add to this, you can enjoy live esports streaming through either the desktop or mobile platforms. Since esports competitions aren’t quite as restricted in terms of viewing rights, something which is quite different from sports like soccer or basketball, bet365 has the ability to stream a ton of events too.

To get specific, you will be able to watch leagues such as the League of Legends, ESL Pro League, the Alpha Pro League, and many others. As for the absolute pinnacle events like The International and The Fortnite World Cup, you can watch these too! It really is one of the best live streaming coverages I’ve seen for esports, and the quality of the streams are tremendous.

Bet365 esports betting odds

In order to truly assess how good a bookmaker’s offerings are for any sport, you’ve got to take the odds into account. Of course, I’ve looked into this quite intensively with bet365, and I’ve realized that they regularly provide higher odds than other competitors. This means that as and when you do manage to make a winning bet for any esports markets, the returns you stand to get will be higher than if you’d placed the same bet elsewhere. I can’t guarantee this will be the case for every single market, but I can assure you that this is true for most markets.

I also noticed that when the larger events roll around, the distance between the average odds and bet365’s odds becomes much larger – in a positive way. Therefore, when you are placing bets on events that are high-profile, you can expect more competitive odds than if you’d bet on just regular season leagues, per se. Another huge consideration is that bet365 sometimes pumps out markets that are referred to as ‘enhanced markets’.

These are where the odds have been given a real kick, although they won’t always be for the mainstream moneyline markets. Instead, these tend to be reserved for the more speculative markets. But should you go for them, there’s plenty to gain.

Bet365 esports betting tips

Unfortunately, bet365 does not have a betting tips section for esports. In fact, this bookmaker doesn’t have a tips section for any sport! This is somewhat disappointing, but then again, not every bookmaker has this feature widely available. With that said, it’s still relatively easy to do your own esports betting research away from the bet365 site, as there are many websites that provide free esports betting tips these days. And another thing to consider is that when you do find tips, these can often influence your decisions in a somewhat negative way – it all depends on who has provided the tips.

So, since bet365 doesn’t seem to have this feature in action, I’d like to give you a couple of recommendations for getting the best out of your esports betting experience on this site. For starters, I recommend that you grab as many esports bonuses as you can. This will help you to bet without always using your own money, and therefore reduces your overall risk. Secondly, I’d recommend looking through the entire market range for an individual event before making a bet. After all, the most competitive markets aren’t always found in the main betting sections. Finally, I’d recommend switching things up between your pre-match bets and in-play bets.

For the latter, you can wait to see who’s in form, watch out for wild fluctuations in the odds, and then place your bets accordingly. Many punters believe that this is a better betting strategy in the long run.

The best bet365 esports betting features

I’ve stressed a lot already about how spectacular the esports betting offerings are on this site. But now, I’d like to get a little more specific:

Cashouts for various esports bets

Being able to cash out your bets is something that most punters find extremely valuable. Basically, having this option in your back pocket gives you a bit more power over your bet. If things are going well and it looks like your bet might win, you can then go ahead and cash out an early profit. This eliminates the chance that when all is said and done, your best results in a loss. Sure, you won’t get as much money as if you had waited for the bet to conclude, but at the same time, you won’t lose cash either. Note that this is subject to how your bet is performing! Find out more on betting with Bet365 and cash-outs on our Bet365 Bonus Code page.

Quick in-play bets on mobile

As I’ve mentioned previously, it can be highly beneficial to wait for the live markets to open up for esports betting. One of these reasons is because you can take advantage of the way in which odds fluctuate for an in-play event. In esports, the potential outcome can change on a dime, and this can cause odds to change wildly. Therefore, since bet365 allows you to quickly make in-play bets with predetermined values and a one-touch set-up, I believe this tool to be absolutely invaluable.

Outright markets well in advance

Coming back to the actual esports betting markets again, I’ve found that bet365 has outright markets open well in advance. For example, the site often allows you to bet on certain leagues and competitions that aren’t scheduled to be played for months – sometimes up to 12 months in advance. The beauty of doing this is that you can then lock in bets early, with potentially higher odds than you’d get if you waited to place the same bet.

My esports betting verdict with bet365

My overall view of the bet365 site for esports betting is extremely favorable. I love that the site covers many of the top leagues and competitions, for starters. And to add to the mix, I found it very impressive that bet365 has so many markets, such as competitive odds, and such immersive tools such as streaming and cashouts. When you blend all of this together into the same site, it’s clear that those that choose to use bet365 for esports betting will not be disappointed.

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