How to bet on the Super Bowl 2022 – An Online Guide

We aren’t sure how many people saw these two teams making it to the Super Bowl at the beginning of the year, but we are certain it will be a good one. The Cincinnati Bengals are going to make the trip to LA and face the Rams in what happens to be their home stadium.

The current line for the game is LA Rams -4.5 points @ -110 but if you wish to bet on the Super Bowl it doesn’t necessarily have to be on the spread or even the money line.

Bookies across the USA offer tons of fun markets so placing a bet on Super Bowl 56 can be quite the fun experience. What we will highlight below isn’t only the top bookies in the nation but also some interesting betting schemes and tips that might come useful to you.

Best promo codes and offers for placing a bet on Super Bowl 2022

Bettors don’t even think about placing a bet without getting some sort of an offer from their bookies. What better time of the year to open an account at a new online sportsbook than Super Bowl Weekend. Check out the welcome bonuses that the most popular bookies across the USA will give you.

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Types of Super Bowl 56 bets available to users across the USA

As usual, all bookies will have the main markets up and running for nearly 14 days before the Super Bowl kicks off. In addition to them, users will be able to bet on a variety of novelty bets and props. In fact, this is what Super Bowl betting has become known for.

Super Bowl Money Line odds

This is the absolute basic market for each NFL game. Here you are asked to pick the outright winner of the game. In our case, the LA Rams are favored to win the game. The line is:

  • LA Rams to win @ -200
  • Cincinnati Bengals to win @ +170

When you pick a side, you only want that team to score more points than the opponent. Overtime is included in the bet so once the game is over, whoever is declared winner will be the winning side of the bet.

Betting the spread at the Super Bowl

bet on the Super Bowl

This is the market that many sharp bettors wager on during the regular season. During the Super Bowl, however, most professionals avoid it because it offers little value. Here the bookies will fictitiously add extra points to the underdog trying to level the two sides.

This is done so that the outcome of the game can be made to be as close to a coin flip as possible. For Super Bowl LVI, the Bengals are the underdog and they will be getting 4.5 points. Therefore, the market looks like this:

  • LA Rams -4.5 @ -110
  • CIN Bengals + 4.5 @ -110

As you can see, the odds for each side are equal. If you back the Rams, you want them to win by at least 5 points. In this case, your bet will be a winner. If you place a wager on the Bengals at +4.5, you declare that even if they lose the game, they will do by 4 points or fewer.

The outcome of the game somewhat matters, but the margins are what you are actually betting on. If you back the Bengals at +4.5 and they win the game outright, your bet is, of course, a winner.

What are Super Bowl totals bets?

The name of the market is very self-explanatory. Here bettors are asked to predict if the total points scored by both teams will go over or under a certain number. For this year’s competition, we got:

Over/Under 48.5 total points in the game @ -110

The rules here are simple. If the total points in the game are 49 or more, the winning bet is Over. If the points scored are 48 or less, the winning side is Under. AS usual, you get equal odds for each selection because the bookies consider this also to be a coin flip bet.

Novelty bets on the Super Bowl

Speaking of coin flips, you can actually bet on various conditions related to the coin toss before the game kicks off. This is part of the so-called novelty bets which are barely related to the game of football in any way. Some of them are:

  • What will be the outcome of the coin toss? Heads or tails?
  • What will the coin toss call be?
  • What will be the color of the Gatorade bath?
  • How long will the national anthem be?

How to bet on Super Bowl and where are the best odds?

Since the Super Bowl is the biggest football event of the year, the odds between the bookies in the country will be pretty much the same. You can hardly go line shopping when it comes to the Super Bowl. However, we can still outline how to bet on Super Bowl at the various sportsbooks and what to look for.

BetMGM and their Super Bowl offers

‘’The King of sports betting’’ as the company calls itself will offer you truly an impressive array of markets when it comes to BetMGM Super Bowl promos. The tabs on the page are so many that they had to add a menu called ‘’More’’. Their welcome bonus for new customers is a $1,000 free bet.

To get it, you have to open an account as a new customer, deposit funds, place a bet and have your first wager doubled up to $1,000. An important detail is that you cannot be an existing user of BetMGM and that you have to be over 21 years of age.

You can wager on BetMGM’s special One-Game Parlays designed specifically for the Super Bowl. There you will find plenty of pre-packaged parlays waiting for you to pick a winning combination. The odds are also impressive.

bet on the Super Bowl : BetMGM

Checking out the Super Bowl offers that Caesars has

William Hill’s partner in the USA has plenty of experience when it comes to NFL betting. Caesars will give new users $1,001 in free bets. The promotion is absolutely the same as the one BetMGM will give you, but you can receive up to $1 more.

Interestingly enough, especially for the Super Bowl, Caesars has a casino promo. Yes, you read that right – a casino promo for the Super Bowl.

To celebrate Super Bowl 56, Caesars will allow you to get a Casino bonus of up to $56 as long as you place a pre-game wager on the SB. The bonus funds will be equal to %56 of your NFL bet. This means that the maximum amount you should aim to bet is $100.

Another Super Bowl promo is the Single-Game-Parlay free bet bonus. If you place a wager on an SGP with odds of up to +1000 and you win, Caesars will give you $56 in free bets.

bet on the Super Bowl - caesars


Betting on the Super Bowl at FanDuel

Being a fantasy sports household name, you can expect FanDuel to have exclusive offers designed specifically for the Super Bowl. Their new customers’ welcome offer is now tailored to the big game.

If you sign up at FanDuel now and you deposit at least $10, they will give you 56/1 to any of the two teams competing in the Super Bowl to win it all. This is a straight money line bet but with greatly enhanced odds on either the Bengals or the LA Rams.

FanDuel also offers a risk-free same game parlay which is in no way different from the one you can get at most US-based sportsbooks. There are slight kinks but nothing too crazy. You are required to bet an SGP with at least 3 legs and odds of 400+. If the bet loses, you will get your wager back. This is good only for the Super Bowl.

bet on the Super Bowl - fanduel


DraftKings has a welcome offer that is excellent for Super Bowl betting

If you are a new customer of DraftKings, then you have a deposit match bonus. Unlike other sportsbooks where you are asked to place a wager and then claim a free bet, here you can get a bonus immediately after making your first deposit.

The match bonus will be equal to 20% of the size of your first deposit. Additionally, DraftKings will give you a free bet to use on the Super Bowl of up to $50 after depositing a minimum of $5 the first time around.

The free bets that you can use to wager on Super Bowl LVI do not stop here. If you decide to refer a friend, you will get up to $100 in free bets. The amount depends on the initial deposit that the friend you refer makes.

bet on the Super Bowl - draftkings


Here’s the bonus that BetRivers will grant you for the Super Bowl

The sign-up bonus of BetRivers is not exclusive to Super Bowl 56 but you can definitely use it to wager on the game. It’s a simple deposit match bonus of up to $250. No bets are required and you can grab that bonus the moment you deposit your real money for free.

Unlike DraftKings, the match bonus here is 100% instead of 20%. However, the maximum amount is reduced so this balances things out.

bet on the Super Bowl - BetRivers


Where can I legally bet on Super Bowl in the USA?

There is a good number of states that currently allow online sports betting in the country. We are still far from having all 50 states legalize wagering but currently, there are 18. It’s certain that soon some new states will come on board such as Illinois, New Mexico, and Washington. Additionally, Ontario, even though it’s in Canada will also be joining the party.

Until then, users can place an online wager in AZ/CO/FL/IN/IA/LA/MI/MS/NV/NJ/NY/OH/PA/TN/VA/DC/WV/WY

The state of Florida currently offers only horse racing, but this may change in the near future. Some states such as Oregon and South Dakota currently have only retail locations taking bets, but no online wagers can be placed there. You can also check out our article on the Super Bowl streaming options.

The two newest members of the sports betting family in the USA

New York (NY)

The state of New York went live in the middle of January and boy is it a big one. All the huge names in the industry were waiting in line to make it through the door first. Even though the official launch in the state was a little bit messy and disorganized, it seems like everyone is happy with the current results.

The market is huge and the fact that the state of New York has the biggest tax on sports betting (51% of GGR) does not stop bookmakers from wanting to offer their product there.

Louisiana (LA)

On January 28th, the State of Louisiana became the last state (currently) to go live. Online sports wagering is now 100% legal and unlike the Empire State, LA’s launch was way more peaceful and well-organized.

Furthermore, Louisiana has looser restrictions over what bookies can offer. This is especially important during Super Bowl weekend.

The state of New York prohibits a vast number of player props and novelty bets for the Super Bowl. That’s not the case with most states and with LA. In fact, Louisiana also allows all 3 divisions of NCAA sports to be offered.

How to bet on the Super Bowl 2022 - FAQs

There isn’t one. Most respected sportsbooks will give you excellent offers and high odds specifically for the Super Bowl.

Everything that doubles your deposit or gives you a free bet is excellent.

Log on to any online sportsbook and in the ‘’Football’’ section you will see a sub-section called ‘’NFL’’. That’s where you will see the one and only available game – Super Bowl LVI.

The kick-off is scheduled for FEB 13th at 18:40 ET.