Belmont Stakes Betting Guide 2023: Predictions, Picks, Odds, and the Betting Guide

Given that the Belmont Stakes is only a matter of weeks away, you might well be wondering about how to bet on the Belmont Stakes right now. Not only that, but you are probably curious about things like the 2022 Belmont Stakes favorites, where you can get Belmont Stakes betting tips, and so much more. This guide will include how to bet on the Belmont Stakes, what wagers you can make, and we’ve thrown in some Belmont Stakes 2022 picks too.

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Belmont Stakes Betting Guide

Of course, for those who want to bet on horse racing, the Belmont Stakes has probably been on your radar for quite some time. And since you’re here, you are about to learn all there is about how to make the most of the 2022 Belmont Stakes. But first, before you can make any bets or follow up on any Belmont Stakes betting tips, you need to get yourself set up for online betting. This is covered in the very next section.

belmont stakes betting guide

Belmont Stakes Online Betting – step-by-step

Before we get into the Belmont Stakes 2022 predictions, odds, and tips, let’s get you set up with an online betting account! It is fairly easy to create an online betting account in the USA as long as you meet two conditions. The first is that you must be located in a legal betting state. And the second is that you must be over the age of 21. Meet these two conditions and Belmont Stakes online betting is absolutely possible for you.

Here are the steps that you need to complete to gain access to the Belmont Stakes betting markets:

Pick a platform and register

This may seem obvious, but you should perform some research to see which platforms are better than others in the USA. For us, TVG is a site that ranks among the very best, as they are dedicated to horse racing betting. That’s also why the TVG Belmont Stakes markets are some of the most comprehensive and competitive around. And if you ultimately want to join this site, you can do so from the Belmont Stakes betting app that TVG has available for both Android and iOS.

To successfully register, you simply need to provide personal details, establish your username and password, agree to T&Cs, and then away you go.

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Redeem your sign up offer and deposit funds

When signing up with your chosen site, you will notice that there is a welcome bonus for you to get your hands on. This is especially true if you go down the TVG Belmont Stakes route, as these guys have a $200 risk-free offer on the cards for newcomers. Since the welcome offer is time-sensitive at most betting sites, we recommend making use of the bonus as soon as you register. Most welcome bonuses also have a first deposit requirement too.

This is good as you can kill two birds with one stone really. It allows you to deposit funds for Belmont Stakes online betting while bagging a sign-up deal at the same time.

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Browse the markets and make your bets

With funds deposited, and hopefully, with a welcome bonus ready to go – you can now browse through the Belmont Stakes markets to see what’s available. As stated above, the TVG Belmont Stakes markets are some of the best around, and that’s the route we recommend going down. However, if you also look at other betting sites, you’ll still see a list of markets relating to the 2022 Belmont Stakes favorites along with their respective odds.

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Belmont Stakes 2022 odds

Since we’ve mentioned the Belmont Stakes odds above, it makes sense to now cover this topic in detail. The Belmont Stakes 2022 odds are available at most sites within the ante-post markets. And that’s because the official runners won’t be announced until June 7th, which is still a few weeks away, at the time of writing. With that said, let us now reveal the odds for the top three favorites, as this is a hugely important part of our Belmont Stakes betting guide:

Mo Donegal

This is actually somewhat of a surprise entry in our opinion, at least as far as the 2022 Belmont Stakes favorites go. Mo Donegal placed fifth in the first of the Triple Crown races, the Kentucky Derby, and he won’t be competing in the Preakness Stakes this weekend. But despite this information, he is still one of the top Belmont Stakes 2022 picks at almost all online sportsbooks. His odds have jumped to +350 recently, which is quite significant.

belmont stakes 2022 picks

We the People

Following on from Mo Donegal, We the People is the second-favorite according to the Belmont Stakes 2022 odds. Currently, his odds are floating around the +500 region, which gives him an implied probability above 16% of winning the race. He has actually shot up in the rankings recently due to a G3 victory in Belmont Park just a few days ago.

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Of all the Belmont Stakes betting tips you could read through right now, this is the one that we are shooting for. Epicenter almost won the Kentucky Derby, finishing in second place and beating many top horses in the process. He is down to run in the Preakness Stakes this Saturday too. But despite this success, his odds are super low at +600!

belmont stakes 2022 odds

Our Belmont Stakes predictions

At the end of the day, somebody has to win the Belmont Stakes race this year. And for the final part of our Belmont Stakes betting guide, we want to give you our opinion on which horse might win. For us, Epicenter has to be the main bet to make for this event. He is an in-form horse that performs well on the big stage. And with odds of +600, this is probably the most valuable wager you could make on the Belmont Stakes 2022 race.

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