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Besides information on sports betting, you can also read about the development of online casinos and poker platforms in the country, as well as bonus offers for them.

Online Gambling Options Available to Players in the USA

There are different types of online gambling in the USA, and before continuing forward, you should know more about them. Here are the main details for each different type of USA online gambling.


In recent years, e-sports have dominated the world and many sportsbooks started offering bets on various tournaments in e-sports. The games offered started in small numbers, but quickly grew and many sites offer a wide array of games, you can bet on, including first shooter games, MOBA games, etc. The most popular games are League of Legends, Dota 2, CS: GO, Overwatch, StarCraft 2, and others.

When it comes to betting options, depending on the bookmaker, you might not see a large selection of bets for each game, but as the interest grows from customers, many of them are growing the number of betting options they offer customers. Watching these games is always easier because most of them are already streamed online via Twitch for free, so you can also watch the tournaments and bet on the specific games.


Fantasy Sports or also called (DFS) has been around and legalized before the striking of the 2018 PASPA and it's been a popular substitute for sports betting for years before that. The basics of it are that you can create your fantasy teams in various sports, which are made of real players. After creating your team, you can participate in different competitions against other DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) players, and the winner is determined based on the real-life performances of the players in each of the teams. There are different competitions available.

Some Sportsbooks offer a separate section that offers DFS to their customers, and there were even those famous DFS platforms that immediately joined the sports betting train once it was legal. When it comes to the legal sports betting states, they aren't the same as states with legal Fantasy sports. DFS is available in most US states, and in the rest, there is an active legislation process going on.

Online Sports Betting

In 2018, sports betting was legalized thanks to the overturning of the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which outlawed sports betting everywhere except Nevada. Now, each state can decide whether or not they want to legalize online gambling in the USA.

Now, more than twenty-five states already offer some form of online sports betting to the people in those states. Additionally, some states are in the process of legalizing the venture, while some are waiting, for now. Here you can find out exactly what states is sports betting legal in and other important USA online gambling rules across the country.

Sportsbooks in the USA offer different types of bets to their customers, and the most popular ones are money lines and totals. There are even some other bet types, like parlays, teasers, and futures. The Sportsbook itself is comprised of various sports and competitions you can bet on, but they are different for each state according to the laws there.

Online Casino Games

The games offered in online casinos are similar to the games offered in land-based casinos. You can find table games, like roulette, blackjack, and poker, for example, but they are usually in a fast-paced manner compared to regular games in land-based casinos. Some sites even offer the chance to play with live dealers where you can experience the real-casino from the comfort of your home. The most widespread games of all are the slots and if an online casino has a large enough library, you could find thousands of slots available in various categories.

Not all online casinos are legal in every US state. For example, right now only West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, Delaware, and Connecticut customers can enjoy legal online casinos. In other states, you can play the so-called sweepstakes casinos where you can redeem any of your future winnings for cash prizes. These types of online casinos are legal everywhere except in Washington.

Online Horse Race Betting

There are several types of horse racing betting available in the USA. For once, you can go to a racetrack and place bets there, but since we are covering the online aspect of betting on horse racing, we will only talk about sportsbooks that offer betting on the sport or horse racing-specific sportsbooks, which are sometimes called “racebooks.” In the most popular places, you can find that you have access to wager on races from all over the world, including Australia, South Africa, Europe, Asia, and even home-bred races in the USA.

The most popular option when betting on horses is the Win/Place/Show bets, but some books can also offer betting on more complex bets, like Trifecta. For those of you that prefer betting on horse racing and don't like other sports, some sportsbooks specifically offer only horse racing to their customers. There are also some that besides a Sportsbook, have a separate section (Racebook) available. You can choose the best option for yourself by looking over what each bookmaker can offer you in this regard.

Online Lotteries

Many US states offer some kind of lottery, but not many of them offer it in an online form. Buying lottery tickets online isn't any different than buying tickets at a location in person and you still have to be over the legal age limit to do it. Only in Kentucky, Georgia, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire, there are online lotteries available where they even offer some online games to go with the tickets. In some states, there are even lottery-run online sportsbooks, like Oregon.

These games aren't as popular as online casinos or sports betting because there is a very high house edge and winning a large sum is quite rare and hard to do. That's why most people participate in lotteries for the fun. There are also lottery concierge services via which you can purchase tickets for any lottery worldwide, but to have the privilege, you need to pay a small commission on every transaction.

Online Bingo

Some people might include bingo with the rest of the online casino games, like Keno and Roulette, but even overseas in popular bookmaker platforms, it’s a separate section entirely. Usually, these sections offer a specific number of Bingo rooms you can choose from with various features.

Besides playing in various game rooms with different features, some online gambling platforms USA offer other games you can play. Compared to other online games offered in the country, Bingo isn't as popular as saying the regular casino games, like roulette or poker.

USA Online Sports Betting Updates

Let's check out the most recent updates regarding online gambling USA and specifically legal online sports betting.

  • At the end of this month on December 30th in Arkansas, there will be a public hearing where sports betting would be the main discussion point. The state's commission will hear out different opinions and they might consider changing gambling laws and rules involving mobile and online sports betting USA. Right now, the state only has legal retail betting in three casinos, but a fourth location is coming soon in Pope County.
  • Legal online sports betting is coming to Ohio soon after they accepted House Bill 29 earlier in December. According to the bill, the state is aiming for an average of 10% tax on betting revenue and the official regulator would be the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC). It's speculated that by April 2022 retail sports betting should be live in the state, but it's speculated that the online license approval won't be done at least until the beginning of 2023.

USA Online Casino Updates

  • New Jersey's latest online casino update shows that since October 2020, there is a 33% increase in revenue from land-based casinos, sports betting, and iGaming. Internet wagering also increased by 36% in the same period.
  • Sightline Payments’ CEO requested that cashless payments be reviewed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to decrease the long waiting periods and lines in the casinos.

Where is Sports Betting Legal? State-by-State Info for Online Betting

The most common question ever since the legalization of sports betting in many US states is “What states is sports betting legal in?” We have a detailed answer to that question for you here. You can check out exactly which state is online sports betting legal in and see the basic information about each state.

New Jersey

New Jersey was the state which fought for its sports betting rights for more than a decade before PASPA was stroked out. The newest development regarding sports betting in the state was the amendment that allowed wagering on college sports in November 2020. Right now, they are the largest state when it comes to online and offline betting revenue and they deserved it after fighting so hard to make it a reality. Some people also think that it is the capital of USA online gambling because it has the most bets placed since launching and they took more than a billion dollars in revenue for the second month in a row in November 2021.


Pennsylvania approved sports betting in 2017 but wasn't activated due to a clause until 2019. Those who apply for a license have to pay a hefty price of ten million with a tax rate of 36% on all revenue. This is one of the highest rates in the USA compare to other states where the popular 10% tax rate is implemented. Besides sports betting you can play online casino games, Bingo, and other small games of chance.


Colorado is among the states with legal sports betting since May 2020 after their nationwide referendum in November 2019 approved barely with 50.7% in favor. Since there are more than thirty casinos in the state of Colorado there are a lot of partnership opportunities and it's expected for Colorado to be one of the biggest sports betting markets in the country. The most recent licensed handed out were to global phenomenon Bet365 and Betsson, but both still haven't launched, yet.


Arizona is one of the most recent additions in the sports betting family with the first sportsbooks going live at the beginning of September 2021, although the bill was signed in April the same year. This happened in time for the kickoff of the 2021 NFL season, as well as the legalization of fantasy sports. There was a tiny hiccup for the state as a lawsuit was filed by the Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe that claimed that its unconstitutional to legalize sports betting. The lawsuit was dismissed on Labor Day, though, and sports betting launched in time.


Sports betting in Indiana was legalized in May 2019, but it launched four months later in September. A month later mobile wagering was legalized and three of the big names in the industry already launched mobile apps – DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetRivers. In the state, each of the fourteen physical properties with licenses can have up to three skins (online bookmaker brands) accompanying it. This means that technically there can be more than forty legal sportsbooks in Indiana. The newest additions with licenses in Indiana are Smarkets and FOX Bet, but they haven't launched yet.


Tennessee is one of the few states with online-only sports betting available. The state legalized it in 2019 even without the signature of Gov. Bill Lee. Since there are no casinos in the state, all bets are handled online and the November 2020 launch delivered four online sportsbooks to Tennessee's doorstep. That includes FanDuel, BetMGM, Action 24/7, and DraftKings. Since then Barstool Sportsbook, Caesars, and TwinSpires acquired licenses. There is no limit to the number of online sports betting licenses in the state there is a large potential. Right now, there are eight applications available, but many more await licensing.


For Illinois, the official bill was signed in June 2019, but the launch was delayed and happened in March 2020. All sports wagering is regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board and besides casinos and racetracks, sports venues can also apply for a license that is unique in the country. This extension allows United Center, Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, and any other stadium or arena with a capacity of more than 17,000 to apply for sportsbooks. Also, in 2020 DFS was legalized in the state. Right now, you have to visit a casino or a racetrack to register an online account, but that is expected to change by March 2022.

West Virginia

In West Virginia, you can bet in both online and retail sportsbooks legally since 2019. There are currently six online sportsbooks in the state, but only four of the casinos offer retail sports betting facilities. Recently there were talks to expand the WV sports betting legislation and to not require a tether to a land-based casino in the future, but those talks won't likely produce any results soon.


The official start of online sports betting in Connecticut is October 2021 after the official bill was signed by Gov. Ned Lamont in May the same year. Right now, besides sports betting, you can also play on online casino platforms in Connecticut. FanDuel and DraftKings were the only two sportsbooks to launch, but we expect more to follow soon. The minimum legal age for gambling is 18 years and it's regulated by the Gaming Division of the Department of Consumer Protection.


Iowa wasn't one of the first ten states to legalize sports betting, but it was the eleventh. They legalized sports betting in May 2019, but mobile registrations weren't available for two years. At first, all registrations in the state for mobile wagering had to be done via land-based casinos, but now since January 2021, it's possible to register online, like many other states. All nineteen of the state-licensed casinos in the state have partnered with an online sportsbook and the newest addition to the sportsbook family – Fubo Sportsbook is now live in the state, but in 2022 we expect them to expand to other states, as well. Iowa


Michigan is one of the few states with access to not only online and retail sportsbooks, but also ADW horse racing, online casinos, and poker sites. Retail sports betting began in March 2020, but mobile wagering became possible in January 2021 with a list of ten approved sportsbooks. Both commercial casinos and tribal casinos may apply for licenses and each casino can operate its retail & mobile sportsbooks, online casinos, and poker websites. Even though many other states embraced sports betting only a few can rival Michigan when we are talking about online gambling USA.


Sports betting was legalized in fifty-five of the sixty-four parishes in Louisiana and people from those nine parishes that can't legally bet on sports can travel to any of the other locations that can. The Louisiana Gaming Control Board approved emergency rules to ensure the start of sports betting in the state and there will be up to 20 licenses to give out. Although retail casinos have temporary permission now, the official licensing process is expected to begin as early as January 2022. Since October 2021, retail sports betting went live and many online sports betting giants in the industry are now offering pre-launch bonuses for online bettors, including Caesars, FanDuel, and BetMGM.


The legalization of sports betting was made possible as early as April 2021 and it was unexpected. The official launch date was in September, though. Right now. mobile/online wagering is the only form of sports betting possible in the state, but it is highly likely that soon the tribal casinos in the state would want to open retail sportsbooks. On the day of the launch, only two mobile sportsbooks had approved applications – BetMGM and DraftKings. FanDuel's mobile app is also approved since November 2021, but the operator hasn't launched yet. When they do, they will be the third operator available in the state.


The first steps in legal sports betting in Virginia were taken in April 2020, but it wasn't implemented until January 2021. Two more legislations were passed since 2020 to clarify and separate the licensing of mobile-only and retail sportsbooks. Right now, there are ten mobile sportsbooks in the state, but six more apps intend to launch in the state soon with PointsBet, Betway, and SI Sportsbook being approved at the latest. FanDuel had an early start in Virginia thanks to their partnership with the Washington Football Team. The state has room for retail sportsbooks as well with future partnerships with the casinos in Portsmouth, Norfolk, Danville, and Bristol.


Sports betting was legalized in Mississippi in 2018 and at the beginning of August the same year, the first sports bets were taken by the Gold Strike Casino Resort and Beau Rivage Casino. The interesting fact is that right now, only sports betting inside casinos are allowed in the state. This means that you can't place sports bets from home, and you will have to be at a casino to do even online bets. We heard rumors that there is a plan to introduce new legislation in Mississippi regarding mobile betting at the beginning of 2022 and by April we will have an answer on whether or not mobile wagering would be possible in the Magnolia State.


For a long time, Nevada was the only answer to the question “Where is sports betting legal?” and now they are only one of more than a dozen states with retail and online betting available. The first time that sports betting was legalized was back in 1949 and until recently was the only state with legal sports betting.

You can wager both in-person at a casino, which is the more popular option, and online. The first mobile wagering application in the state was released back in 2010 and now there are more than half a dozen casinos with applications that allow mobile wagering, including Wynn, BetMGM, and William Hill. The catch is that you have to register in person at a casino before you can place bets on the internet.

New Hampshire

In 2019, Gov. Chris Sununu signed a sports betting bill that legalizes both online and retail sports betting only via licensed operators. It was the ninth state in the country to legalize sports betting and it is regulated by the New Hampshire state lottery. The only two sportsbook licenses (The Brook Casino and South Side Tavern) handed out, so far, are both to DraftKings and they are for retail sportsbooks. Also, online wagering is possible, but only via DraftKings, so far. The legal gambling age, unlike many other states in the USA, is only 18 years in New Hampshire.

Rhode Island

Despite legalizing sports betting in May 2018, right now, there is only one online gambling USA location in the state, which is run by the state lottery. William Hill is tasked with helping the operations when it comes to the USA online gambling in the state. There are also only a handful of retail sportsbook locations you can visit and the catch is that you have to register in person at a licensed location to be allowed to wager online in the state. Also, the legal age limit for sports betting is 18 years in Rhode Island, which is a contrast with many other states in the USA.


Oregon was one of the four states who were exempt in the 1992 PASPA due to a grandfather clause. The state's only sports betting operator was Sports Action since 1989, but after eighteen years they were outlawed in 2007 mainly because of pressure from NCAA and professional leagues. In 2019, sports betting was reinstated in the state with Chinook Winds Casino Resort's sports wagering lounge. Two months after that in October, the Scoreboard Sportsbook was launched, which is run by the Oregon Lottery. It is speculated that soon DraftKings will take over the Scoreboard Sportsbook and effectively mobile and online sports wagering in the state.

Online Sports Betting in the Other States in the Future

Although not all states have legal online sports betting, some are considering passing bills to allow such a thing and here you can read more about these states.

New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo added online wagering to the state's budget, which implored lawmakers to create rules and legislations around sports betting in the state. Since November, nine licenses were handed out by the New York State Gaming Commission just a few weeks after the official rules and legislations were released. It is expected that mobile wagering will be available in time for the Super Bowl and fans are anxiously waiting. The licensed sportsbooks are preparing for a launch in early 2022, so we expect to see mobile sports betting in the state soon.


Ohio finally approved its first sports betting bill in December 2021 after three years of talks and negotiations. Now the answer to the question “Where is sports betting legal?” would include Ohio. The state would allow twenty mobile sportsbooks and twenty retail sportsbook licenses, but the official start of wagering in the state can't happen until January 22nd in 2023. The legislation limits the number of betting facilities per county based on the population in each of them. More things need to be hammered out, but at least now we know it's finally coming.


There have been talks about legalizing online poker for more than ten years in California, although those talks don't include online sports betting or casinos (at least not until recently). Experts say that sports betting could become legal in California sometime in 2022, but right now the local Native American tribes have been heavily against legislation passing in the state, especially when relating to online wagering. The future of sports betting in the state also depends on which Governor sits in the hot seat.


Right now, sports betting isn't legal in Massachusetts, but the Lottery and state Gaming Commission are very vocal about the matter and that may change in the coming year. The latest sports betting bill was proposed by Gov. Charlie Baker this year in October. Daily Fantasy Sports are currently legal in the state, however.

Steps to Gamble Online in the USA

In recent years the gambling law in many states has changed a lot and the answer to the question “Where is sports betting legal?” can change at any time to add more states to the list. The first step you should take if you want to wager legally in your state is to find out exactly what type of online gambling does your state allows. The second step you should take is to see which operators/sportsbooks are available in the state. The final step to take is choosing a sportsbook and creating an account on it. After that everything is based on your learning curve.

Latest News Regarding USA Online Gambling

Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods are available in the USA?

The payment methods available at online sportsbooks vary by state, but once you open your sportsbook's deposit page, you would be able to find out which methods are available to you.

How to find out if an online gambling site is legal in a state?

You can look for the state's gaming authority logo on the website or check the state gaming commission's website to see a list of all the licensed sportsbooks.

Is registration for sportsbooks free?

Yes, it is. Sportsbooks don't charge for registrations.

Is it safe to gamble online?

As long as you are betting via a licensed operator in your state your information is safe and protected on their servers.