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Fortnite's v10.20 Patch & Content Update Unwrapped

Fortnite Content Patch v10.20 Explained
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Fortnite’s most recent content update patch released on September 3rd and is already under fire from the competitive community. The reception is not so much what Epic Games has added to the game, but more so what they have failed to add. Patch v10.20 is a simple update on the surface. A new throwable item named the Zapper Trap is now available. In addition to this, the Floating Island has returned and will slowly rotate around the map. Epic Games also recapped some recent changes implemented addressing glitches.

Fortnite Patch v10.20 Content

The Zapper Trap

UPDATE: The Zapper Trap has already been disabled by Epic as of the time of this update.

  • This item is a thrown consumable and occupies an inventory slot.
  • On impact, the thrown object deploys a damaging trap on both sides of a building piece.
  • Upon impacting terrain, it automatically builds a wall and then deploys a damaging trap on both sides of the wall.
    • The traps shock enemy players who are within a tile of their face.
      • Damage: 50
    • The traps have a 1-second deploy time before they can be triggered.
    • When triggered, the traps have a 0.5-second delay before firing.
    • After the traps have fired, they have a cooldown of 2 seconds before they can be triggered again.
  • Epic Rarity.
  • Found from Floor Loot, Chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Llamas.
  • Drops in stacks of 2.
  • Max stack size: 4.

The Zapper Trap is likely an addition to cut down on the number of players relying on boxing up during fights. Although a much more complex issue, boxing up typically leans in the favor of the player with a better connection, or lower ping. The playing field seemingly evens out if a higher ping player possesses one of the Zapper Traps. It will be worth keeping an eye on how competitive players prioritize this item going forward. The Zapper Trap could be very useful in late-game situations to inflict damage for storm surge or even to eliminate players with low resources.


Floating Island

  • The Floating Island has returned and is slowly making its way around the map!
  • Though separated from the land below, it can be accessed via its low-gravity vortex.

This is more of a minor addition from the most recent patch. In terms of the competitive scene, it is far too soon to say how this will factor in. Players may decide to land on the Floating Island depending on its presence on the map. For example, if a team or player typically lands in Lazy Lagoon and the Floating Island appears over the Lagoon, they may land on the island first. It is also possible that competitive players will completely avoid this Floating Island as its location is unpredictable. A close eye will be kept on if this will have a bearing on professional scrims.



  • From hotfix on August 27
    • Removed the overheat sound from the Minigun.
      • This was to address an issue in which the overheat sound would play longer than intended and/or incorrectly represent the overheat value.
  • From hotfix on August 28
    • Made changes to Turbo Building. The details of these changes can be found in our blog post.
  • From server on August 29
    • Resolved an issue in which the names of POIs would not appear on the map.
  • From server on August 31
    • Resolved an issue with the B.R.U.T.E.'s Air Stomp.

The final relevant item of the Fortnite Patch v10.20 notes are recaps of recent changes. Sypher PK, a popular streamer, brought a new issue with the B.R.U.T.E. to the mainstream. He gave a video rundown of how the controversial B.R.U.T.E. vehicle occasionally inflicts stomp damage even when a player is nowhere near the vehicle. Epic Games promptly deactivated B.R.U.T.E. across all playlists and later brought it back after fixing it. These vehicles remain in all playlists, including Arena and are still legal in tournaments.

Turbo Building Changes Reverted

Last but not least, Epic Games addressed the Turbo Building changes. The Fortnite developers recently decided to test the waters with a slower Turbo Building mechanic. Unsurprisingly, competitive players did not receive this change well. Epic Games reverted the Turbo Building changes and then reverted back again shortly after. The gist of the initial Turbo Building change is that it is no longer in effect.

Unaddressed Concerns

Competitive players both amateur and professional are clamoring for Epic Games to make specific changes to Fortnite. Chief among them is the addition of a FOV Slider, which would allow players the ability to customize their view of the game. A player’s resolution determines the FOV in the current state. This is just one of many adjustments that competitive and casual players are looking for out of Epic Games. It is unknown whether the Fornite developers are aware of these concerns or if they plan to make changes.

Image VIA: Epic Games

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