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China Fortnite Ban

China Bans Fortnite & PUBG, Also Warns Overwatch & LoL

The Chinese government’s new 'Online Ethics Review Committee' has banned Fortnite, PUBG, and seven other titles for “promoting incorrect values.” The main reasons were for how ...
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Fortnite NFL Jerseys

Epic Games & NFL Sign Deal to Bring Official Jerseys to Fortnite

NFL fans who play Fortnite will be able to dress their favorite characters in NFL jerseys. The jerseys will be available November 9 at 7PM EST. Fortnite ...
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Fortnite Fall Skirmish

Epic Games Reveals Plans For $10 Million Fortnite Esports Event

Epic Games have announced their plans for the Fortnite Fall Skirmish esports event. The Fall Skirmish will take place over 6 weeks, with the finale taking place ...
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Fortnite News

Epic Games Announces $10 Million Fortnite Esports Tournament

Epic games recently shared some good news with us via Twitter: "The weather may be cooling down, but the battle is heating up. Fall Skirmish starts ...
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Fortnite Tutor

Fortnite Tutors?

According to a new WSJ article; parents are paying Fortnite "professionals" an average of $35 an hour to teach their child Fortnite skills. One website that ...
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Fortnite Cover Photo

Fornite’s $100 Million Esports League

Fortnite creator Epic Games has announced they will be putting $100 million USD towards their eSports prize pool. A statement from their blog made it clear ...
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