Fortnite X Coachella 2024 Arrives With Lego Coachella Skins

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Fortnite X Coachella 2024 Arrives With Lego Coachella Skins

Fortnite Lego Coachella skins are dropping this weekend, what’s going on with the latest collab Fortnite X Coachella 2024?

If you’ve not paid the closest attention to Fortnite in the last few months, some of their newer announcements can sound pretty weird. We all know Fortnite has tons of collabs. Now we have the Lego side of the game though. This means everything that comes to Fortnite, comes to Lego.

With the recent release of Lego Creative, they can beyond Fortnite Lego skins and make entire experiences. This all leads us to this week’s new crossover, Fortnite Lego Coachella as a wider part of Fortnite X Coachella 2024.

Fortnite X Coachella 2024 isn’t a new crossover. They’ve actually hosted Coachella-focused in-game experiences and cosmetics for a short while now. Each year they bring the same items back. Along with highlighting emotes and songs from artists featured at the event. This year Fortnite going even further with its Coachella collab though. What’s going on this year?

Fortnite X Coachella 2024

There are a ton of things happening in-game this week to celebrate Coachella in Fortnite. It’s particularly having a big impact on the new games launched in Chapter 5, starting with Fortnite Festival.

Coachella Takes Over the Jam Stage

Fortnite Lego Coachella Skins

Fortnite’s new rhythm game, Fortnite Festival, is the perfect staging ground for the Fortnite X Coachella 2024 collab. The jam stage has been completely taken over.

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Jumping into this hang-out mode, you can now find a new island active. It’s a unique backdrop to play your jam tracks on. The main stage has had some changes too, with a big screen added.

New Items and Fortnite Lego Coachella Skins

Fortnite Lego Coachella

Each year we get more Fortnite skins for Coachella. This year, they’re Horizon and Cosma. Two new astronauts launching in-game. There’s also a handful of other cosmetics coming along with them.

Every skin in Fortnite now gets a Lego version too. With these festivities, Epic is launching a more detailed version of the Fortnite Lego Coachella skins. If you’re more interested in Lego worlds than Battle Royale, you can use better versions of these skins starting now.

New Instruments

Fortnite X Coachella 2024 Instruments

Along with a new Jam Stage, there’s Fortnite Festival exclusive cosmetics launching. we’re getting a handful of new items to match the other Coachella Fortnite skins. These are the Mirage Glimmer Guitar and Festival Keys Keytar. These will only be available in the shop through to April 20! Make sure to grab them if you want to use them in the Festival game mode in the future.

Emotes Returning

Fortnite X Coachella 2024 Emotes

As is customary for Fortnite X Coachella 2024 updates these days, we’ve got some emotes coming back to the item shop that features artists at the event. This year it's Doja Cat and Sabrina Carpenter. Their songs are used in Revellious Emote and Sonic Surfer Emote. Both are available throughout the promotion.

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Festival Track Highlights

Fortnite X Coachella 2024 Tracks

Another part of Fortnite X Coachella 2024 this season is changes to the rotation for Jam Tracks. You can purchase these to get access whenever you want them! Some of these are highlighting bands at the event, and others are completely unrelated. These are the Coachella 2024 Jam Tracks.

  • Bleachers – I Wanna Get Better
  • Blur – Song 2
  • Doja Cat – Paint the Town Red
  • Eslabon Armado and Pedo Pluma – Ella Baila Sola
  • Lil Uzi Vert ft. Oh Wonder – The Way Life Goes
  • PinkPantheress and Ice Spice – Boy’s a Liar pT 2
  • Sublime – What I Got
  • Taking Back Sunday – MakeDamnSure

All of these songs will be available to pick up in the Item Shop. If you want to play them outside of their rotation, you’ll need to buy them while available.

That’s what's new for Fortnite X Coachella 2024. This is our biggest crossover to date! Getting extra content in Fortnite festival makes sense, but it’s really fun to see Fortnite Lego Coachella skins getting a boost too. It all shows how much wider Fortnite has gotten since Chapter 5 launched in December.

Fortnite X Coachella 2024 Arrives With Lego Coachella Skins
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