Fortnite: What’s New In Patch v18.10? Chili Chug Splash, Steamy Stacks Destruction, New Toona Fish Styles & More

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Fortnite: What’s New In Patch v18.10? Chili Chug Splash, Steamy Stacks Destruction, New Toona Fish Styles & More

The first patch of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 has arrived. Find out what's new in ESTNN's patch breakdown.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 8 is in full swing after touching down mere weeks ago. The Cubes are planning island domination and the Sideways offers a reality-bending experience for players brave enough to enter. While the season has been fun thus far, Fortnite prides itself on meaningful content updates—adding another level of enjoyment every few weeks.

Enter Patch v18.10, where players get their first taste of a Chili Chug Splash, unlock more Toona Fish styles and investigate a changed Steamy Stacks. There's a lot to break down regarding the inaugural updates of Season 8, so let's get to it and see what's new in this patch.

Chili Chug Splashes

A pack of Chili Chug Splashes appear against an orange and red background, next to a pair of cartoon chilli's with eyes and mouths breathing fire

Chug Splashes are an iconic healing item in Fortnite history, and this concept just got a little spicier. Epic has officially introduced Chili Chug Splashes, which function similarly but emphasize speed more than health replenishment. This new item grants a speed boost to players in its effective range.

Players who take a Chili Chug Splash receive an increase of 20 health and a one-minute speed boost. Apart from Peppers, Chili Chug Splashes is the only item that grants a speed boost. They'll help navigate across the island to each Storm Circle.

  • Heals 20 health
  • Increase speed 1.4x
  • Lasts one minute
  • Max stack is six

XP Changes

Leveling up has been noticeably challenging in Season 8, and Epic has made the necessary changes. Players now have multiple more reasonable ways to earn XP as laid out in Epic's patch v18.10 blog post:

  • XP earned from your Daily Punchcard missions has been greatly increased.
  • Added XP to all Shared Quests. (They still reward Bars too.)
  • All new and future Character Punchcards have substantially increased XP rewards.
  • Weekly Punchcard XP has been slightly reduced. This was done to lessen the setback of not completing them.
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Battle Pass Super Styles

The Season 8 Battlepass Characters walk across barren ground toward the site of a spaceship crash

Season 8's Battle Pass Super Styles are now available to unlock. To do so, players must surpass level 100 to open the “Bonus” section. Super Styles require a level of 140 this season. We'll be sure to provide a guide and detailed breakdown of the Battle Pass Super Styles soon.

Golden Crows

The Crows added this season can now glow gold, meaning they'll drop Epic or Legendary loot. Per HYPEX, eliminating Golden Crows could net you one of the following and healing items:

  • Epic/Purple Assault Rifle (Scar)
  • Epic/Purple Submachine Gun (P90)
  • Epic/Purple Pump Shotgun
  • Purple/Legendary Lever Action Shotgun

Be on the lookout for these birds flying around the map for a much-needed inventory boost.

Steamy Stacks Changes

A screengrab showing the new access for the Steamy Stacks POIImage Credit: HYPEX

Steamy Stacks now has a gaping hole where the Cube once was when you enter from the south side. This change marks the first significant POI adjustment during the season, with many more expected in the coming weeks.

More Toona Fish Styles

The previously unviewable Toona Fish styles, including the original Fishstick and Mancakes are now available for players to choose from in the Toona Fish Styles screen

The previously unviewable Toona Fish styles have been opened for players to start unlocking. These variations represent other iconic skins from Fortnite Battle Royale, such as the original Fishstick and Mancakes. Players must collect more Ink Drops to continue their quest to acquire the 20 new Toona Fish styles.

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Here are some balance changes per Epic Games:

  • Chug Splashes re-added
  • Hunter's Cloak re-added
  • The Hunter's Cloak is not included in competitive playlists
  • Chug Cannon no longer drops from Loot Llama
  • Slipstreams will disable at the final Storm circle in core playlists
  • Slipstreams will disable at phase 5 of the Storm in competitive playlists
  • In competitive playlists, Sideways Anomalies will despawn earlier than they did previously
  • The Rail Gun has been removed from competitive playlists
  • Arena Hype has been reset for each player

Bug Fixes

Here is a list of all bugs addressed in patch v18.10:


  • Scrolling in the Discover UI.

Battle Royale

  • Crash site slip streams won't disable after hitting a certain storm circle phase.
  • Vehicles take heavy damage when colliding with Mothership wreckage.
  • Dark Jonesy Stage 2 quest “Stoke a Campfire” doesn't progress during the match when it's obtained.
  • Donation Boards do not display War Effort items in chosen language.


  • Players are teleported when jumping into Barriers.
  • Only allow respawn if Spawn Pads Found setting not working.
  • Player built structures cannot be placed adjacent to Barrier Device.

Save the World

  • Dungeon announcer “Found all coins” audio loops
  • Quests cannot be pinned from quest journal


  • Voice chat on Switch won't connect to party chat.

That covers all of the significant changes in patch v18.10. Be sure to check back here throughout the day for any additional tidbits of information. For now, drop into Fortnite Season 8 to see all of the new content in the season's first patch!