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Fortnite: What’s New in Patch v15.40? Unvaulted Weapon, Adjusted Performance Mode & More

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Learn more about all the changes in Fortnite Battle Royale patch 15.40.

The latest patch in Fortnite Battle Royale’s 15th season dropped early this morning, promising to be one of the best yet. Chapter 2 – Season 5 introduced some new features and items, including sand tunneling, Exotic weapons and a teleportation mechanic. Since releasing in early December, Epic has released four patches, including new Exotic weapons, bug fixes and cosmetic collaborations. Let’s see what the developer's latest update looks like in Season 5.

Flint-Knock Pistol Unvaulted

The fan-favorite Flint-Knock Pistol has returned to Fortnite after it left in Chapter 2 – Season 1. For those who may have forgotten, this pistol packs a punch and can mitigate fall damage. It can be useful for rotating and even gaining a height advantage in some scenarios. Be sure to drop in and find the Flint-Knock to re-familiarize yourself.

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More Exotic Weapons in Stock

Epic has increased inventory on Exotic weapons this update. Now, the non-player characters (NPCs) who sell these items will have more in stock. Expect to see numerous Dragon’s Breath Snipers, Chug Cannons and other Exotic weapons more frequently in public matches. It’s not clear at this point how many Exotics each NPC sells, but players with maximum gold will have a field day.

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Air Royale and Floor is Lava Return

The well-received Air Royale and Floor is Lava Limited-Time Modes (LTMs) are back in update 15.40. Many Fortnite fans enjoyed the latter immensely when it took center-stage in TheGrefg’s Floor is Lava tournament. These two modes are in rotation.

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Performance Mode Adjustments

The developer’s recent changes to the newly implemented Performance Mode did not sit well with much of the community. Players gave stern feedback regarding visibility differences and more when not many complained in the first place. Epic has provided an option to adjust objects and build visibility in Performance Mode. Hopefully, this new feature will resolve any issues that players brought to light.

Bug Fixes

Here's a list of bugs that Epic addresses in patch 15.40:

Battle Royale

  • Total Bars appearing as 0 in a match.
  • Purple XP Coins disappearing when driven through (without granting XP).
  • Matchmaking doesn’t start if unreadied player leaves early.


  • Phone Booths do not respect island settings when players change Outfits.
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Save the World

  • Mythic Lead Survivor portraits appear only as silhouettes.
  • Locating a Durrr Burger not counting towards the “Locating: Burger Break!” Ventures quest.

That covers everything new in Fortnite’s latest update. Stay tuned to ESTNN in case we discover any further changes!

Feature Image: Epic Games

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