Fortnite: Update v11.50 Released with the Return of Launch Pads

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Fortnite: Update v11.50 Released with the Return of Launch Pads

A beloved mobility option has made its triumphant return to Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 has felt like one prolonged period between legitimate game updates. To put this situation in perspective, Chapter 2 kicked off a whole new map and different mechanics back in October of 2019. Players were able to experience the joyous endeavors of driving boats, fishing and to explore the entirely new landscape. Since then, players have watched a new meta develop as they’ve learned to exist without certain items. Fortnite’s latest update is version 11.50, and Epic Games continue to show their willingness to alter the games state with the end goal of keeping it fresh.

Changes in v11.50

Below we’ve highlighted a few significant changes that have direct implications on the competitive scene in Fortnite:

“In non-competitive playlists, the Launch Pad has been unvaulted.

Implemented Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics system…

The Sidegrading feature is no longer present in competitive playlists. Its presence in these playlists was unintentional, as noted in our v11.40 post.”

Launch Pads Return

First and foremost, we have to mention the fact that Launch Pads are back in Fortnite. If nothing else, Launch Pads allow players to navigate across the map much quicker without the potential of getting lost in the storm or encountering players during each storm phase. Many players, both competitive and casual, have longed for the return of Launch Pads because of how difficult it can be to rotate in the current meta. Although they are not yet back in the Arena playlists, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

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It will be interesting to see how long the Fortnite developers wait to make a move on adding Launch Pads into competitive playlists. Equally noteworthy will be how much of an effect either negative or positive this item will have on tournaments and arena games considering the current state of Fortnite.

Sidegrading Removed

One of the more unique features in the recent updates to Fortnite was the ability to sidegrade weapons. This ability allowed players to alter a standard Assault Rifle into a Heavy Assault Rifle. Although it did not have any severe effect on competitive play, it was at least a feature we’ve never seen before. Now, this option is only available in non-competitive playlists. Not many competitive players utilized sidegrading, but apparently, this was not meant to exist outside of casual game modes anyway, so no harm, no foul.

New Physics Engine

We’ve known for a long time that Epic Games are working on implementing a new physics engine into Fortnite. What we don’t know, however, is how it will affect the core gameplay of the nearly three-year-old Battle Royale. Since Fortnite Chapter 2 released, Fortnite’s graphics have slowly improved and look much cleaner now than ever before. The rumor mill indicates that building and destroying structures will behave much differently once Chapter 2 Season 2 releases on February 20th. Fortnite might be a completely different game at that time, but we won’t know until then.

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Stay tuned to ESTNN as more details come in regarding Fortnite’s newest season.