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Fortnite: Surprise Update Unvaults Tactical Shotgun, Infantry Rifle, Increases Crafting Material Drops

An Infantry Rifle and a Tactical Shotgun from Fortnite appear together on an orange and yellow background.

Epic unvaulted two fan favorites and made crucial crafting part drop adjustments.

It’s not often that Epic Games deploys a midday update to Fortnite Battle Royale, much less one during their ongoing battle with Apple. However, the casual scene will welcome this one with open arms, considering its ramifications. The developers have brought two largely adored weapons back into the game, and one, in particular, that has not resurfaced since Season X. Let’s take a look at what this surprise patch has to offer as Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 6 moves closer to its eventual end just over one month from now.

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Infantry Rifle & Tactical Shotgun Unvaulted

Epic Games made an unexpected decision to bring the Tactical Shotgun and Infantry Rifle back into Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode. The Infantry Rifle exited Fortnite at the end of Season X and remained in the vault until now. Its low fire rate and high damage output made forces accuracy upon players, and some will be up to the challenge.

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The Tactical Shotgun, on the other hand, has floated in and out of Fortnite’s loot pool since Chapter 2 – Season 1 began. It last appeared in Chapter 2 – Season 5 alongside the Lever Action and Charge Shotgun. The Tactical version returns at a peculiar time in the season, which might not mesh well with the competitive scene. Nonetheless, these two weapons will indeed flip the current meta on its head.

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More Crafting Parts from Cars and Floor Loot

Perhaps the most useful inclusion in this update revolves around increased crafting materials. As Season 6 players know, Epic introduced the crafting mechanic but made it challenging to utilize early. Mechanical Parts spawn much more often and are generally easier to locate. This recent update doubled the chance of finding Mechanical Parts and Animal Bones. Additionally, more Mechanical Parts drop when farming cars. Players should no longer have any issue crafting the weapons they desire.

Improved Classic Weapon “Loot Chances”

While Makeshift and Primal weapons remain the game, Epic has improved chances of pulling Classic guns. That means Pump Shotguns, Assault Rifle and Submachine Guns will appear more frequently in various chests and fishing spots.


All in all, this update has a bit of everything to service the wide range of Fortnite players. We’ll have to see how the Infantry Rifle and Tactical Shotgun factor into competitive play as Season 6 enters its third month of action. ESTNN will keep you updated with any additional changes!

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Featured Image: Epic Games

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