Fortnite: Preferred Item Slots Feature To Debut In Patch v17.20

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Fortnite: Preferred Item Slots Feature To Debut In Patch v17.20

A long-awaited feature in Fortnite Battle Royale will finally become available to players on July 20.

The “Preferred Item Slot” concept has remained a wish of most dedicated Fortnite fans since 2017. It seemed simple enough—a system where players could automatically assign specific items to their chosen inventory position. Players tend to follow their own formula when building their loadout.

Leakers revealed the possibility of Epic adding this feature three weeks ago. Now, more information has come through, and it seems the developers plan to allow players to assign weapons and items to their ideal spots in patch v17.20.

Preferred Item Slots Debut Next Update

ShiinaBR was first on the news, giving fans an idea of what to expect when Epic enables this new mechanic in v17.20. It appears that players will have the option of their desired weapon to one of the five inventory spaces. Your inventory will prioritize weapons and items accordingly. There may also be an option to assign different items to the same slot, and the inventory adjusts on the fly depending on what you pick up.

It’s still much too early to be sure about Preferred Item Slots, but we know for sure that Fortnite’s fandom has requested it for a long time. Also, Epic is due to release the update v17.20 on July 20, so we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any further developments in this regard.

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