Fortnite Patch v19.10: Tilted Towers, Klombos & Weapon Changes

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Fortnite Patch v19.10: Tilted Towers, Klombos & Weapon Changes

Find out what's new in Fortnite patch v19.10.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1  saw its first proper update of the season this morning. Patch v19.10 represents more than just an update—it offers long-time fans the opportunity to reminisce about the early days. For the first time in over two years, the original Tilted Towers has returned to Fortnite.

Today, ESTNN provides you with a complete breakdown of what patch v19.10 offers players, including Tilted Towers and new wildlife named Klombos.

Tilted Towers Returns

After a clear-as-day teaser by Epic yesterday, the developers delivered an old relic from Fortnite's past. Tilted Towers is back and in its original form. This location version is not like Salty Towers from Chapter 2 Season 5. Chapter 3's Titled Towers is the one fans from 2018 should remember. It has the No Sweat Insurance building, Clocktower and every other bit players have wanted for quite some time.

You can find the new Tilted Towers by venturing South of Loot Lake and Southwest of Coney Crossroads. It's hard to miss, and virtually every person spawning into your match will be landing there, so there's a warning.

Klombos Emerge

Klombos, large dinosaur like beasts with crystal spikes protruding from their skin

Patch v19.10 includes a new addition to Fortnite's growing wildlife family. Joining the Boars, Wolves and Chickens are Klombos. These animals resemble dinosaurs, but unlike Raptors from previous seasons, these won't attack unless provoked. Klombos provide more perks than most wildlife; players can boost off of their blowholes and will drop loot after eating food or a new item known as Klomberries.

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New Food Item: Klomberries

A klombo chases after a blue klomberry

Klombos enjoy eating this new food item, which you can find in special bushes around the Island. This food source can cause a Klombo close by to drop loot or calm an angry one. Eating one yourself will restore your health.

Other notes from patch v19.10:

  • Grenade Launcher returns to public matches only .
  • Victory Crown Emote now displays more than 99 Victory Royales.
  • Klombos and Grenade Launchers are not included in competitive playlists. Klomberries are included, however.
  • Shield Kegs have been added to competitive playlists.
  • Armored Walls have been added to competitive playlists, at a reduced pick-up limit.

Bug Fixes

Here's a list of bugs address in patch v19.10:

  • Fixed an issue involving Spider-Man's Web-Shooters getting interrupted after players swung onto web bouncers.
  • Fixed an issue involving players encountering a “Network Connection Lost” error when trying to join a match as a spectator. With this issue fixed, the option to join a match as a spectator has been re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused us to disable healing from resting in a Tent. Healing from resting in a Tent is now re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue involving campfires sometimes not healing players.
  • Fixed an issue that caused us to disable DLSS for DirectX 11. DLSS for DirectX 11 is now re-enabled.
  • Fixed an issue involving Daily Quests not being visible in the Quests tab after players returned from a non-core mode.
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That covers everything you need to know about Fortnite patch v19.10. Be sure to hop into Battle Royale mode and try out Tilted Towers for old time's sake.

Feature Images: Epic Games