Fortnite Patch v17.21: New Plasma Cannon, Live Event Details & More

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Fortnite Patch v17.21: New Plasma Cannon, Live Event Details & More

Find out what’s new in the latest Fortnite update!

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 received another update overnight, introducing a new weapon into the game. The patch was relatively small, but it indeed laid the foundation for an exciting event due to occur in the next few weeks. Without any further adieu, let’s see what’s new in patch v17.21!

Plasma Cannon

Fortnite’s shiny new weapon is a Plasma Cannon. Epic teased this powerful pistol yesterday on Twitter and finally dropped it into the game. The trailer above accurately showcases its power. The Plasma Cannon sends an ion blast, similar to the Flying Saucers, which breaks through buildings and deals significant damage.

Here are some stats worth considering for the new Plasma Cannon:

Mythic Rarity

Upcoming POI Changes

It’s an absolute certainty that Epic is planning a live event, which could happen in the next month. We know that the Mothership will be involved in some capacity, and more leaks have indicated long overdue map changes. HYPEX revealed the POIs that won’t be the same after the live event. Those are Slurpy Swamps, Coral Castle and Corny Complex. Another leaker—iFireMonkey—was able to find some textures of these POIs post-event.

New Event Lobby Countdown

We’ve seen teasers of this recently, but there’s an official look at the pre-event lobby. It depicts a countdown, which should read ten days as that’s when the event goes live with several Flying Saucers overhead.

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Bug Fixes

Here is the lone bug fixed in patch v17.21:

Battle Royale
Inflate-A-Bull temporarily disabled in competitive playlists. (RE-ENABLED)

The foundation now exists for the first actual live event in a while. It seems some significant map changes are on the horizon but not much more is evident. Be sure to stick with us ahead of the event and also try the new Plasma Cannon!

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Feature Image: Epic Games