Fortnite: FNCS Week 2 Update – Qualified Duos in all Regions

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Fortnite: FNCS Week 2 Update – Qualified Duos in all Regions

Here are all the qualified duos from Week Two of the FNCS.

The Fortnite Champion Series is in its second of four qualifying weeks heading into the FNCS Heats. For those who don’t know, qualifying for heat play does not guarantee any duo a spot in the Grand Finals for their given region. Teams will need to perform well in their provided heat to push themselves into the Grand Finals. Several duos are beginning to separate themselves from the pack after two weeks. With $5M USD on the line across all seven competitive regions, these duos are performing at the highest level to win money and earn the crown of Chapter 2 Season 2 Champion.

We’ve compiled a list of teams thus far through two weeks that locked themselves into a spot in Heats. Keep in mind that players can also qualify through consistent play throughout the season. Let’s take a look at which duos will participate in Heats later this month. Look out for teams that have qualified twice thus far as these teams have finished inside the top-20 after two weeks of play.

Europe Week 1

  • Maage and Castery
  • FaZe Mongraal and NRG benjyfishy
  • GODSENT znappy and GODSENT wakie
  • IDrop and 100T MrSavage
  • Refsgaard and Secret Skram
  • M10 Nyhrox and Vitality BadSnpR
  • AION DeNiisS and DiegoGrandeBolas
  • MCES Andilex and LeStream Nayte
  • BL Raifla and BL SliX
  • Gambit Toose and qvado
  • c4LoverKubx and KamiFN
  • Kobe and Fey
  • Drobban and bobo
  • BL Anas and IboooHai
  • SRN Pinq and SRN Michael
  • Snagged and Steelix Snapfan
  • Queasy and TruleX
  • Sy Kyzen and Sy Clement
  • Dokko and NemZ
  • AcY Tackyy and uX Zebra

Europe Week 2

  • Stompy and COOLER aqua
  • GODSENT znappy and GODSENT wakie (2x qualifiers)
  • c4loverRakso and Artorrr
  • Gambit Toose and qvаdo (2x qualifiers)
  • Kiryache32 and Gambit.letw1k3
  • BL Аnas and IboooHai (2x qualifiers)
  • SRN Hardfind and AstroSMZ
  • BL Raifla and BL.SliX (2x qualifiers)
  • c4loverKubx and KamiFN (2x qualifiers)
  • MCES Andilex and LeStream Nayte (2x qualifiers)
  • IDrop and 100T MrSavage (2x qualifiers)
  • Sy Kyzen and Sy Clement (2x qualifiers)
  • Cooler 4zr and Mamadou Shaco AP
  • Еnsаr and goozhhhǃ
  • SRN Adn and Vanish Sebbyrr
  • Ghost Issa and Ghost Kamo
  • D.HycrisZ1 and mercury raavo0x
  • Steptr and iRezUmi.
  • Juzry and Rloа
  • VP JAMSIDE and Secret_Domentos

NA East Week 1

  • HazThaGreat and Avery
  • TrashyFN and CarsonCBC
  • TSM ZexRow and TSM MackWood
  • Prien and Spirok
  • Crumbler and Speguu 777
  • Cloud and Thwifo
  • NRG Unknown and BBG Ronaldo
  • Vanish Cazz and Crimz
  • Liquid Cented and NRG Edgey
  • Ajerrs and Innocents
  • 100T Ceice and Bizzle
  • KnightFN and RogueShark
  • Gangster Synez and Mafioso Carson
  • C4iman and Walkman
  • BBG Ajay and Rocaine
  • Bugha and Liquid Stretch
  • Potgxd and n3moxd
  • CizLucky and Lazar
  • FaZe Megga and Userz Dashed
  • TSM Khanada and joey2c
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NA East Week 2

  • Ajerrs and Innocents (2x qualifiers)
  • RBK Arab and Coop
  • Acorn and Vanquish Jahq
  • SEN Animal and SEN Aspect
  • Nosh and Chaotic
  • MRKN Av and Liquid Chap
  • CizLucky and Lazar (2x qualifiers)
  • Ykell and Assault Jayth
  • TabzG and Co1azo
  • 100T Ceice and Bizzle (2x qualifiers)
  • Mikey and grandmateets
  • Furious and Lil Baby Gonzo
  • Notpandaa and Sto
  • Jamper and paper
  • TSM MackWood and TSM ZexRow (2x qualifiers)
  • Cented and NRG Edgey (2x qualifiers)
  • Maseff2x and Oath XXiF
  • Fijex and MSF Spades
  • E11 Grazca and E11 Daxor

NA West Week 1

  • 100T Arkhram and andrew
  • 100T rehx and NRG EpikWhale
  • Thomuss and wavyjacob
  • Bumboy and 4DRStorm
  • 100T Falconer and Liquid Riversan
  • Goldenn and snacky
  • Daddy favs and Tavern
  • Shortings and eclipse
  • LG Devious and HzExtinct
  • Voxie and zinqxz
  • Hokage Godku and Hokage Vayne
  • Psalm and Toff
  • Icy and Ghost Aydan
  • defiableYT and Skillz eVe
  • Litzinio and Reguletor
  • CLG Symetrical and CLG Leno
  • Marcx and dexrr
  • Zehlo and Twiko
  • Maken and Frapai

NA West Week 2

  • Рeаcе and Herrions.
  • Thomuss and wavyjacob (2x qualifiers)
  • Timbers criizux and Timbers Jelty
  • 100T Arkhram and andrеw (2x qualifiers)
  • lіttleXX and CLG Jay
  • Icy and Ghost Aydan (2x qualifiers but no longer a duo)
  • CLG Symetrical and CLG Leno (2x qualifiers)
  • 100T rehx and NRG EpikWhale (2x qualifiers)
  • Hokage Godku and Hokage Vayne (2x qualifiers)
  • Middi ζ and Hyperr ζ
  • Dopi and Kytrex
  • Paullrr and 520 Tricks
  • XTRA Reet and EpikTavern
  • 7 Lush and Assault Poet
  • Zesty.ꓐ and TL Chrіs
  • defiableYT and Skillz eVe (2x qualifiers)
  • XTRA Yagi and XTRA Sake
  • Rеуу and Riсhy
  • Bumbоy -α- and 4DRStorm (2x qualifiers)
  • MinionKilla459 and Outcast Howdy

Oceania Week 1

  • Bola and Sprazz
  • Gooboz and worthy
  • Caryion and RBK volx
  • BLS Muz and NTRS Speedy
  • Mrfreshasian and RNG Rel
  • DefaultOCE and LubitoFN
  • Slaya and Link
  • Trimmers and Samboo
  • x2Jordan and x2Jesse
  • Parallel Breso and Dylan

Oceania Week 2

  • kquid and RNG Jynх
  • Parallel Breso and Dylan (2x qualifiers)
  • Ghost Zаrbу and Ghoѕt Trapped
  • syncyfishy and lооter
  • oath alex and BLS Tuii z12
  • I got rona and BLS Colt
  • Caryion and RBK volx (2x qualifiers)
  • dippa zoreh and Ghеez
  • Tyraxe and Ѕqueakz
  • jаhlyn and saqr parpy
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Brazil Week 1

  • Kitoz frigideira and Robot
  • C9 blackoutz and SNG KING
  • Suetam and Diamondd
  • VKS Pulga and VKS Mojak
  • Frosty and Avlr
  • 9z Leobas and Clipnode
  • DC MysticK and DC OPai
  • Losted BOMBA and technoviking46
  • Pina rapidin and Old Persa
  • Fishy L2R2 and Un Granjero
  • Cadu and Bedin
  • KBR and Seeyun
  • Leleo and Kurtz
  • Biel and Tito
  • F4T Luksz and F4T Scan
  • Diguera and jpsk1ng
  • Tade and Zytle
  • Luks and TLS gabrielzin
  • 9z Santidead and 9z Twayko

Brazil Week 2

  • KBR and Seeyun (2x qualifiers)
  • VKS Pulga and VKS Mojak (2x qualifiers)
  • DC MysticK and DC OPаi (2x qualifiers)
  • lekmaluco and washеd
  • Old Persa and Old Nicks
  • cadu iwnl and bеdin iwnl
  • 9z Germán and 9z dуfsssj
  • leleo -ᴄʀ- and vкs мαsτєr -ᴄʀ-
  • sнeco -ᴄʀ- and FKL histtory
  • Diguera and jpsk1ng (2x qualifiers)
  • Losted BOMBA and technoviking46.
  • 9z гustyk and kıng iwnl
  • Suetam and Diamondd (2x qualifiers)
  • retake – and DC Andreoli
  • EZezinN and AION zqull
  • 6tn and 420 xown
  • luco iwnl and Damage.-13
  • SИowspampiumpium and Filipe iwnl
  • Fishy L2R2 and Un Granjero
  • insovnia iwnl and charles.ry

Asia Week 1

  • Peterpan and FaxFox
  • Ess峻 and Vabon.くらら
  • ǃettuce and GW_Hamuppi
  • kogane Wis and korox2 Wis
  • T1 HOOD.J and T1 Quickss- –
  • DELTA とびだせりりぐら and とびだせ ぴなぐら
  • ひゅがー 早瀬ちょこらぶ and Σ.あめれいん
  • 妖精の尻尾ろずありす L4H and 妖精の尻尾3.14
  • pitbull fa1zzy and Bloom Medusa
  • TAX of WR and xX-MAGU007-Xx

Asia Week 2

  • ジェダイのレイ and HYG Zerukn
  • 내가위험하다 and 100M tackle
  • CR Ruritr0 and CR.Riz lovebenjy
  • T1 HOOD.J and T1 Quickss- – (2x qualifiers)
  • Riddle Maugraal and Riddle Bobrr
  • NSR kogane and ヌヲー.
  • Macyfishy and Shinckyfishy
  • ǃettuce and GW_Hamuppi (2x qualifiers)
  • redeN No.1 and GR Sqeeze
  • Peterpan and FaxFox (2x qualifiers)

Middle East Week 1

  • Pаncakе and TSK Mev
  • TU Νm7 and Rvㅤ
  • 25 fhd and 25 Yonx
  • SAQR SNOW and Wiz Brook
  • TSK Raed and TSK Snowyka
  • WASP Phantom and wіz unit
  • POWER Nasir and POWER GntL
  • PEW PEʷ and Kinqver
  • SAQR Modisk and ASMR Kai
  • MES JIREN and MES Obito

Middle East Week 2

  • SAQR QnDx and SAQR Njby
  • TU Dexefite 么 and 25 Tooke 么
  • WASP Phantom and wіz unit (2x qualifiers)
  • TU Νm7 and Rv (2x qualifiers)
  • C4rL and TSK LeziX
  • wiz azpect and Nylе
  • POWER Nasir and POWER GntL
  • TSK Saud and Viiroos
  • SAQR SNOW and Wiz Brook (2x qualifiers)
  • ASMR DaddyFaisal and ASMR Teddy

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