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As an avid viewer and fan of competitive Fortnite, I wanted to find a way to analytically compare players and prove, via statistical evidence rather than opinion, who the best competitive Fortnite player in the world is.

The ranking system is entirely novel in its approach – as it is one of only two Fortnite player rankings and the only one that directly compares each player to their competitors.

The metric that we have created to ultimately rank these players is VeLoScore. VeLoScore essentially measures how well each player performed relative to the other players in a tournament and gives them either a positive or negative score for that tournament. These single-tournament scores are then added and the cumulative VeLoScore is what we rank the players by.

It is interesting to note that only a few players have negative scores, and this can be easily explained. To make our data more structured, we set a cut off that noted you had to have played in at least 7 major tournaments to be ranked. Very few players were repeatedly asked back to the skirmishes if they didn’t place well, and as a result all the players with negative scores did not play in enough tournaments to make the count.

Along with comparing players relative to the average player in each respective tournament, we also gave each individual tournament a unique weight to properly evaluate their importance and the skill of the players that played in them.  

We also provided an adjusted solo and duo placement to provide more context as to how each player performed in each type of event. The adjusted solo and duo placements measure each players average finish in either solos or duos in relation to how the rest of the players in the tournament performed.

The rankings do not stop here, as each week they will be updated and a new feature will be added. 

Last Updated: February 20, 2019 |  Jacob Shrader – ESTNN Fortnite Expert

Note: Best viewed horizontally on mobile. 

RankPlayerTeamVeLoScoreChange in VeLoScorePartner Average VeLoScoreSolo Adjusted Average PlacementDuo Adjusted Average Placement
1 (+1)BizzleGhost62.4513.8040.5325.1724.89
2 (+1)TfueFaZe60.1013.2035.2015.5032.60
3 (-2)72hrsLiquid52.533.3041.5118.3330.04
4 (+2)VividLiquid51.9511.7033.9017.8326.31
5 (-)PoachLiquid46.356.1521.6232.3330.77
6 (+3)SafGhost42.3014.5543.3039.1717.44
7 (-3)ChapLiquid40.55-1.8035.6126.3334.98
8 (-)DmoGhost38.204.2045.1647.3316.25
9 (-2)Nate HillFaze30.45-6.6029.0838.8332.83
10 (-)CloakFaZe29.451.8041.2349.8325.56
11 (+7)ZaytNRG28.9510.6520.9033.5031.02
12 (New)Blindc923.902.1010.5833.5044.36
13 (New)ThwifoGhost23.154.3516.1547.3340.07
14 (+10)CeiceGankstars22.157.358.3935.5036.07
15 (+4)GhoulGhost22.134.2035.7746.6735.05
16 (-5)ZexRowSoloMid22.10-0.1514.7247.5039.42
17 (-2)AspectNone22.102.8538.1147.8330.22
18 (-6)TendonsEvilCakeArmy19.70-0.158.9143.0039.83
19 (-6)Nox the FoxNone19.630.0030.5135.0041.42
20 (-4)KreoLuminosity19.030.0012.6542.1737.02
21 (-4)NICKMERCS100T18.60-0.1511.1444.3334.25
22 (-)LeNainEnvy16.900.9016.1437.1741.83
23 (-3)Tennp0FaZe16.430.0024.9646.5032.01
24 (-1)HighDistortionSoloMid15.050.0013.2443.0038.50
25 (New)BaySoldierNone13.757.0530.6549.0039.75
26 (-)KingRichardNRG13.600.0029.6847.8328.92
27 (+1)JaomockFaZe12.980.6017.2548.1738.65
28 (New)HogmanComplexity12.700.0010.6437.6743.89
29 (-2)AnimalSentinels12.600.006.3346.0043.90
30 (-5)HysteriaC912.25-1.9525.2653.5031.46
31 (-17)SnoodGhost12.10-7.5022.7847.1740.20
32 (-3)ZoofC911.600.008.9439.3344.82
33 (-3)Parallax100T11.350.008.9141.6739.50
34 (-3)Reverse2kNone11.330.0011.7135.6742.07
35 (New)CouRageOpTic11.280.0018.8845.1736.49
36 (-3)SofaTrouble Bois11.151.8018.5535.0049.38
37 (New)TheGeneralE1110.750.0015.4946.1745.92
38 (-6)FunkFaZe10.13-1.2063.7546.6733.98
39 (New)YeloFaZe8.630.0038.4645.3337.18
40 (New)DaequanSoloMid8.380.0011.9647.1745.78
41 (New)SeanGhost8.30-8.7025.0045.5048.26
42 (-8)Strafesh0tLiquid7.450.0016.3644.8346.42
43 (-22)AydanGhost7.05-9.1520.0146.5044.22
44 (New)MistadongNone6.950.008.8645.6745.82
45 (-10)Turkey LipsNone6.780.005.0044.8342.72
46 (New)PainfulJ.Storm5.850.0016.8744.3346.95
47 (-11)Kenith100T5.730.0017.7337.0049.78
48 (-11)NinjaLuminosity3.700.0024.8645.6735.51
49 (-11)SirDimetrious100T3.400.000.7544.0047.81
50 (-11)SpaceLyonFaZe3.150.0029.0849.0039.12
51 New)PayneLightning Pandas1.930.005.1247.5046.74
52 (New)iVaeconLightning Pandas1.800.0013.1753.6740.73
53 (-11)HamlinzSoloMid1.250.005.7148.8348.00
54 (New)DiggyNone0.950.0022.8852.6745.71
55 (-13)MasunDNone0.630.0024.0255.0038.96

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