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As an avid viewer and fan of competitive Fortnite, I wanted to find a way to analytically compare players and prove, via statistical evidence rather than opinion, who the best competitive Fortnite player in the world is. Along with my Tufts University Classmate, I devised a analytical ranking system, as well as a few other interesting metrics, for all of the best competitive NA Fortnite players. Below, I introduce each of the metrics and explain what they mean in the context of the Power Rankings.

Each time I update the rankings (usually after a major tournament), I add a new feature to the site. This feature can come in the form of a new metric, (as it has in the past) but I also plan on expanding to Team Power Rankings as well as EU Power Rankings.

VeLoScore – The metric that we have created to ultimately rank these players is VeLoScore. VeLoScore essentially measures how well each player performed relative to the other players in a tournament and gives them either a positive or negative score for that tournament. These single-tournament scores combine to form the cumulative VeLoScore, which is what we rank the players by. Each weekend after a tournament, I enter the data from the weekend into the database. The rankings automatically culls the new data and adds it to each players existing ranking. This allows us to track how each players VeLoScore changes after each certain tournament, giving us the ability to track how each player’s VeLoScore has changed over the lifetime of competitive Fortnite.

Change in VeLoScore – Doing exactly what it sounds like, this metric simply tracks the change  in each players VeLoScore from each week. There are currently two columns dedicated to this metric, as we have both the change in VeLoScore since the ESL Katowice Royale and the Secret Skirmish. The column dedicated to the Secret Skirmish is really a sum of the two columns and represents the change since the Secret Skirmish, not the change from solely the event.

Solo & Duo Adjusted Placements – These metrics measure each players average placement for both solo and duo events, adjusted to measure not only placement but also the quantity of matches played. Some players have not played in many solos events (Epic has only held seven), and would be unfairly ranked if I did not adjust the rankings to account for the number of tournaments competed in.

Specialization Metric – The Specialization Metric solely subtracts each players Adjusted Duos Average from their Adjusted Solos Average. This measures whether (and to what degree) a certain player performs better in duos (positive score) or solos (negative score). The magnitude stays true whether the sign is positive or negative, as it is just simple subtracted of two similarly-formulated numbers.

Last Updated: March 8, 2019 |  Jacob Shrader – ESTNN Fortnite Expert, and Arjun Balaraman

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Rank (Change)NameTeamVeLoScoreVeloScore Change (ESL)VeLoScore Change (SCRT SKRM)Solo Adjusted Average PlacementDuos Average Adjusted Placement
1 (-)BizzleGhost75.8013.3527.1525.1723.94
2 (-)TfueFaZe60.100.0013.2015.5033.55
3 (+1)VividLiquid55.853.9015.6017.8324.96
4 (-1)72hrsLiquid53.130.603.9018.3330.02
5 (+1)SafGhost51.455.1019.6532.3327.50
6 (+2)DmoGhost46.007.8012.0047.3318.68
7 (+5)ZaytNRG42.7513.8024.4533.5033.56
8 (-3)PoachLiquid40.55-6.150.0026.3329.07
9 (-2)ChapLiquid35.70-6.60-8.4039.1716.75
10 (NEW)ZexRowSoloMid33.0510.9510.8047.5038.75
11 (-1)CloakFaZe29.450.001.8049.8327.31
12 (New)Vinny1xSoloMid29.1514.1018.4537.6744.97
13 (-4)Nate HillFaZe26.40-4.05-10.6538.8332.14
14 (+3)AspectSentinels25.103.005.8547.8330.39
15 (+15)AnimalSentinels24.7512.1512.1546.0045.02
16 (-4)Blind100T23.900.002.1033.5044.36
17 (-4)ThwifoGhost23.150.004.3547.3340.07
18 (-4)CeiceGankstars22.150.007.3535.5034.59
19 (-4)GhoulGhost22.130.004.2046.6736.38
20 (-2)TendonsEvilCakeArmy19.700.00-0.1543.0039.83
21 (-3)Nox the FoxNone19.630.000.0035.0041.42
22 (NEW)PsalmNone19.200.005.5535.8342.40
23 (-3)KreoLuminosity19.030.000.0042.1737.02
24 (-NEW)DafpsCounter Logic18.480.00-0.7544.0041.13
25 (New)LeNainEnvy16.900.000.9037.1741.83
26 (-3)Tennp0FaZe16.430.000.0046.5033.60
27 (NEW)KayuunGhost15.250.00-1.0542.8343.12
28 (-4)HighDistortionSoloMid15.050.000.0043.0036.99
29 (-4)BaySoldierNone13.750.007.0549.0038.96
30 (-4)KingRichardNRG13.600.000.0047.8329.82
31 (-4)JaomockFaZe12.980.000.6048.1738.65
32 (NEW)CBKFlameNone12.850.005.7046.5040.72
33 (-8)NICKMERCS100T12.45-6.15-6.3044.3334.65
34 (-4)HysteriaC912.250.00-1.9553.5031.46
35 (-4)SnoodGhost12.100.00-7.5047.1740.20
36 (-4)ZoofC911.600.000.0039.3344.82
37 (-4)Parallax100T11.350.000.0041.6738.93
38 (-4)Reverse2kNone11.330.000.0035.6743.25
39 (-1)FunkFaZe11.331.200.0046.6734.55
40 (-4)SofaTrouble Bois11.150.001.8035.0049.38
41 (New)FulmerTrouble Bois9.100.003.6039.5047.25
42 (-1)SeanGhost8.300.00-8.7045.5048.51
43 (NEW)CaroseSentinels7.750.004.8044.3342.75
44 (-2)Strafesh0tLiquid7.450.000.0044.8344.33
45 (-)Turkey LipsNone6.780.000.0044.8342.72
46 (NEW)BlooTeaE116.000.009.1552.0041.88
47 (NEW)MarksmanCoutner Logic5.750.00-12.0049.3344.24
48 (-1)Kenith100T5.730.000.0037.0049.78
49 (-1)NinjaLuminosity3.700.000.0045.6735.51
50 (-1)SirDimetrious100T3.400.000.0044.0047.97
51 (-1)SpaceLyonFaZe3.150.000.0049.0039.36
52 (-8)AydanGhost3.00-4.05-13.2046.5043.41
53 (-)HamlinzSoloMid1.250.000.0048.8347.83
54 (+1)MasunDNone0.630.000.0055.0038.92
55 (NEW)AnnialisNone0.150.000.0049.1742.51

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