Fortnite: Aim Assist Remains Seemingly Unchanged Through Latest Patch, Pro Players React

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Fortnite: Aim Assist Remains Seemingly Unchanged Through Latest Patch, Pro Players React

Detailing the fallout from the supposed aim assist adjustments with patch 12.61.

Aim assist in Fortnite has been a topic of discussions since seemingly the beginning of time. Last season saw the removal of Legacy controls due to its mindless ability to track players. Controller players then had to choose between Exponential and Linear controls. It did not take long for the controller elites to realize that Linear grants them a virtual aimbot in close range fights. Keyboard and mouse players came out in droves against Linear controls, stating that it creates an unlevel playing field for their controller adversaries.

Epic Games responded to the criticism of aim assist with a promise to normalize its power. Changes were to take place after the conclusion of the $2 million FNCS Invitational. Patch v12.61 was their chance to make an impact, but it seems as if their efforts proved futile.

Is Aim Assist Stronger?

Professional Fortnite player and FNCS Invitational finalist Knight tested the alleged changes in Creative Mode. What he discovered may shock those who had high hopes that aim assist would be less effective. Not only did aim assist not receive a nerf, but aim assist may now be stronger than ever.

Previously on Linear controls, players supposedly did not have aim assist when targeting an opponent more than 100 meters away. Knight showcased himself, hitting precise shots from well beyond 100 meters on a player down below.

Several other videos have surfaced of players testing the aim assist changes. One of which was from professional player Clix, who erupted with anger after testing the changes. Reddit user Reisshub, however, has refuted the claims that aim assist range is more powerful. In fact, it remains the same based on a test from seven months ago.

Knight also workshopped aim assist tracking after the changes. He discovered that tracing opponents through structures is relatively easy. We cannot confirm nor deny whether or not this changed with the newest patch. It is merely one of the many tests that professional players are running to identify if anything is different with aim assist.

No Patch Notes = No Clue

One of the most polarizing decisions out of Epic Games was the removal of patch notes. Before Fortnite Chapter 2, the Fortnite developers provided detailed records of the changes, bug fixes, additions and removals for all game modes. Patch notes continued into Chapter 2 but have not resurfaced since v11.50. In theory, patch notes would have at least provided players with some level of insight into the aim assist changes. However, all we have to look at is an email that went out to a select few, which reads as follows:

After the patch downtime concluded, players loaded into Creative Mode with hopes of improvement. Unfortunately, most were met with the same results as before with Linear controls. After extensive testing, it's unclear at this point what, if anything, has changed.

PC Controller Adjustments to Fortnite

Professional Players React in Sadness, Anger and Optimism

Fortnite World Cup Champion Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf has been quite possibly the most prominent critic of Epic Games and their refusal to alter aim assist. He genuinely feels that mouse and keyboard players are fighting an uphill battle when squaring off against controller players. Numerous clips exist of Bugha nearly at wit's end after a controller player relentlessly shreds him with a submachine gun. He took to Twitter with his thoughts on the latest patch and supposed aim assist adjustments.

Bugha added himself to the long list of players who are quickly losing hope in Epic Games. No one knows what approach the developers are taking for aim assist. Two sentences in an email from the developers does not exactly instill confidence.

Players will continue to test aim assist for the ensuing days and weeks with less than a week remaining until the release of Chapter 2 Season 3. It would be helpful if an Epic Games representative could at least walk their fanbase through their thought-process. We should add that the developers have committed to keeping an eye on aim assist and implementing changes.

Professional controller player Scolleh of Enterprise Gaming took a different stance than the usual anger and sorrow that comes with Fortnite controversy.

It's refreshing to see a more positive take from a respected European pro. Epic Games' acknowledgment of aim assist provides at least a glimmer of hope for the future. Perhaps they are working on something much more significant for the release of Fortnite's newest season. Until then, we will have to wait and see what will come of aim assist and continue to test the supposed changes.

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