Fortnite 21.51 Patch Notes – New Content for Fire Week

Fortnite V21.51 Patch Notes

These are the Fortnite 21.51 patch notes and everything that's changed for fire week.

Fortnite’s building up to its next season at the moment, with Battle Pass leaks hitting the game. Although, we’re not quite done with Season 3 yet. The game has gotten what might be its last update of the season today. The Fortnite 21.51 patch has dropped. This update is introducing Fire Week to the game, a new limited-time event to replace the Shadow of the Phantasm week.

There are a few other changes with the recent patch too. Including an important one to voice chat. The rest of the patch is largely bug fixes. However, dataminers might be able to find some more information about the upcoming event or season from this patch too. This is how it’s all going to work, and what’s changed with the latest Fortnite update.

Fortnite 21.51 Patch Notes

Fortnite 21.51 – Fire Week

The big part of the latest update is Fire Week coming to the game. This is going to be a limited-time event. In this time, items that use fire are going to be all over the island. It’s part of a trend that Epic has been doing in the dying days of seasons lately. These themed weeks bring returning items coming to the game. There are also in-game quests that let you grab even more XP to reach the season’s bonus rewards before the end.

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It’s a fun way to get a bit more content out of the game. There are no new weapons. However, it brings back some of the game’s weirder content that doesn’t often come out. The changes in the Fortnite 21.51 patch are themed around fire, upping spawn rates on some items and unvaulting some of the more obscure guns.

Item Changes in Fortnite 21.51

Fortnite V21.51 Patch Notes

These are the items that are getting changed around with the Fortnite 21.51 patch:

  • Dragon Breath Shotgun (Unvaulted)
  • Primal Flame Bow (Unvaulted)
  • Firefly jar (Spawn Rate Increased)
  • Chug Cannons (Spawn Rate increased)

These items will be making a return to the loot pool. They’re boosted too. It’s going to be hard to get around without seeing some of these fire items popping up.

The Dragon’s Breath Shotgun is probably the standout as a weapon that hasn’t been around for a while. It’s a shotgun that releases fire along with the shot. The other main weapon is the Flame Bow, which has popped back up a few times. The Chug Cannon getting a boosted spawn rate is a bit weird, but it can’t hurt.

Fire Week Quests

The fire week isn’t just going to be some new items making a return. There are also going to be exclusive quests. These will only be active for the duration of fire week. This gives players objectives to compete with these new items. They vary from collecting the limited-time items, to using them regularly to grab kills. The objectives give you the chance to grab enough XP to progress through any remaining tiers of the Battle Pass.

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Voice Chat Updates in Fortnite V21.51

The other major change in the Fortnite 21.51 patch is a change to how voice chat is set up. You now have some different options to pick from in this category. You can pick between voice chat with everybody, friends, teammates, or nobody. This will also default all players under 18 to nobody. This is a nice change that makes it a bit easier to control who you talk with.

Hold to Purchase

One other minor change in the patch is an addition to how you can buy stuff with v-bucks. You now need to hold a button to purchase. This new mechanic should cut down on accidental purchases! Epic is still supporting refunds too. This should make it easier to avoid accidental purchases though.

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