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Jacob Shrader

Jacob 'kanyeshrayz' Shrader is an esports writer who focuses on the competitive aspects of Call of Duty and Fortnite. He is a master prestige with over 40,000 EKIA in Black Ops 4 and has hundreds of combined wins in Fortnite. You can learn more about Jacob on our About page.



Fortnite NA Power Rankings: ESL Katowice Update | March 8th, 2019

Fortnite Esports
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The ESL Katowice Royale took place this past weekend, featuring both a solo and a duos event totaling $500,000 in prize money. The tournament was held in Katowice, Poland and was International – there was even a team from Brazil. Of the one hundred players, eighteen of them were NA players and potentially could be featured in our Power Rankings. Many of them have been featured in the past, as nine of the top eleven players on the last iteration played in the ESL Katowice. The two standouts, FaZe Tfue and Cloak, backed out last minute. They both make a significant amount of money from their streams and probably did not want to spend three days in Poland and unable to stream.

Ghost Saf Repeats as Duos Champion

At the Katowice Royale, most of the NA players featured on our Power Rankings performed well. Bizzle and Saf continued to impress for Team Ghost as the teammates (but not duo pair) played well at both the Secret Skirmish and built off that this week at the Katowice Royale. Saf and his teammate NRG Zayt won the duos event, winning two games on the second day and putting them out of reach for the remainder of the tournament.

TSM Duo Shines

Ghost wasn’t the only organization to perform exceedingly well at the event. TSM, for what seems like the first time ever, had a pair play very well at a major Fortnite tournament. The duo was Zexrow and the newly signed Vinny1x. Vinny1x was the best overall performer at the Katowice Royale, gaining 14.1 Velopoints, helping him enter the Power Rankings for the first time at 12th place. Zexrow, who’s now also competed in the minimum number of tournaments to be ranked, enters at 10th place. The two have played well before, but are now teammates and have the opportunity to move up the rankings as more tournaments are played.

Ghost Aydan & 100T NickMercs

With another poor performance at the ESL Katowice, Ghost Aydan has slid all the way down to the 52nd spot in the Power Rankings. He performed solidly in the solo event, finishing 36th and having an exciting five-kill game, but could not put anything together in the duos event with NickMercs. The two finished 46th of 50 pairs, a horrible day by any measure. At the event, Nick and Aydan lost 6.15 and 4.05 VeLoPoints respectively, the second-worst of any duo pair at the event. The only pair to perform worse were Liquid Poach and Chap, who lost 12.75 VeLoPoints total and slid 3 and 2 spots down in the rankings each.

Specialization Metric

This update, the new metric that I came up with is pretty simple but does an excellent job of measuring what it is supposed to measure. It solely subtracts each player’s Adjusted Duos Average from their Adjusted Solos Average. This measures whether (and to what degree) a certain player performs better in duos (positive score) or solos (negative score). The magnitude stays true whether the sign is positive or negative, as it is just simple subtracted of two similarly-coordinated numbers.

The metric allows you to easily see whether a player is better at duos or solos and by how much. Tfue, for example, has a Specialization Metric of -18.10 which is the lowest of anyone on the Power Rankings. This contrasts directly with his partner, FaZe Cloak who has an extremely high Specialization Metric (22.52), meaning he places far better in duos events than solos.

While the data was interesting, I found no correlation between the VeLoScore and Specialization Metric. There was also no correlation between VeLoScore and the absolute value of Specialization Metric, who would have alluded to the idea that players who learned to specialize at either solos or duos were stronger players overall. I have added the most interesting graph below, which gives a good indication of how the VeLoScore and Specialization Metric compare for the players in the Power Rankings.

Fortnite Rankings


The updated power rankings page with explanations can be found here. The rankings can also be seen below. *Best viewed horizontally in mobile.

Rank (Change)NameTeamVeLoScoreVeloScore Change (ESL)VeLoScore Change (SCRT SKRM)Solo Adjusted Average PlacementDuos Average Adjusted Placement
1 (-)BizzleGhost75.8013.3527.1525.1723.94
2 (-)TfueFaZe60.100.0013.2015.5033.55
3 (+1)VividLiquid55.853.9015.6017.8324.96
4 (-1)72hrsLiquid53.130.603.9018.3330.02
5 (+1)SafGhost51.455.1019.6532.3327.50
6 (+2)DmoGhost46.007.8012.0047.3318.68
7 (+5)ZaytNRG42.7513.8024.4533.5033.56
8 (-3)PoachLiquid40.55-6.150.0026.3329.07
9 (-2)ChapLiquid35.70-6.60-8.4039.1716.75
10 (NEW)ZexRowSoloMid33.0510.9510.8047.5038.75
11 (-1)CloakFaZe29.450.001.8049.8327.31
12 (New)Vinny1xSoloMid29.1514.1018.4537.6744.97
13 (-4)Nate HillFaZe26.40-4.05-10.6538.8332.14
14 (+3)AspectSentinels25.103.005.8547.8330.39
15 (+15)AnimalSentinels24.7512.1512.1546.0045.02
16 (-4)Blind100T23.900.002.1033.5044.36
17 (-4)ThwifoGhost23.150.004.3547.3340.07
18 (-4)CeiceGankstars22.150.007.3535.5034.59
19 (-4)GhoulGhost22.130.004.2046.6736.38
20 (-2)TendonsEvilCakeArmy19.700.00-0.1543.0039.83
21 (-3)Nox the FoxNone19.630.000.0035.0041.42
22 (NEW)PsalmNone19.200.005.5535.8342.40
23 (-3)KreoLuminosity19.030.000.0042.1737.02
24 (-NEW)DafpsCounter Logic18.480.00-0.7544.0041.13
25 (New)LeNainEnvy16.900.000.9037.1741.83
26 (-3)Tennp0FaZe16.430.000.0046.5033.60
27 (NEW)KayuunGhost15.250.00-1.0542.8343.12
28 (-4)HighDistortionSoloMid15.050.000.0043.0036.99
29 (-4)BaySoldierNone13.750.007.0549.0038.96
30 (-4)KingRichardNRG13.600.000.0047.8329.82
31 (-4)JaomockFaZe12.980.000.6048.1738.65
32 (NEW)CBKFlameNone12.850.005.7046.5040.72
33 (-8)NICKMERCS100T12.45-6.15-6.3044.3334.65
34 (-4)HysteriaC912.250.00-1.9553.5031.46
35 (-4)SnoodGhost12.100.00-7.5047.1740.20
36 (-4)ZoofC911.600.000.0039.3344.82
37 (-4)Parallax100T11.350.000.0041.6738.93
38 (-4)Reverse2kNone11.330.000.0035.6743.25
39 (-1)FunkFaZe11.331.200.0046.6734.55
40 (-4)SofaTrouble Bois11.150.001.8035.0049.38
41 (New)FulmerTrouble Bois9.100.003.6039.5047.25
42 (-1)SeanGhost8.300.00-8.7045.5048.51
43 (NEW)CaroseSentinels7.750.004.8044.3342.75
44 (-2)Strafesh0tLiquid7.450.000.0044.8344.33
45 (-)Turkey LipsNone6.780.000.0044.8342.72
46 (NEW)BlooTeaE116.000.009.1552.0041.88
47 (NEW)MarksmanCoutner Logic5.750.00-12.0049.3344.24
48 (-1)Kenith100T5.730.000.0037.0049.78
49 (-1)NinjaLuminosity3.700.000.0045.6735.51
50 (-1)SirDimetrious100T3.400.000.0044.0047.97
51 (-1)SpaceLyonFaZe3.150.000.0049.0039.36
52 (-8)AydanGhost3.00-4.05-13.2046.5043.41
53 (-)HamlinzSoloMid1.250.000.0048.8347.83
54 (+1)MasunDNone0.630.000.0055.0038.92
55 (NEW)AnnialisNone0.150.000.0049.1742.51

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