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Esports Events in 2019: Intel Extreme Masters Season XIII

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According to the latest statistics, the popularity of eSports is growing rapidly. There are many reasons for this growth in terms of popularity. In addition to the fact that eSports are a fun form of competition, the video games are becoming more sophisticated and challenging and the coverage of these competitions are becoming better too. In 2019, eSports fans will be able to watch a few exciting tournaments. The Intel Extreme Masters Seasons XIII – World Championship will definitely be one of the events that eSports enthusiasts will be looking forward to seeing this year.

The first Intel Extreme Masters event was held back in 2007. The 13th season will be held in the Polish city of Katowice. The official start is scheduled on February 14 and this championship will last until March 3. It’s good to mention that the 14th Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship will be part of this event. There will be a total of 24 teams competing in this tournament. What’s interesting is that 14 of them will be part of the event based on their performance on the last Major Championship which was held in London. For the rest of the teams, the organizers will hold special regional qualifiers.

This year, the World Championship administered by Valve Corporation and ESL will come with a one million US dollar prize pool. This is a huge prize pool which was introduced in 2016. So, it’s no wonder why so many people are looking for eSport betting advice – they know that the competition will be fierce and that they can earn a decent amount of money by placing bets on their favorites. If you are interested in eSport betting, then you should use websites like where you can find all the information you need for placing well-though-out bets. For instance, you can find the best eSports betting websites here including the best eSports betting sites in the UK 2019. Things are changing very fast in the eSports betting world and you have to follow the trends in order to get the most of it.

Now back to the event. We will witness four regional qualifiers (Europe, CIS, Asia, and the Americas). Keep in mind that Astralis won the CS: GO event last year. This was their second Major, but they still need to win one more Major in order to share the record with Fnatic, a Swedish CS: GO team which has won three Majors.

In addition to Astralis from Denmark, fans can expect a few other exciting professional teams on this championship including MIBR from Brazil, BIG from Germany, TyLoo from China, Ninjas in Pajamas from Sweden, Vega Squadron from Russia etc. But, it’s not just Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that you can watch on this championship. There’s a StarCraft II stage too. All in all, we can expect a truly impressive eSports gaming event this year in SPODEK Arena in Katowice with professional teams from all over the world. 

Image via: Redbull

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