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Esports Betting To Swap Positions With Sports Betting According To Sports Information Traders Analysts

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The 2020 Global Coronavirus pandemic brought most of the world to a halt, including professional sports.

For the majority of the year, many professional sports leagues have been suspended to mitigate the spread of the virus, but one sport, in particular, has benefited greatly from the situation…. esports. While most of the world’s sports leagues have been shut down since early in the year, esports has been the only competitive games to wager on, which has carried the global sports betting economy throughout the year.

During the pandemic, esports has exponentially grown in popularity as many common sports bettors started to move their wagers over to the electronic video game circuit. esports replaced sports betting during most of the year, but as the college and pro football season approaches, and the NBA and MLB seasons are already in full swing, regular sports betting is starting to make a comeback to the mainstream and take its rightful place at the top of the hill of popularity among sports bettors.

Even though regular athletic sports are retaking their place at the top of the totem pole, esports has demonstrated that it’s here to stay and has carved out a slice of the pie to stick around even after regular sports have fully resumed.

Many sports bettors and handicappers still insist that esports is the future, and that this global pandemic situation was just a sample of what’s to come when esports eventually takes hold of the mainstream betting community. While the United States and many European-based sports bettors may be caught off guard by the exploding popularity of esports betting, in Asia and particularly Japan, there’s already a huge subculture of fans and bettors that love sports and follow it obsessively. Some would compare it to the popularity of American football in the United States and Canada (best betting sites Canada), creating almost occult following amongst its participants.

In this new world of social distancing and the potential spread of deadly viruses, esports is exactly what this world needed to make it through the 2020 Coronavirus and to help us prepare to survive the next global health virus. While regular athletic sports is slowly taking back its place as the most popular sports betting choice among fans, esports has shown that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and has a place in the future of sports betting.

As esports grew in popularity it attracted some of the world’s biggest and most famous sports handicappers. One of the most notable is sports gambling Legend Jon Price, the American sports handicapper who is also the CEO of Sports Information Traders. Jon has been featured in major publications all across the US, from print to weekly radio spots throughout the football season. Where there’s money to be made by betting sports, you’ll find Jon Price there helping other bettors beat the odds and cash in on Vegas.

Jon price was one of the first and major contributors to the esports betting market. His company Sports Information Traders is one of the largest and most reputable sports handicapping services in the world, so he was quick to create an esports division in his company to solely focus on turning esports into a winning investment opportunity just like his analysts do for his clients in football and other major televised sports. He’s always at the forefront of innovation, and not one to be left behind, Jon price helped his clients win millions from esports throughout the 2020 year while much of sports were closed for business he focused on time with his family, optimizing his systems, and esports.

With regular athletic sports starting up again and the pro and college football seasons back, now is the time to click start on a proven and reputable winner.

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