Dota 2: The Changes We Expect To See in Patch 7.32

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Dota 2: The Changes We Expect To See in Patch 7.32

We go through what we're expecting from Ice Frog when the latest Dota 2 patch drops.

Every new update in Dota 2 includes multiple important changes. Although Valve decided not to make drastic changes all the time, even the smaller updates feature tons of item and hero changes. 

Usually, one big update can include new items, heroes, or mechanics. Once people play on it, Valve releases several smaller updates whose purpose is to fix some bugs and add balance. In most cases, they include small nerfs and buffs to certain heroes.

The last few patches were pretty interesting because there are a lot of heroes that stand out. 7.31 started with TA’s dominance, but after several changes, the hero is no longer as strong as it was. With that being said, some people are already fed up with the current patch and want to see something new. So, let’s summarize some of the new things we expect to find once Valve releases patch 7.32.

Nerfs to Null Talismans

Even though some people might enjoy the current Null Talisman meta, this is something that we expect to change. Nowadays, even some of the best players in the world stack at least three Null Talismans on heroes like Storm Spirit. This gives them enough mana and mana regen to be effective even in the mid-game.

The problem with Null Talisman is that the item is too good and it doesn’t cost much. Instead of rushing items like Bloodstone, Storm Spirit players prefer to spend 505 gold on one Talisman. Once they get a couple of them, they have enough mana and mana regen to fight.

Even though we don’t want Valve will decide to nerf this item, this will probably happen, especially after the Major’s final. In case you don’t remember, Bozhidar “bzm” Bogdanov and his Storm Spirit gave TSM no chance of winning. Speaking of Storm, this is the second thing we want to point out in this article.

Storm Spirit is too strong

Every meta has its signature mid hero that usually dominates everything. As mentioned earlier, Templar Assassin used to be the go-to option for every team due to her insane farming speeds. Even if the hero lost the lane, she recovered in the jungle and managed to do tons of damage.

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A few smaller updates pushed Storm Spirit to the top despite TA's domination. The hero suddenly became the preferred mid laner for almost any professional team. Probably the most interesting one is EG because the team picked him every time.

Storm Spirit has always been one of the best heroes in the game. Due to his insane mobility and damage capabilities, he can snowball out of control and become almost impossible to kill. What’s more, the current meta allows players to purchase a few Null Talismans and start dominating.

Since Storm Spirit was just too strong, Valve nerfed him a bit before the Major. They removed one armor and reduced the mana regen talent. Even though people expected this to have a negative effect on the hero and its popularity, this was not the case. Storm continued to dominate during the event and had a key role in OG’s victory. 

We won’t be surprised if Valve decides to nerf Storm Spirit a lot in the upcoming patch. History shows us that when a given hero is too strong, it usually ends up nerfed to the ground. In other words, we expect to see a lot of changes regarding SS that will push him away from the meta.  

Nerfs to CK and Wraith King

While we are on the topic of powerful heroes and nerfs, there are two more names that deserve to be on this list. The first one is Chaos Knight, one of the versatile heroes in the current meta that can fit in almost any role. Even though some players used him in the offlane and pos 4, CK established himself as one of the best safe lane carries.

There are a couple of reasons why CK is so good, and they have to do with the hero’s go-to items. Unlike hard carries, such as Morphling or Spectre which require tons of farm, CK just needs one Armlet and a HoT. Once he gets these two items, the hero becomes one of the strongest right-clickers in the game.

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Pretty much the same things apply to WK. The latter has always been one of the best STR carries in Dota 2. Besides his great damage output, WK is also great for pushing. Of course, he is also the only hero in the game that has a free Aegis. This makes him an incredible option for the late game.

New meta heroes

If we assume that the heroes mentioned above will receive nerfs, we will have new popular options that people can go for. No one knows which heroes will stand out, but we won’t be surprised if the meta focuses on the late-game monsters.

Dota 2 used to be a much slower game because teams always relied on a hard carry to win. Needless to say, this hero needs some time before it can become online. However, the numerous changes made the game more dynamic over the years because most teams started focusing on the mid-game.

We are yet to see whether Valve will bring back the late-game meta. If that happens, we can expect to see heroes like Morphling and Phantom Lancer more often. Nowadays, the only late-game heroes that are picked frequently are Terrorblade and Medusa.

Potential map changes

Although there have been some exceptions, Valve usually introduces different map changes when there is a new patch. Besides moving the Rosh pit a couple of items, we saw loads of new juke spots, tower movements, rune spawns, shrines, and so on. 

No one knows whether Dota 2’s newest update will include any of the things mentioned above. However, those things will definitely make the game look more attractive. We are yet to see what will happen, so make sure to follow us for more information. We will cover everything new once it becomes available.