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Dota Underlords Jan. 9th Game Update

Dota Underlords

Let’s see what’s new in one of the best Auto Battlers out there.

Just days after we reported that Dota Underlords has the lowest player count since its launch, Valve is releasing the first big update in 2020. Although many players left, it seems like the devs are trying all they can to bring them back. That’s a good sign because the Auto Battles are slowly going out of fashion.

According to the release, the first official season of Underlords will start at the end of February. However, there are probably going to be at least a couple of small updates before this begins. There will be a Battle pass, Hero and Item rotations, UI updates, and more.

With that said, let’s take a look at what are the changes.

General Changes

The general changes are mostly some minor optimizations and improvements. Be sure to read the entire changelog to get more information about them

Changes to the Underlords


The first change top this Underlord is related to “The End of Medicine”. Now, it no longer does any self-damage on a cast. Also, an issue with Enthrall is finally fixed. Now, your friendly unit won’t move more than 2 cells to attack the target that’s under the effect of Enthrall.

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Another change is to Rejuvenating ritual. Now does only 5% damage on Anessix when he uses it.

Lastly, the big Demonic Golem will now stun all enemies for 0.25 sec when it lands. Also, it now has a higher minimum and maximum damage, which is pretty good.


  • One of the best support skills callets Let’s Go Crazy now provides a little bit less Attack Speed in the beginning.


  • Barrel’s of fun no longer deal damage to the Spiderlings. Even though many players complained about this for a long time, no one really cared all that much. Finally, Valve decided to take action and remove fix it.

Hero Changes

We will take a look at just some of the more notable changes. Be sure to read the entire changelog if you want to see every single new thing.


  • His maximum HP is now 6000, instead of 5700.
  • Apart from that Kunkka now has a higher maximum and minimum damage.


  • His ultimate (Assassination) will no longer be able to target Underlords. Needless to say, this was a much-needed nerf that everyone expected.


  • Nethertoxin now has a 6 seconds CD and costs 70 mana, instead of 50.

Item Changes

This update only features three item changes, with the first one being to Battle Fury. Now, this item does 50 damage and it has a special buff to Ember Spirit. Instead of hitting two targets, Ember will now hit 4 of them with Slight of Fist if he has a Fury on.

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The other two changes are to Scythe of Vyse and Vesture of the Tyrant but they are very minor.

Alliance Changes

  • Assassin – their crit damage bonus is slightly nerfed and is now 375 instead of 400.
  • Hunter – The Bonus Attack Chance is reduced to 35, and the number of bonus attacks is now 2 and 3, instead of a flat 2.

The other two alliances that have a change are Warriors and Scrappy. Both of the changes are related to their armors.

Be sure to read the entire changelog here. We can’t wait for the official launch of the first season of this amazing game. Who knows, we might see all those players that quit earlier back again.

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