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Dota Underlords Gameplay Update: Sunbreeze

Dota Underlords Update

Auto battlers are slowly taking over the world, and Dota Underlords is definitely among the most popular ones out there. Underlords just got a new update. Let’s take a look at the most important changes.


  •  Loot rounds Tips and Tricks added to the Season info tab.
  • Added Battle Pass Loadout – you can now change your equipped items.
  • Path to Sunbreeze – a new board has been added.
  • CPU and crashes fixes.
  • XP rewards for playing matches changed:
    1st: 120 ->150
    2nd: 80 ->120
    3rd: 60 ->100
    4th: 50 ->90
    5th: 30 ->80
    6th: 20 ->70
    7th: 10 ->60
    8th : 10 -> 50
  • Increased Battle Pass XP rewards for the different tiers of daily challenges:

Mobile Changes

  • Better performance on iOS and Android.
  • Improved battery usage on iOS.

Gameplay Changes

  • Combat persist while some abilities complete their attacks.
  • Summons are no longer included in targeting for spells. Except for special summons like Arc Warden and Spirit Bear.
  • Fixed boxed in Assassins not jumping towards their enemies.
  • Assassins that have an enemy in their attack range will attack instead of jumping.
  • Changed the length of the preparation phase for the first three rounds from 25 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • There is now a notification when someone completes their win streak.
  • Now, if you re-roll, you will not see the heroes from the previous shop.

Alliance Changes

  • Warlock Alliance now targets the unit with the lowest health percentage instead of the lowest health value – a very expected and needed change.
  • Nerf to Wl’s Alliance Lifesteal – from 50/100/150 to 50/80/130%.
  • Buff to the Troll Alliance Tier 1 – now it provides 10% attack speed bonus to ALL allies.
  • Knight Alliance changed from -15, -20, -30 to -15,-20, -25.
  • Bloodbound Alliance extra damage is now 25% more, which is hopefully going to make it more popular.
  • Heartless Alliance changed from -5,-10,-20 to -5,-10,-15.
  • Primordial Alliance now has a 10% chance to disarm ranged attackers for four seconds – very strong against certain types of enemies.
  • Scrappy Alliance now takes 2 units per level instead of 3.
    At Level 1 – A random scrappy unit is granted +9 armor and +8 HP regen.
    Level 2 – All scrappy units are granted +9 armor and +8 HP regen.
    Level 3 – All allies are granted the buffs above.
    If you have fewer units alive than your opponent, your armor and HP will be doubled.
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Hero Changes

Additionally, there are plenty of Underlords hero changes. For example, Abaddon’s maximum and minimum attack damage and his Aphotic shield damage absorb have been increased. In fact, Enigma's alliance is now set to Primordial Shaman rather than Primordial Warlock.

Item Changes

Alliance items no longer have an inherent Tier and are in their own Alliance category. Instead, whenever the game begins, those times will be randomly assigned a certain tier and then mixed into the item pool and awarded as normal. In addition, each player can have Alliance items appear at different tiers.

Alliance Item Changes

  • Unstable Reactor’s explosion damage is now buffed to 30% of Max HP.
  • Coordinated Assault – a small 5% increase to the attack speed buff, which is now 10/20/30 instead of +25.
  • Check the Bodies – gold production change from 20% to 10/20/30%.
  • Forged in Battle – max HP bonus changed from +50 to +25/50/75.
  • Strange Bedfellows – yet another buff to the bonus damage – from +30 to +30/40/50%.
  • Retaliate – unlike the rest, this item receives a small nerf – DPS changed from 80 to 30/45/60.
  • Age of Chivalry – damage reduction for both physical and magical damage changed from -10 to -7/-10/-12.5 per adjacent Knight.
  • Complete the Cycle – a small 2% buff to the heal percentage. In addition, the heal range is changed from 1 to 2 cells.
  • Tooth and Claw – bleed damage per stack changed from 10 to 7/10/13.
  • Unstoppable – the invulnerability duration is now 1/2/3 seconds instead of 2 seconds.
  • Wicked Intent – heal prevention percentage changed from 25% to 10/15/25% per Heartless unit.
  • Dragon’s Hoard – a small increase of 0.5 damage per gold.
  • Final Flash – remaining health percent triggered changed from 30 to 10/20/30%.
  • Soul Sucking Syphon – a drastic increase of 25% to the Spell lifesteal.
  • Indomitable Will – debuff resistance changed from 50% to 25/50/75%.
  • Elusive Target – instead of the invisibility, this item now gives 100% evasion for 2/3/4 seconds.
  • Pocker Sand – effect duration changed from 2s to 1/2/3.
  • Shaman Pluck – instead of flat 17%., the hex chance is now 7/12/17%.
  • Maelstorm’s tier is now 3 instead of 4.
  • Vicious Intent’s tier is now 3 instead of 4.
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Loot Rounds

  • Losing to a neutral creep wave no longer removes two options from your item choices.

Round 10:

  • Big Golem’s Max HP is now 1500 instead of 2k.
  • Small Golem’s HP is now 1k instead of 1500.
  • Golems now have the Mega-Warrior alliance keyword.

Round 15:

  • Big Wolf’s attack damage is now 250, up from 200. In addition, the armor down from 10 to 5 and his max HP is now 2k.
  • The HP of the Small Wolf is now 1250 instead of 1500.

Apart from the changes above, there are rumors that we are going to see changes to the Proto Pass soon. We will keep you updated on that front.

You can also read the full update here.

Image via: Dota Underlords

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