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Veselin Ignatov

Veselin 'Noiselessx' is an esports expert, mostly focusing on Dota 2, where he has achieved 5800 MMR. Having more than 12 years of Dota 2 experience and playing on multiple tier 2 & 3 teams, he has the needed knowledge to analyze details. His work has been featured on many esports websites. Twitter & Twitch @NoiselesS123


Dota Underlords: Ace Tier Heroes and Contraptions Update

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As you know, Dota Underlord is still in its early access. This means that there are regular updates pretty much every single week aiming at improving the game. Having said that, this weeks’ update is very big because it adds many new features. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

What’s New?


After today's’ changes, you can now get contraptions in Dota Underlords. They are essentially placeable items that behave like regular units. You can drag them around, and they have to affect gameplay in combat. What’s more, they do not count against the unit cap.


The new update also introduces Ace units. Every single one of them has a new Ace effect in addition to its regular abilities. Having said that, this only applies to the tier 5 units and each of them is the capstone to its associated alliance. The new Ace effect is enabled when you have at least one level of its associated alliance.

When at least one level of that alliance is enabled, as soon as the Ace Unit appears in the shop, the odds of it being the Ace unit associated with that alliance is increased by 15%.

General Changes

  • Improvements to the Friends UI.
  • Remove most cases of unexpected unit deselection
  • New feature: You can now see what’s the chances of getting a specific hero at the next level.
  • The Unit status Panel now shows correct armor values during combat
  • Gameplay

There are not that many changes here. AM’s annoying bug was finally fixed and there are some improvements to the AI pathing.

Hero Changes

This patch brings a lot of changes to some of the heroes.

  • Bloodseeker is now added to the Human Deadye Assassin Alliance. As you know, he was previously in the Human Assassin one.
  • Bounty Hunter’s minimum and maximum attack damage gets a slight buff.
  • Disruptor - This is the hero with the most changes in this patch. First, the Draft Tier is hanged from 4 to Ace for the Warlock Alliance and his own alliance is now called Brawny Warlock.
    In addition, Disruptor’s maximum HP is changed from 700/1400/2800 to 900/1600/3400. His minimum and maximum attack damage have also been buffed.
    Last, but not least, the hero now has an Ace effect - the effect of the Warlock ALliance is now applied to two units in addition to the warlock itself.
  • Enigma - It’s now an ace for the Shaman Alliance. The effect - extending the effects of the Shaman Alliance to your entire army.
  • Gyrocopter has been added to the Deadeye Alliance and he now grants this alliance True Strike, which means that the units can’t miss their attacks anymore.
  • Lich - Ace for the Mage Alliance which gives 10% mana regen from attacks.
  • Medusa - the mighty gorgon is now the ace for the Scaled Alliance. In addition, her Attack Range is now 3 and the radius of Stone Gaze is also set to 3. Last, but not least, the Ace effect - it provides Scale units with retaliate. This means that whenever a unit is attacked, they apply a 25 dmg/sec per Alliance level debuff on their attacker.
  • Ogre Magi - He can now cast Bloodlust on himself and on his allies. The ones who are closer to him will get the buff first.
  • Techies is now the ace for the Inventor Alliance and grants a Chain Reaction. So, if an enemy dies as a result of an Unstable Reactor, they explode just as if they had an Unstable Reactor.
  • The last here on this list is Troll Warlord. He is now an ace for the Troll Alliance and grants them Mini-Bash. While attacking, his team has a 5% chance per Troll Alliance level of stunning their target for 0.25 seconds. Oh, and Troll’s attack rage is changed from 1.0 to 1.3

Item Changes

There are no changes to the current items in the game. However, we have four new ones.

Barricade - a newly added Tier 2 contraption that has 400 HP and 20 armor. In addition, it is immune to spells and it blocks your enemies from moving and attacking with their range attacks.

Target Buddy - This item has 1k HP and 10 armor and it taunts your enemies towards a fire.

Healing Ward - A Tier 3 Contraption that has 200 HP and heals a friend unit within one cell for 20 hp per second.Tombstone - This is the only Tier 4 Contraption for now and it has 2k HP and 20 Armor. Once the item is placed and someone dies, zombies will start to spawn within 2 cells of the Tombstone.

Alliance Changes

  • The Shaman now requires two heroes to activate instead of three. Furthermore, their hexing ability is nerfed - you only have a 10% chance to hex someone when attacking (it was 17% before).
  • The Assassin’s now gain bonuses only at three and six heroes. In addition, their crit damage chance on level one and two is increased by 5%.
  • The Elusive also only gain bouses at three and six heroes. Similar to the previous alliance, they also have a buff - Evasion is increased by 5% on level one and two.
  • The same applies to Warriors in terms of bonuses. However, they only get 5 bonus armor on the second level.

Be sure to check the full release HERE.

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