Dota Plus Fall Update Adds Nemestice Features & Pays Tribute To Dunoo

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Dota Plus Fall Update Adds Nemestice Features & Pays Tribute To Dunoo

“Lakad Matataaaag!”

Valve has released the Dota Plus Fall Update, including several useful features of Nemestice Battle Pass. The update also contains new seasonal treasures and refreshed guild quests & rewards.

Features from Nemestice Battle Pass

The Battle Pass had item suggestions for Neutral Items which were quite helpful for players. As such, the developers have brought that as a Dota Plus feature. Improved Quick Buy Recommendations will also help players in the game.

Valve has also passed down some of the Chat Wheel sound effects from the Nemestice Battle Pass. These are available for purchase using Dota Plus Shards.

Dota Plus Fall Treasure

The Dota Plus Fall Treasure is an exclusive addition for Plus subscribers. It includes sets of Vengeful Spirit, Abaddon, Nature’s Prophet, Witch Doctor, Disruptor, Shadow Demon, Tusk, Legion Commander, and Dark Seer. The treasure also has a very rare item, “Ol’ Joe” which is a koala courier.

Fresh Seasonal Quests And Guild Rewards

The new Dota Plus quests will help players accumulate 115,200 shards over the course of the new season. New Guild rewards for silver, gold, and platinum tier are available. Valve has also paid tribute and added Platinum tier voice lines of Filipino caster Aldrin Paulo “Dunoo” Pangan, who passed away recently. For newer Guilds, the Silver tier has emoticons while the Gold tier offers the latest sprays.

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