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Dota 2: Wraith King Guide for Patch 7.25c

Dota 2 Wraith King hero

Learn how to dominate games on Wraith King.

Despite the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 situation, the Dota 2 scene is slowly starting to bounce back. Apart from the fact that most of the big tournaments are now online, the game itself received a couple of updates. Of course, the biggest one was patch 7.25, which brought a lot of changes to the table.

Since then, Valve released three small updates, each of which is aimed at nerfing some things. The latest one is called patch 7.25c, and similar to the other ones, it nerfed several heroes and items. One of those heroes was Wraith King, one of the most popular carries right now.

Despite the nerfs, he still remains one of the most successful heroes in terms of win rate on the current patch. With that said, let’s take a look and see why is the hero so popular and strong.

Current playstyle

Wraith King is a strength hero that’s capable of inflicting a lot of physical damage. Even though there were times where people ran him as support, he is now playing as a carry 99% of the time.

This hero is useful at every stage of the game due to his abilities. In the laning stage, he can easily score kills thanks to his stun and the abilities from the support. Then, if he does get off to a good start, WK begins to slowly but steadily snowball. When the late game hits, he becomes an unstoppable juggernaut who's capable of ripping through the enemies lineup.

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After patch 7.25 came out, WK is all about getting that Radiance as soon as possible. This used to be a pretty popular item back in the day too, but now, every single WK tries to rush it. That’s due to the fact that Radiance allows the hero to farm at faster speeds and be very strong in team fights. As you know, WK is not really the fastest farmer in the game, which is where Radiance helps a lot.

The downside of this build is that it takes a while before the item is ready. As a result, WK needs to have a pretty good laning stage. Because otherwise, the item will get delayed a lot, which is very bad.

Patch 7.25c brought small nerfs to this hero in an attempt to “contain” him. However, it seems that it was not enough, judging by the popularity and win rate of the hero.

Other Popular Items

Wraith King is one of those heroes that works well with pretty much every carry item in the game. However, there are certain items that can work very well with this hero, such as:

  • Blink Dagger – this item provides WK with a lot of mobility, which can be game-changing.
  • Desolator – a cheap way of doing a lot of damage. However, Deso might not be the best item when you pair it with Radiance because you will have two items that don’t give any stats.
  • Assault Cuirass – this is a classic item for nearly every carry, especially strength-based ones. Many players tend to underestimate AC but it’s actually one of the strongest late-game items.
  • Black King Bar – this is another classic item for every core hero and WK is no exception.
  • Blade Mail – a very good early game item that can help a lot during all stages of the game. However, since it’s pretty cheap, most WK players tend to sell it later on.
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Heroes to be Afraid of

As strong as Wraith King is, he is not immortal (although he has Reincarnation). There are several heroes that are capable of making his life very hard, which is why you have to try and avoid them.

  • Anti-Mage is perhaps the first hero that comes to mind. Thanks to Manaburn, he is capable of burning and making WK’s ultimate useless. Of course, this changes once he gets to level 20 because it won’t require any mana then. Even then, Anti-Mage is too fast and does too much damage, which is why you should try to dodge him.
  • Phantom Lancer is another hero that’s capable of making WK’s life a living hell. In fact, he is even stronger than Anti-Mage because all of his Illusions burn mana. So, as soon as you see him getting that Diffusal Blade, the situation is already bad.
  • Naga Siren is in a similar state to PL but she is a little bit easier to deal with. That said, it’s still a hero that you should probably avoid.

There are other heroes that also deserve to be on this list, such as Broodmother, Terrorblade, and more.

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