Dota 2 Witch Doctor Guide – Get Multiple Kills Within Seconds

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Dota 2 Witch Doctor Guide – Get Multiple Kills Within Seconds

You can easily get multiple kills within seconds while playing Witch Doctor in Dota 2 matches. 

The latest update 7.32 E has introduced a new hero, Muerta, to help carry heroes dominate their games online. The Intelligence hero can shoot bullets that can send enemy heroes running back to their bases. She can summon revenants that surround her enemies and silence them during battles. Muerta can become immune to physical attacks for a few seconds, making her invulnerable to hits from other carry heroes. These abilities and her breathtaking appearance make Muerta a welcomed addition to the roster. Newcomers and seasoned players will love to explore the potential of Muerta in their games to win matches with their parties. 

Intelligence heroes are known for taking quick kills in Dota 2. You can choose Intelligence heroes to have an easy time with your friends while facing opponents from all over the world. People can try Witch Doctor in their matches to get tons of kills with their teammates. 

Here’s a deep dive into how you can get Double Kills and Triple Kills in Dota 2 with Witch Doctor in seconds. 

Witch Doctor – Cast Paralyzing Cask After Destroying Creeps

Witch Doctor stuns enemies using Paralyzing Cask

Witch Doctor is an Intelligence hero with a base health of 560 and a base mana pool of 339. He can cast several spells that can deal tons of damage to enemy heroes in lanes. The ranged hero can release a projectile on enemy units that can bounce off of surrounding opponents to stun them using Paralyzing Cask. Enemy units hit by Paralyzing Cask take up to 40 base damage and an additional 25 bonus damage per bounce. Paralyzing Cask can bounce up to a maximum of 8 times on
enemy units. 

Many people use Paralyzing Cask while there are enemy creeps around opponents while playing Witch Doctor. These creeps can get stunned with the Paralyzing Cask and reduce the number of stuns on enemy heroes. You can cast Paralyzing Cask on enemy heroes after the waves of enemy creeps have been destroyed to stun your opponents for longer durations with the spell. Paralyzing Cask has a cooldown of 14 seconds and consumes 140 mana to be used per cast. 

You can purchase an Aether Lens for Witch Doctor to increase his mana pool in Dota 2 matches. Aether Lens provides 300 mana and 2.5 mana regeneration to the support hero. The item costs 2275 gold in the game and extends the cast range of Witch Doctor’s spells and items by 225. 

Witch Doctor – Stick with Team to Get Multiple Kills

Witch Doctor annihilates enemies with his team

Witch Doctor is fast on his feet and can roam the map to get multiple kills in battles. He can stun enemy heroes with Paralyzing Cask to let carry heroes deal bonus damage with their physical attacks without taking a considerable amount of damage during team fights. 

Sticking together with the team can be an excellent strategy to get more kills with Witch Doctor. He can cast his spells from incredibly far distances to be safe during enemy encounters. Witch Doctor can toggle on his ability, Voodoo Restoration, to heal allies in a radius of 650 for up to 46 health per second. Voodoo Restoration can save the lives of his teammates by replenishing their health between battles. The health regained from Voodoo Restoration can help carry heroes strike their enemies without getting killed in battles. 

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You can purchase a Dagon for Witch Doctor to deal up to 400 damage instantly to enemy heroes. Dagon can be bought for 2700 gold in the game. The item provides 14 Intelligence, 6 Strength, and 6 Agility to the Intelligence hero. You can upgrade Dagon up to level 5 to deal a maximum damage of 800 to enemy heroes with Witch Doctor. Items like Dagon can help Witch Doctor get Killing Sprees faster in matches. 

Witch Doctor – Become Godlike with Death Ward

Witch Doctor gets a Godlike kill streak using Death Ward

Witch Doctor can cast his ulti, Death Ward, to deal up to 210 damage to enemy heroes within a radius of 700. Death Ward can turn Witch Doctor into a Serial Killer in matches by letting him take multiple kills in team fights. The support team can deal massive amounts of damage to his opponents by placing Death Wards
during battles. 

Esports teams pick Witch Doctor to become Godlike in their games and highlight their team’s chemistry in international competitions and tournaments. Death Ward lasts for up to 8 seconds, making it effective against carry heroes who are immune to magical damage. Witch Doctor’s ulti has a cooldown of 60 seconds and requires 200 mana per cast. 

You can increase the attack range of Death Ward by 100 at level 20 through the Talent Tree. Players can also deal up to 60 bonus damage with each hit from Death Ward by reaching level 25 in their matches with Witch Doctor. 

Items like Glimmer Cape can help Witch Doctor survive longer in battles. You can use Glimmer Cape to turn Witch Doctor invisible for 5 seconds, letting the support hero channel Death Ward without being detected by his enemies during team fights. Glimmer Cape has a cooldown of 14 seconds. The item can be purchased for 1950 gold. Witch Doctor can gain 20% magic resistance by purchasing a Glimmer Cape for the Intelligence hero. You can activate Glimmer Cape to escape enemy attacks and protect Witch Doctor’s kill streak from ending during matches. 

You can rush to buy an Aghanim’s Scepter to increase the effectiveness of Death Ward in battles. An Aghanim’s Scepter costs 4200 gold in the game. Purchasing an Aghanim’s Scepter for Witch Doctor can upgrade Death Ward to bounce off of enemy heroes around him in a radius of 650. Death Ward also has True Sight, making it convenient against invisible heroes like Bounty Hunter and Riki during team fights.

Witch Doctor – Malediction is Key to Victory

Witch Doctor deals bonus damage to enemies using Maledict

Witch Doctor can shroud enemy units in a radius of 180 with a cloud of Maledict to increase his kill counts in Dota 2 games. Enemy units affected by Maledict can take 30 damage per second (DPS) and an additional 40% of the health lost after the spell has been cast for every 4 seconds. Maledict lasts for up to 12 seconds, dealing loads of damage to multiple enemy heroes. You can cast Death Ward on enemy units targeted by Maledict to lead your team to victory. 

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Maledict has a cooldown of 18 seconds and needs 120 mana to be used by Witch Doctor. You can increase the area of effect of Maledict by 75 at level 10 through the Talent Tree. Witch Doctor can also deal 25% more damage using Maledict after reaching level 20 in their matches. 

Best Allies for Witch Doctor – Wraith King

Witch Doctor helps Wraith King get kills

Wraith King is a durable Strength hero in Dota 2. He can deal up to 270% of his attack damage with critical hits using the passive ability, Mortal Strike. The melee hero can regain up to 30% of his attack damage with each hit from his blade by leveling up Vampiric Spirit in matches. The Lifesteal provided by Vampiric Spirit makes Wraith King a reliable carry hero in team fights. 

Witch Doctor can stun enemies with Paralyzing Cask to let Wraith King move closer to his opponents. Wraith King can disable enemy heroes for up to 2 seconds and reduce their movement speed by 20% for 2 seconds using Wraithfire Blast. 

Players can cast Death Ward while enemy heroes are slowed by Wraith King to get quick kills in battles. The Strength hero can tank damage from the enemy team till he is killed by his foes. Once Wraith King is resurrected using his ulti, Reincarnation, Witch Doctor can restore health to the tank hero by using
Voodoo Restoration. 

Best Allies for Witch Doctor – Juggernaut

Witch Doctor stun enemies to let Juggernaut hit his opponents

Juggernaut is an unstoppable Agility hero in Dota 2. He can swing his sword to deal bonus damage with every attack Juggernaut delivers to his enemies. Juggernaut can use Blade Fury to deal 165 DPS to enemy units in a radius of 260 for up to 5 seconds. Witch Doctor can stun his opponents with Paralyzing Cask to allow his ally to destroy enemy heroes with Blade Fury in battles. 

Blade Fury has a cooldown of 18 seconds and needs 90 mana per cast. Juggernaut is immune to all magical spells during the duration of Blade Fury, increasing his ability to fight enemy heroes without dying in combat. Witch Doctor can also prevent his teammate, Juggernaut, from being killed by activating Voodoo Restoration around him. Juggernaut can place a Healing Ward to amplify the health regeneration rate of his allies. 

He can cast his ulti, Omnislash, to slit enemy heroes to their death. Omnislash makes Juggernaut immune to damage from physical attacks for 3.5 seconds and deals bonus damage to all enemy units in a radius of 425. Witch Doctor can cast Maledict on his opponents to increase the damage dealt to his enemies to get multiple kills within seconds.