Dota 2: Valve Drops Patch 7.30, Introduces New Neutral Items & Hero Changes

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Dota 2: Valve Drops Patch 7.30, Introduces New Neutral Items & Hero Changes

The wait is finally over.

Valve has dropped the highly awaited patch 7.30 with a flurry of changes and additions to the game.

It took the developers a long time to drop this update which has raised the bar for it having a positive impact on the game. While there are various elements Valve has changed and added with the patch, we will look at some of the major changes here.

Neutral Item Updates

A major update wouldn’t be complete without removing some items and making headlines in the community. Valve has removed Faded Broach, Ironwood Tree, Imp Claw, Illusionist Cape, Minotaur Horn, Orb Of Destruction and Ballista. It is not clear why they removed these items, as they were quite useful in some situations.

The developers have added new items to the Neutral Item inventory. These new items include:

  • Pig Pole
  • Tumbler’s Toy
  • Brigand’s Blade
  • Fae Grenade
  • Blast Rig
  • Ascetic’s Cap
  • Witchbane
  • Arcanist’s Armor

The existing Neutral Items have also seen balancing changes to polish their use in-game.

Item Updates

Some of the major ones are Helm Of The Overlord, Mage Slayer, Silver Edge and Aeon Disk.

Hero Updates

Overpowered heroes like Axe, Ancient Apparition, Dark Seer, Winter Wyvern, Dawnbreaker, Luna and a few more have seen nerfs.

Although many heroes have seen readjustments, we have seen major changes to Bounty Hunter, Broodmother, Chaos Knight, Clinkz, Death Prophet, Gyrocopter, Hoodwink, Monkey King, Outworld Destroyer, Shadow Fiend, Silencer, Spectre, Spirit Breaker, Tinker, Windranger and Zeus.

General Updates

Some major general updates to the game include Neutral Creeps now dropping five neutral items per tier, second Roshan will not drop cheese so that means players have to wait for the third Roshan to get their hands on the cheese. Lastly, all heroes have received 0.25 base HP regeneration.

Featured Image: Valve