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Dota 2: Valve Drops Battle Level Bundle & Date For 7.30 Update

An elemental golem made of rainbow crystals shines brightly under the words "Battle Level Bundle Purchase up to two bundles per customer" on a purple background.

Is the Battle Level Bundle worth buying?

Similar to every year’s Battle Pass, the Nemestice gets its Battle Level Bundle. Valve claims to give a 70% discount with the bundle, but we’ll analyze exactly how much you are saving by purchasing it.

Battle Level Bundle

Each bundle contains 60 Battle Levels, and according to the offer, it will give buyers six Nemestice Immortal Treasures and three Nemestice Themed Treasures for $14.99. Valve claims it to give users a 70% discount.

Now, if we were to purchase levels separately, it would cost around $25 to get 59 Levels, two 24 level bundles and one 11 level bundle. We are now getting 60 Levels for approximately $15, so that’s a 40% discount with a $10 dollar saving. Similarly, two bundles will save you around $20 dollars. Valve only allows you to buy two bundles per user, so that’s the maximum a person can save. However, with each bundle, users will get treasures that add to the value.

So even though it is not a 70% discount monetarily, the Battle Level Bundles are worth buying for someone looking to get the Spectre Arcana, which sits at Level 330, and getting their hands on cosmetics. The last day for buying the Battle Level Bundle is August 9, 2021.

Update 7.30

Valve also updated that the highly awaited 7.30 patch will drop after the Battle Pass ends, on August 18, 2021. According to the blog post, the developers are still working on the patch.

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