Dota 2: Top Support Heroes In Patch 7.29

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Dota 2: Top Support Heroes In Patch 7.29

Let’s check out some of the best support heroes in the current meta.

Every single Dota 2 patch affects the game one way or another, and this one is no exception. 7.29 has been around for several weeks now, which means that we have enough data to analyze some of the best heroes in the patch.

This article will focus on the support role, so if you are a fan of position five and position four, be sure to check it out.


Before this hero was introduced to Dota 2, it was Dazzle who was the go-to option for almost every team. However, once Oracle became a part of the game, both professional teams and casual players realized the hero has a lot of power.

Today, Oracle is one of the support heroes that has a massive impact on team fights. False Promise works wonders with certain carries, such as Huskar, Slark, and Phantom Assassin.  Another thing that makes this hero great is his nuke capabilities. Oracle is one of the few supports that has high magic burst, which makes him great for flash-kills. Sure, his damage output is not as strong as Dazzle’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Ancient Apparition

This is one of the few support heroes that’s capable of making the lives of some core heroes, such as Huskar, a living hell. Healing and lifesteal effects have always been popular in Dota 2, and this patch is no exception. Some professional teams pay a lot of attention to those things and they use them in their favor to make fast pushes.

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This is where AA gets the chance to shine. If the hero lands a good ultimate, it can completely negate the effect of things, such as Hearth of Tarrasque, or any passive lifesteal aura. Even though this might not have a big effect in the early/mid-game, Ancient Apparition’s ultimate can make a night and day different later on.

With more than a 55% win ratio, AA is easily one of the best heroes in the game right now. This means that IceFrog will probably nerf him in the upcoming patches.

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Winter Wyvern

WW is similar to Oracle because the hero does a decent amount of damage and can also prevent team-mats from dying. However, the thing that makes Winter Wyvern so popular is the amazing ultimate. When used correctly, it can completely turn the course of a team fight. That’s one of the reasons why the enemy team always thinks to bring down WW before anyone else.

Another thing that should be noted is that WW is excellent lane support. The hero can save almost every fragile carry even against deadly offlaners, such as Mars.


Warlock is a hero that can be played as a carry and mid-laner. Although he is really annoying in a 1vs1 scenario, he is definitely a stronger support. Thanks to his specific skill set, the hero works extremely well against strong carries, like Phantom Lancer and Meepo.

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Let’s also not forget that Warlock has one of the deadliest ultimates in the games. The golems do tons of damage, even early on.