Veselin Ignatov

Veselin Ignatov

Veselin 'Noiselessx' is an esports expert, mostly focusing on Dota 2, where he has achieved 5800 MMR. Having more than 12 years of Dota 2 experience and playing on multiple tier 2 & 3 teams, he has the needed knowledge to analyze details. His work has been featured on many esports websites. Twitter & Twitch @NoiselesS123


Dota 2: Summer Scrub Update #2

Dota 2 Part 2 Update Summer Scrub
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Valve just released the second part of their summer update for Dota 2.

Tuesday's update introduced the new, experimental matchmaking changes to Dota 2, and today players will have a chance to see Part 2.


What's New in the Summer Scrub Update 2

It is important to note that the majority of the changes are minor fixes or adjustments. There are no major hero or item changes in the second part of the update.


  • Added customizable hero grid
  • Reworked the item organization in the shop (includes an option to use the old vertical alignment)
  • Issued a ban wave for players found exploiting matchmaking, botting or transferring accounts
  • Added a toggle near the stash to instruct the courier to pick your items the next time it is doing a run (without changing its orders)
  • Using the Deliver Items hotkey on the courier will cause the courier to send any items it has to the next player if the courier no longer has any items that belong to you
  • Added Talent tree to the in-game and post-game scoreboard
  • Added a tooltip to non-heroes' level indicator that shows Gold and XP Bounties
  • Hovering over a hero's level indicator will now show the XP range
  • Increased the number of reports high behavior score players get
  • Alt-clicking the clock to print the time now also prints whether bounty and/or power runes are spawning soon
  • Health bars for opponents are now red when you select an opponents unit
  • Pinging Runes now indicates in the text their location ( top or bottom ) in addition to their team in the case of a Bounty Rune (Dire/Radiant)
  • Orchid can be found in the shop with the "silence" keyword.
  • Increased the maximum number of player reports from 3 to 5

Gameplay changes

  • Fixed some illusions that are not secret having hero health bars instead of creep health bars (Conjure Image, Vengeance Aura, Dark Portrait)
  • Fixed teleport scrolls dropping at a hero's location if the courier had a Right-clicking on wards that are not deniable with force right-click attack will now issue a move order rather than attack
  • Fixed Monkey King being unable to buy from certain shops while perched on a tree
  • Fixed Pudge's Dismember continuing to channel when the target had broken out of the spell
  • Selecting illusions now shows the gold of the player instead of 0.
  • Fixed Tome of Knowledge interrupting non-channeling commands

Apart from the changes above, Valve also added some cosmetic changes as well as some changes for both Dota Plus and custom games. Be sure to read the full announcement here.

Image VIA: Wykrhm

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