Dota 2 Slark Guide – Deal Death to Foes with The Carry Hero

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Dota 2 Slark Guide – Deal Death to Foes with The Carry Hero

You can become a death dealer to your foes while fighting them with Slark in Dota 2.

The recent release of 7.32 E update for Dota 2 has brought with it several upgrades that make the game better for its gamers. People can play a new Intelligence hero, Muerta, to bury enemy heroes with bullets. Muerta can be a valuable ally to players who want to win more Dota 2 games with their party. 

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Agility heroes in Dota 2 are highly tactical choices in battles and make team fights fun for the entire party. Many people indulging in Dota 2 on a regular basis enjoy playing Agility heroes to get more kills from their matches. Slark stands out as a leading Agility hero with abilities that can make players a star in their games that are played online. 

Here’s how you can use Dark Pact while playing Slark to deal death to your foes in every match.

Slark – Become A Death Dealer in Battles

Slark attacks enemies to earn points for the Dead Reckoning 

Slark is an Agility hero with a hunger for getting Double Kills and Triple Kills in battles. He can farm more gold in lanes and tackle neutral creeps in the jungles between battles to gain additional experience. Players can use Slark to dismantle carry heroes in the enemy team and win more games with the melee hero. 

You can deal up to 300 damage to enemy units in a radius of 325 with Slark using Dark Pact in team fights. Dark Pact has a cooldown of 6 seconds and consumes 65 mana to be used per cast. You can use Dark Pact before being hit by magical spells from enemy heroes to apply a strong dispel on Slark. The Agility hero can easily dispel stuns and other negative buffs using Dark Pact throughout the game. 

Players can Pounce on enemy heroes with Slark to latch onto their opponents. Enemy units affected by Pounce are leashed for up to 3.3 seconds, letting Slark and his allies deal plenty of damage using physical attacks. Pounce has a cooldown of 10 seconds and requires 75 mana to be used. 

Slark can take the off lane to level up faster in Dota 2 matches. The off lane makes it easier for Slark to buy items like Ring of Health to increase his health regeneration rate while farming for gold. You can purchase a Vanguard early in the game to provide 250 health and 7 health regeneration to Slark. Vanguard also gives Slark a 60% chance to block 64 damage against incoming attacks from enemy heroes. You can buy a Vanguard for 1825 gold. 

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People can take at least one level of Essence Shift to increase their stats while fighting enemy heroes in lanes with Slark. Slark gains 3 Agility with each physical hit after leveling up Essence Shift. Essence Shift can pierce through spell immunity and affects heroes like Lifestealer who can use Rage to avoid taking damage from magical abilities. The passive ability, Essence Shift, provides bonus stats for up to 80 seconds after attacking enemy units in the game. Slark gains permanent Agility attributes by killing enemy heroes after leveling up Essence Shift for the Agility hero in Dota 2. 

His ulti, Shadow Dance, can be used to conceal Slark during team fights. Slark can become undetectable to enemy units for 4.5 seconds while using Shadow Dance, letting him cast his abilities like Pounce and Dark Pact without getting hit by his enemies. Slark’s ulti provides a passive ability that grants Slark up to 48% movement speed boost and increases his health regeneration rate by 120 while he is hidden from the sight of enemy heroes. Shadow Dance has a cooldown of 45 seconds and needs 120 mana to be used per cast. 

Slark is Incredibly Effective Against Melee Heroes 

Melee heroes can be difficult to deal with in Dota 2. These close-combat heroes can tear through allies and wreck your towers to demoralize players in matches. Slark can purchase items like Blade Mail to counter melee heroes and prevent these carry heroes from pushing lanes. Blade Mail provides 28 attack damage and 6 armor to Slark. 

You can activate Blade Mail before entering team fights to return up to 85% of incoming attacks back to enemy heroes for 5.5 seconds. Blade Mail has a cooldown of 25 seconds and requires 25 mana. The item costs 2100 gold in the game. You can use Dark Pact with Slark before turning on Blade Mail to dispel most spells during battles. Slark can use his ulti, Shadow Dance, after the duration of Blade Mail has elapsed to prevent taking damage from enemy heroes. People can also use Pounce while Shadow Dance is active to escape enemy encounters while playing Slark. 

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People can purchase a Heaven’s Halberd for Slark to disarm melee heroes. You can use Heaven’s Halberd on melee heroes with Slark to prevent them from hitting you and your allies for 3 seconds. Slark gains 20 Strength, 20% evasion, 16% status resistance, and 20% amplified health regeneration by purchasing Heaven’s Halberd for 3550 gold. You’ll have a better chance of winning the Dead Reckoning mini-game with Slark after buying Heaven’s Halberd in matches. Heaven’s Halberd can be used to disarm ranged heroes for up to 5 seconds, making it lethal against heroes like Muerta. 

Best Allies for Slark


Huskar disarms enemies to help Slark in battles

Huskar is a ranged hero in Dota 2. He can become a terrifying hero against carry heroes in the game. Slark can team up with Huskar to deal tons of damage to enemy heroes with physical attacks. Huskar has a base Strength of 20 and gains 3.3 Strength per level. 

He can use Inner Fire to deal 300 damage to all enemy units in a radius of 500. Slark can use Dark Pact after Huskar engages enemies with Inner Fire to deal a total of 600 damage to his opponents. Enemy units hit by Inner Fire will be disarmed for 4 seconds. Inner Fire has a cooldown of 11 seconds and consumes 150 mana
to be used. 

The Strength hero can deal bonus damage to enemy heroes with his physical attacks by turning on Burning Spear. Any enemy unit attacked by Huskar using Burning Spears will take up to 20 burn damage for 8 seconds. These attacks can be stacked multiple times to deal bonus damage to enemy heroes. Slark can use Pounce to hold enemy heroes in place while Huskar hits them with Burning Spears. 

The passive ability, Berserker’s Blood, provides bonus attack speed and health regeneration to Huskar for every missing health point. Slark can cast Shadow Dance to stay hidden while attacking enemy heroes along with Huskar as his ally. 

Players can cast Huskar’s ulti, Life Break, to instantly reduce the health of enemy heroes. Huskar can reduce the movement speed of enemy heroes by 60% for 5 seconds using Life Break. His ulti has a cooldown of 12 seconds. 

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