Dota 2: Should Dazzle Receive A Buff In The Upcoming Update?

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Dota 2: Should Dazzle Receive A Buff In The Upcoming Update?

We take a look at whether one of the most popular support heroes in Dota 2 should receive an update.

After 2020 turned out to be one of the worst years for professional Dota, the new DPC started in January of 2021. Then after a fantastic Season 1, we even got to see the first Major of the year.

People expected Team Secret to dominate the event, and they performed pretty well, finishing in fourth place. But the big winner was Invictus Gaming. The Chinese powerhouse managed to show their prowess and deserved their lion’s share of the prize pool.

Besides the Major, Dota 2 as a game also went through a lot of changes. We got to see new heroes and a lot of updates that had an effect on the meta. Due to items like Aghanim’s Shard, some of the best go-to support heroes, such as Dazzle, just aren't that strong anymore. So people prefer picking other popular supports, like Shadow Shaman and Phoenix.

Speaking of Dazzle, the hero is not weak by any means. He's capable of doing a decent amount of damage, he's great at saving other heroes (obviously, he is a priest!) And he works amazingly well alongside strong cores, such as Huskar.

Recently some people have started picking Dazzle as a core, which means that his position in the support role is occupied by other heroes.

Core Dazzle

Dazzle seems like a fantastic midlaner on paper. Thanks to his healing and damaging ability, the hero can easily bully the enemy laner while keeping himself alive.

Unfortunately, Dazzle doesn’t do that much damage compared to some of the traditional midlaners, like Void Spirit or even flex picks like Death Prophet. As a result, the team that runs the hero as a position two have to play against the clock.

Besides the fact Dazzle doesn’t do that much damage, he isn’t the tankiest hero either. Sure, he can keep himself alive for a few seconds during a team fight, be the enemy team will always focus on him first. Which means he won’t be able to live long enough to make a real difference during team fights.

Another thing that should be noted is Dazzle is not the most mobile hero in the game. This means that you can’t really initiate the fight nor escape if things go wrong.

The future

Even though Dazzle isn’t that bad, he needs to be buffed so he can become the go-to support once more. Unfortunately, the updates in Dota 2 are tricky to predict. This means we may see the hero in another role in the future, such as an offlaner.

With that being said, we do expect to see him back in the support role sooner or later. Although he has some core potential, the hero shines the most when he gets the chance to play alongside aggressive caries, like Slark, Huskar, and Phantom Assassin.

With the new update set to land tomorrow, we won't have to wait too long to see if Dazzle is going to get the love he deserves.