Dota 2 Shadow Fiend Guide – Use Shadowraze to Annihilate Enemies

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Dota 2 Shadow Fiend Guide – Use Shadowraze to Annihilate Enemies

You can cast Shadowraze multiple times within seconds to annihilate enemies with Shadow Fiend in Dota 2. 

People can play a wide range of roles in Dota 2 to improve their skills at the online game. The amount of magical spells and items available in the game makes each game exciting to play for beginners and professional Dota 2 players. Playing different roles in your team can help you determine the chances of victory and figure out what you need to do to push lanes and earn more gold in your matches. 

Carry heroes, in particular, can be loads of fun to play with your friends. People who choose carry heroes in Dota 2 take the lead by leveling up faster than other members of the team. These heroes can farm adequate items in their lanes by hitting creeps and destroying towers for bonus gold. You can try playing Shadow Fiend to pull off amazing combos with your teammates to decimate enemy heroes with your spells in battles. 

Here’s a detailed guide on how you can use Shadowraze to annihilate enemies in the massively multiplayer game. 

Shadow Fiend – Use Shadowraze to Annihilate Enemies

Shadow Fiend levels up Shadowraze to deal damage to multiple enemies

Shadow Fiend is a feared carry hero in Dota 2. Many people pick Shadow Fiend for his ability to move from lane to lane to collect gold from destroying enemy creeps and heroes. The Agility hero can earn plenty of gold per minute (GPM) to purchase items early during the course of the match. 

The carry hero can unleash several instances of Shadowraze to annihilate enemies during team fights. He can weaken enemy heroes by his sheer presence to deal bonus gold to his opponents. Shadow Fiend can cast magical spells that deal damage to multiple enemy units, giving players a good chance of getting Double Kills frequently throughout their games.  

Shadow Fiend has 580 health and 291 mana at the start of the match. The Agility hero can nuke enemy heroes with ease by casting his spells in lanes. Physical attacks grow stronger with each enemy unit Shadow Fiend kills to make him a dangerous hero against most opponents. 

The Agility hero has a projectile speed of 1200. You can level up Shadowraze at level one to deal up to 270 damage to enemy heroes at the beginning of a match. Each instance of Shadowraze deals a bonus damage of 50 per stack. Shadowraze deals 90 base damage at level one and can be leveled up to make it the primary ability of Shadow Fiend in Dota 2. 

You can max out Shadowraze to deal up to 300 damage with each instance of the magical spell. People can time their Shadowrazes during the match to deal more than 900 damage to multiple enemy heroes at once. Enemy units affected by Shadowraze are dealt up to 80 damage per stack for up 8 seconds and have their movement speed reduced by 15%. Shadowraze has a cooldown of 10 seconds and consumes 90 mana to be used per cast. 

The animation sequence of Shadowraze makes it fun to use in battles while playing Shadow Fiend with your friends. You can unlock a number of upgrades for Shadowraze through the Talent Tree by helping Shadow Fiend level up in the game. You can reach level 10 with Shadow Fiend to deal an additional 25 damage per stack by using Shadowraze in team fights. Players can deal up to 100 bonus damage with Shadowraze at level 15. You can decrease the cooldown of Shadowraze by 5 seconds at level 25. 

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People can also deal the attack damage of Shadow Fiend as damage to enemy units using Shadowraze by reaching level 25 through the Talent Tree. Shadow Fiend has a base damage of 41 – 47, letting the ranged hero hit enemy creeps easily from up to a distance of 500 in the game. You can level up the passive ability, Necromastery, to gain up to 4 damage per enemy unit killed. Necromastery allows the ranged hero to stack up to 20 souls in Dota 2 matches.

Shadow Fiend invokes fear in his opponents by being around enemy units in the strategy game. He can decrease the armor by 7 of nearby enemy units in a radius of 1200 by unlocking the passive ability, Presence of The Dark Lord. You can also decrease the armor of enemy structures, towers, and buildings using the Presence of The Dark Lord Aura at level 15 through the Talent Tree in your games. 

The carry hero can max out Presence of The Dark Lord and Necromastery to deal massive amounts of damage to enemy heroes using Shadowraze. You can significantly increase the overall kill counts you’ve achieved in the online game by nuking your foes with Shadowraze from a distance. People can also use items like a Blink Dagger and Shadow Blade to get closer to enemy heroes while using Shadowraze in battles. 

His ulti, Requiem of Souls, can be used by Shadow Fiend to deal up to 160 damage per soul gathered throughout the match. Enemy units hit by Requiem of Souls have their movement speed reduced by 30% and their magic resistance reduced by 15%. Requiem of Souls has a cooldown of 100 seconds and requires 200 mana to be used per cast. You can cast Shadowraze right after using Shadow Fiend’s ulti to annihilate enemies in your matches. 

Items to Buy for Shadow Fiend

Tranquil Boots

Tranquil Boots can be bought for 925 gold in the game. Shadow Fiend gains 65 movement speed and 14 health regeneration by purchasing Tranquil Boots. The Agility hero can hit enemy creeps from up to a distance of 500 with his physical attacks to retain the health regeneration rate of Tranquil Boots while farming for gold. 

Aether Lens

Aether Lens increases the cast range of Shadow Fiend’s abilities and items by 225. The item provides 300 mana and 2.5 mana regeneration to the Agility hero. Aether Lens can be purchased for 2275 gold. Shadow Fiend can cast Shadowraze plenty of times in team fights to eliminate enemy heroes after buying an Aether Lens for the carry hero. 

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity grants 20 movement speed, 2.5 mana regeneration, and 10 Intelligence to Shadow Fiend. The item can be used to cast Cyclone on an enemy unit to disable them for 2.5 seconds at any time in the game. Eul’s Scepter of Divinity has a cooldown of 23 seconds and needs 175 mana to be used. You can purchase Eul’s Scepter of Divinity for 2725 gold. 

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Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade provides 35 attack speed and 20 attack damage to Shadow Fiend. The Agility hero can turn invisible for up to 14 seconds using Shadow Blade in battles. The first hit after becoming invisible will deal a bonus damage of 175 to enemy units. Shadow Fiend gains a movement speed bonus of 20% for the duration of the invisibility. Shadow Blade has a cooldown of 25 seconds and 75 mana to be used. You can buy a Shadow Blade for 3000 gold in the game. 

Overwhelming Blink

Overwhelming Blink can be used to enter battles undetected while playing Shadow Fiend. The ranged hero gains 25 Strength by purchasing an Overwhelming Blink in Dota 2. The item can be used by Shadow Fiend to blink up to a distance of 1200, dealing a portion of his Strength attributes as damage at the landing spot. Overwhelming Blink has a cooldown of 15 seconds and costs 6800 gold. 


Daedalus grants 88 attack damage to the Agility hero. Shadow Fiend gains a 30% chance to deal 225% bonus damage as a critical hit on enemy units with his physical attacks. Daedalus can be purchased for 5150 gold in the game. You can deal tons of damage to enemy heroes using Shadow Fiend after leveling up his passive ability, Necromastery, to annihilate your opponents with Daedalus. 


Satanic provides 38 attack damage and 25 Strength to the carry hero. You can gain up to 30% of your attack damage as Lifesteal while playing as Shadow Fiend using Satanic. People can activate Satanic to use Unholy Rage, gaining up to 175% of Shadow Fiend’s attack damage as Lifesteal for 6 seconds. Satanic has a cooldown of 30 seconds. You can purchase a Satanic for 5050 gold in the game. 

Eye of Skadi

Eye of Skadi grants 220 health, 220 mana, 22 Agility, 22 Strength, and 22 Intelligence to Shadow Fiend. Physical attacks from the carry hero can be used to slow the movement speed and attack speed of enemy heroes by purchasing Eye of Skadi in battles. You can buy an Eye of Skadi for 5300 gold. 

Assault Cuirass

Assault Cuirass provides 30 attack speed and 10 armor to the ranged hero. You can purchase Assault Cuirass for 5125 gold in the game. Any enemy units around Shadow Fiend in a radius of 1200 have their armor reduced by 5 after purchasing Assault Cuirass. Shadow Fiend can drain the health of his opponents by weakening them further with Presence of The Dark Lord. 

Best Allies for Shadow Fiend


Sniper assists Shadow Fiend in battle by using Shrapnel on enemies

Sniper is an Agility hero who can help Shadow Fiend kill more enemies in team fights. The ranged hero can cast Shrapnel on enemy units in a radius of 400 to deal 70 damage per second (DPS) for 10 seconds. Enemy units affected by Shrapnel have their movement speed slowed by 30% for the duration of the spell. Shadow Fiend can close in on enemy units hit by Shrapnel, allowing Shadow Fiend to cast Shadowraze while teaming up with Sniper.