Dota 2 Rubick Guide – Deal Bonus Damage with Your Spells

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Dota 2 Rubick Guide – Deal Bonus Damage with Your Spells

You can deal bonus damage to enemy heroes using magical spells stolen from other heroes while playing Rubick in Dota 2. 

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Take a look at the different spells you can cast on enemy heroes to deal more damage to them in battles to gain more assists with Rubick. 

Rubick – Place Wards in Strategic Positions

Rubick places Observer Wards around the map

Placing Observer Wards can help the team gain vision of their enemies. Rubick can place several Observer Wards around the map that can provide plenty of time to the Intelligence hero to cast spells without taking damage from enemy heroes. You can easily counter invisible heroes, like Riki, and Bounty Hunter by placing Sentry Wards along with Observer Wards.

Rubick – Lift Enemies Off The Ground

Rubick stuns Faceless Void using Telekinesis

Rubick is an Intelligence hero with a wide range of spells that he can use to deal damage to enemy heroes. He has a projectile speed of 1125 that lets Rubick cast his spells rapidly during team fights in Dota 2 matches. Rubick has a base Intelligence of 25 and gains 3.1 Intelligence per level. You can use the increased Intelligence to cast more spells with Rubick without running out of mana while farming for gold in lanes. 

The first spell people can level up with Rubick is Telekinesis to stun multiple enemy units. Rubick can lift enemy units off the ground using Telekinesis and disposition them during battles. You can cast Telekinesis to move enemy heroes up to a distance of 375 in any direction. Enemy units around the target in a radius of 325 will be stunned for up to 1.2 seconds at level one using Telekinesis. You can max out Telekinesis to stun enemy units for 2.1 seconds. A level 4 Telekinesis has a cooldown of 22 seconds and consumes 110 mana to be used per cast. 

Once the enemy units are stunned using Telekinesis, Rubick can cast Fade Bolt to nuke his opponents. He can release Fade Bolts to deal 325 damage to an enemy unit, decreasing their attack damage by 35%. The damage dealt to nearby enemy units using Fade Bolt reduces for each unit that it bounces off of during battles. Fade Bolt has a cooldown of 10 seconds and requires 150 mana to be used in the game. You can reduce the cooldown of Fade Bolt by 5 seconds at level 20. 

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The passive ability, Arcane Supremacy, lets Rubick increase the damage dealt from magical spells by 26%. Rubick also gains an extended 250 cast range on his spells by maxing out Arcane Supremacy for the ranged hero. 

You can purchase a Veil of Discord for Rubick to gain 5 Intelligence, 5 Strength, and 5 Agility. People can cast Magic Weakness on enemy units in a radius of 600 to deal 18% more damage from spells for 16 seconds. Veil of Discord has a cooldown of 22 seconds and needs 50 mana to be used in the game. The item costs 1525 gold in the game. Allied units around Rubick in a radius of 1200 gain an increased mana regeneration rate of 1.75. 

Rubick – Make Team Fights Exhilarating

Rubick push the top lane after killing an enemy hero with his allies

You can drive excitement with Rubick during team fights. His set of skills let him play a number of roles for the team. He can start fights by casting Telekinesis on enemy heroes in lanes. Rubick can move melee heroes away from enemy towers in lanes to prevent his opponents from tower hugging during the game. 

Rubick’s ulti, Spell Steal, can be used on enemy heroes to gain the last spell they cast. Spells that are stolen by Rubick can be cast for up to 300 seconds or till Rubick is killed in combat. You can use a combination of spells and steal dozens of spells in Dota 2 matches to find the abilities that deal more damage to enemies. Spell Steal has a cooldown of 4 seconds and consumes 25 mana to be used per cast. You can reduce the cooldown of stolen spells by 25% at level 15 while playing Rubick. Players can also deal up to 40% more damage from stolen spells by reaching level 25 with the Intelligence hero. 

Rubick – Steal Spells that Disable Enemies

Rubick casts Chronosphere to disable enemies

Players can steal specific spells that can disable multiple enemies in battles with Rubick. Spells like Chronosphere can be stolen from Faceless Void to disable enemy heroes for a few seconds. These spells allow Rubick and his allies to cast several spells to annihilate enemy heroes before they can regain movement in team fights. 

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You can purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter for Rubick to be able to steal up to 2 spells from enemy heroes. All ultimate spells that are stolen by Rubick using an Aghanim’s Scepter are instantly upgraded to their Scepter versions. Aghanim’s Scepter costs 4200 gold in the game. People can also buy a Blink Dagger for Rubick that allows him to escape from enemy heroes while they are disabled by stolen spells. Gamers can also use a Blink Dagger to initiate team fights and cast spells like Global Silence to prevent Rubick’s opponents from casting their abilities for a few seconds, giving Rubick’s team an advantage during encounters. 

Best Allies for Rubick


Jakiro helps Rubick get more assists

Jakiro is a support hero who can disable multiple enemies to deal massive amounts of damage to them. The twin-headed dragon can ignite enemy heroes using Dual Breath to deal 80 burn damage per second (DPS) for up to 5 seconds. Enemy units affected by Dual Breath have their movement speed reduced by 40% and their attack speed slowed by 40 for the duration of the spell. Dual Breath has a cooldown of 10 seconds and requires 170 mana. 

Rubick can use Telekinesis on enemy units to move enemy heroes closer to Jakiro. Allies playing Jakiro can cast Ice Path on all enemy units facing the twin-headed dragon to stun them for 2.5 seconds. Ice Path has a cooldown of 9 seconds and needs 100 mana. Rubick can use Fade Bolt on enemy heroes before Jakiro can cast Macropyre to deal 200 DPS for up 10 seconds.  


Lion impales an enemy hero to stun him while Rubick uses Death Ward to get the kill

Lion is an Intelligence hero with a number of skills that can be used to disrupt enemy heroes. Allies can cast Earth Spike with Lion to stun enemy heroes for 2.6 seconds. Enemy units stunned by Earth Spike take up to 260 damage. Rubick can cast Fade Bolt to reduce the health of his opponents after they’ve been
stunned by Lion. 

Rubick can cast Telekinesis to extend the duration of the stun on enemy heroes. Lion can use Mana Drain on stunned heroes to pull 120 mana per second for 5 seconds. Rubick can let Lion cast Hex on his opponents to disable them for 4 seconds, allowing Rubick and his allies to deal several hits before the
duration of Hex ends. 

Lion can instantly kill weakened enemy heroes by casting his ulti, Finger of Death. Enemy units affected by Finger of Death take up to 850 damage from the Intelligence hero. Lion gains an additional 40 damage per kill by successfully destroying his enemies with his ulti. 

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