Dota 2: Predictions for The Next Patch

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Dota 2: Predictions for The Next Patch

The community is more than ready for the next Dota 2 patch to drop, we go over the buffs and nerfs we're expecting to see in our patch predictions.

The Dota 2 Patch 7.32d has been around for several months now, and it is safe to say that the community is ready for something new. Even though we expected a big update following the end of The International 11, Valve is yet to give us access to it. Instead, the company made several small changes and decided to keep that patch for Tour 1 of the 2023 DPC.

However, we’re just a couple of days away until the matches in Division I in all regions are over. As a result, some people expect Valve to release the new Dota 2 patch that will greatly affect players. Unsurprisingly, everyone is interested in the new hero called Muerta because we expect her to do a lot of damage. However, this doesn’t mean there won’t be other major changes that will have an effect on the given meta.

Although we can’t be sure, this article will go over some of the potential new things we expect to see in the meta. Make sure to follow us for more information about the latest Dota 2 news, as well as the hottest Dota 2 betting sites.

Anti-Mage will be back

The last couple of months have been exciting for every Dota 2 carry. Even though we’ve been playing on the same patch, the meta changed a couple of times. Early in the patch, people used things like Chaos Knight, whereas today, this hero is not that popular anymore.

Instead of CK, people use Ursa, Naga Siren, and even Lina. The latter is becoming the preferred option for many Dota 2 players because of her insane farming speed and impressive spell, and physical damage. That said, we don’t expect Lina to be a viable carry option in the subsequent patch.

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Instead, one of the heroes that we expect to see a lot more often is Anti-Mage. Nowadays, he is one of the worst carries in Dota 2 because of his weak laning stage. Moreover, he needs more farm to be more effective than some of the popular alternatives.

Since AM has always been one of the popular carries in the meta, we expect the hero to shine in the upcoming patch because Valve will probably buff him a lot. 

Invoker will be a top-tier midder

Even though there are loads of top Dota 2 mid-lane heroes that people can choose from, Invoker plays a special role for most midders. Even though we’ve seen that some of the best teams in the current DPC have tried playing with him, he is not as strong as before. However, considering he is among the most popular midders, we expect this to change in the upcoming patch.

Although the hero will likely not receive any major changes to his abilities, we expect to see buffs to his stats. Currently, Invoker has one of the lowest movement speeds, as well as overall starting stats in Dota 2. A buff to some of them will allow players to have a better laning stage.

Buffs to TA

While talking about mid-laners from the past, we must remember the Dota 2 hero that ripped through the competition in early 2022. Templar Assassin was the hottest midder during that time and the hero that everyone wanted to have on their team. Her ability to lane against anything and her one-shot potential made her an excellent option.

Even after several nerfs, she continued to stay strong and dominate the meta with her incredible right-click potential. However, TA hasn’t been that popular in Dota 2 lately because people focus on other heroes. 

We do not know whether she will be back, but if we check what’s happening in the last couple of years, we wouldn’t be surprised if the upcoming update decides to buff her. Keep in mind that TA can also be a solid option for a carry.

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Aside from Templar Assasin and Invoker, other Dota 2 heroes that we may see more often include QoP and Pugna. These two are seen sometimes, but they aren’t as big as before.

Nerfs to Wraith Pact

The potential hero changes in the next Dota 2 update will be very interesting, to say the least. However, we also expect to see a lot of cool changes regarding some of the popular items. Of course, one of the first things that come to mind is Wraith Pact, an item that PUB players have been using to reach their desired rank.

Sure, Wraith Pact is not an item that you can use in every situation. In fact, you can only take advantage of it on specific heroes, such as Visage or any powerful offlaner that can farm it faster. The thing about this item is that it is extremely effective in early and mid-game skirmishes. So, the idea is to get it as fast as possible because it isn’t that good later on.

Besides providing pretty good stats and the lifestealing aura, the item also reduces enemy damage and deals 30 DPS. As you can guess, it is pretty good for the early game, and the team that gets it first usually dominates.

There are some things that we expect to happen in the upcoming update. However, considering that Valve hasn’t released anything in a while, we wouldn’t be surprised if there are many new things, including options like new objectives.

Usually, we get one big update per year, and the other ones include tweaks to make it better. Needless to say, we will make sure to keep an eye on everything new and let you know when it becomes available.