Dota 2: Patch 7.31 – Notable Hero Changes

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Dota 2: Patch 7.31 – Notable Hero Changes

All the most notable hero changes from Dota 2's Patch 7.31.

Dota 2’s newest patch arrived a couple of days ago, and as expected, we received tons of updates. Many people were surprised by the addition of Primal Beast, Dota 2’s newest hero. Even though he doesn’t appear to be that strong, the hero is fun to play and many people forgot to check some of the other notable hero changes.

Like any new update, Dota 2’s patch 7.21 introduced tons of new changes to some of our favorite heroes. As expected, some of the go-to options in the previous match received several buffs and debuffs. Let’s go over some of the most important things that we should be aware of regarding the changes to some of the famous heroes.


The first hero that is different than before is Axe. Although he wasn’t the most popular offlaner in patch 7.30, Valve decided to change some of his core abilities. The first one is Battle Hunger, which now deals physical damage and no longer grants movement speed to Axe. Another important thing about this ability is that it only slows enemies if they are not facing Axe.

There are a couple of small changes to his talents and Counter Helix, but Culling Blade (the ultimate) is more interesting. If Axe kills a target with this spell, it will grant him +2 permanent armor on level 3. With that being said, the ability’s cooldown is now up to 70 seconds on level 3. Another important thing you need to know about the power is that its damage is pure and pierces magic immunity. Last but not least, its damage is increased from 300 to 450.


Brewmaster is another hero who receives many changes in the new Dota 2 patch. By the looks of it, he will become one of the new go-to offlaners because his abilities seem more potent.

First, Cinder Brew now also drenches the hero himself, but he doesn’t get the negative effect. Another significant change to Brewmaster is Drunken Brawler. This ability allows the hero to gain three stances based on his elements and switch between them. Interestingly, these stances have a better effect if the hero is affected by Cinder Brew.

Brewmaster’s Earth Brawler grants 7 armor and 20% magic resistance on level 4. The Storm Brawler provides 30% evasion and 11% movement speed, whereas the Fire Brawler grants a 24% chance of dealing 190% damage critical strike. Regardless of which “stance” Brewmasters goes to, the effect will be tripled if he is under the Cinder Brew Effect.

As for Primal Split, the Shard no longer grants the hero’s attack procs to the Void Brewing. Instead, it provides a Void Brawler Stance, which gives Brewmaster 20% status resist and 25% movement slow for 2 seconds.

Centaur Warrunner

Next, we have Centaur Warrunner, a hero who was occasionally picked when needed. After the changes, Centaur now has a reduced STR gain from 4.6 to 4.0, and his base armor is increased by 1.

Apart from the changes mentioned below, Hoof Stomp now does 300 damage on level four. People who use Doubler Edge and have a Shard will apply the STR bonus before dealing damage, which will make the ability more potent.

Centaur’s Stampede is also different if you purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter. Now, the ultimate provides 30% damage reduction on level 3 and lashes affected enemies for the duration of the debuff.

The hero’s level 15 talent grants +15 STR instead of + 5 armor, whereas his level 20 talent decreases Retaliate’s damage to +45 from +50.

Queen of Pain

QoP was one of the heroes that we expected to receive a lot of changes. Since this was one of the most famous heroes in patch 7.30, it shouldn’t be surprising that Valve decided to nerf it. Now, QoP’s Blink with Shard does 125 damage instead of 175. Moreover, Scream of Pain now costs more mana in the first three levels, which means QoP can’t spam it as much.

Last but not least, Queen of Pain’s Sonic Wave deals slightly less damage than before, which is good news for the support heroes. We are yet to see whether these nerfs will be enough.

Spirit Breaker

Spirit Breaker is the next important hero that many people want to check in the new patch. Surprisingly, this hero became one of the go-to options in the previous patch because he was able to deal tons of damage.

It seems like he won’t be that popular now because he receives four nerfs. Charge of Darkness costs 120 mana instead of 100, Bulldoze’s movement speed bonus is down to 25% on level four, whereas the status resistance is now 65%. 

When it comes down to Greater Bash, the ability deals 30% damage instead of 32%. Finally, SB’s level 20 talent now gives +175 Charge of Darkness Speed instead of +200.


Despite the fact that Techies was never a popular name in professional Dota 2 matches, he is one of the most controversial heroes in the game. It seems like Valve decided it is high time to make him popular again, which is why the hero receives tons of changes.

For starters, Statis Trap and Remote Mines are no longer a part of the game. Instead, the hero has a couple of new abilities called Sticky Bomb and Reactive Tazer. The first one allows him to lob a bomb up to 1000 range towards the target 250 AoE area. If the bomb is close to a hero, it will stick to them, slow them down, and deal 360 damage after three seconds.

Reactive Tazer is an ability that gives the hero a 30% bonus movement speed for secs for 6 seconds. Those who attack the hero will be disarmed for 3 seconds, and once the ability comes to an end, techies will disarm all enemies within 400 radius. Those who purchase a Scepter can use this ability on allies unit and it will allow them to do 300 damage.

Proximity Mines is now Techies’  ultimate and it receives a lot of minor changes. For example, the ability deals total damage to targets within a 150 radius.

There are also changes to some of his talents and Blast Off! Click here to learn more information about everything new in the current patch.