Dota 2: Patch 7.31 is Live! Here’s the Most Important Changes to Mechanics & Items

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Dota 2: Patch 7.31 is Live! Here’s the Most Important Changes to Mechanics & Items

We take you through the biggest changes to items and mechanics in Dota 2 Patch 7.31

Dota 2 is one of the games where Valve used to release one or two big updates every year. However, many people were unhappy because each new update changes the game from the ground up. As a result, the company decided to make changes and released smaller but more frequent patches.

Despite their decision, patch 7.30 was around way longer than people thought. Everyone expected Valve to change the pre-TI 10 patch once the event was over, but this was not the case. Instead, we had to play on 7.30 up until today.

After teasing us for weeks, we finally know more information about the newest patch in Dota 2. It's called 7.31 Primal Beast, and it features tons of new things, including a new hero! (Stay tuned for a detailed guide on the ageless hunger soon.)

With that being said, here are some of the aspects that you have to know about it. Don’t forget to click here to learn everything about the new update!

General Changes

Similar to any other big patch, this one has specific General Updates that you have to be aware of. The first one is that Cooldown reduction now stacks diminishing, which will probably significantly impact the game.

Another significant change that people should be aware of is related to a couple of abilities that reveal invisible units for their duration. This includes Shackles, Dismember, Winter’s Curse, Enchant Remnant, Rod of Atos, and more.

Even though there are loads of stats already, Valve decided to add three new abilities. They are called Piercing, Reinforced, and Runty. Furthermore, the new patch changes some of the core mechanics, such as those related to the Fog of War, armor, and more.

Item Changes

Aside from everything we’ve mentioned above, patch 7.31 also changes a lot of the neutral creeps. Speaking of items, there are three new options to choose from. The first one is the most expensive of the bunch and it is known as Revenant’s Brooch. The latter requires a recipe (which costs 800 gold), Mystic Staff, and Witch Blade. It provides +45 INT, +8 Amor, +40 AS, and +300 Projectile Speed. Furthermore, this is an active item that allows your next five attacks to have true strikes and deal additional damage. In addition, your attack will apply a poison that slows your opponents by 25% for 4s, dealing 1x of your intelligence as damage. This is a passive ability that works once every 9 seconds.

Wraith Pact is the second item you can put to the test, and it is an upgrade to Vladimir's Offering. Aside from this item, you also need a Point Booster and a Recipe. Once you complete it, you will have Vlad’s effect, as well as +250 HP and +250 mana. Interestingly, the item also has an active effect that allows you to drop a totem. This option will reduce your opponents' damage by 25% if they are within a 900 range. This totem can move and it also deals 25 damage per second.

The last new item is Boots of Bearing and it requires Tranquil Boots, Drum of Endurance, and a recipe. Aside from the MS, STR, INT, and HP regen, this item has eight charges and it gains a new one every three minutes. When used, it gives you and your allies +50 AS and 15 MS for 6 seconds. You can’t be slowed down by any other abilities during the first two seconds of the effect.

Other item changes

Besides the things we’ve mentioned so far,  there are loads of other item changes. That’s why you should read the patch notes before you start playing. Although there are loads of significant changes you should be aware of, we will point out the three major item reworks.

The first one is Bloodstone. Following the changes, the item now provides +550 HP, 550 Mana, ad 25% spell life steal for heroes and 5% for creeps. Once you activate the item, you will get twice the spell lifesteal and it converts the damage percentage to mana. However, this will cost you 10% of your HP to cast.

The second item that is slightly different than before is Orchid Malevolence. In patch 7.31, this is somewhat less expensive because it requires Blitz Knuckles, Claymore, and Void Stone. As a result, the item provides +30 damage, +40 attack speed, and +3 mana regen. Fortunately, the Soul Burn effect is the same, which means you will be able to silence your opponents.


Since Orchid Malevolence is different, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bloodthorn is also different. After the new patch, the item provides +20 INT, +60 Attack Speed, +50 damage, +5 mana regen, and +20% Magic Resistance. Aside from that, the item retains its effect that silences a target and gives you true strike and a 100% chance to crit for 130%.

Besides this effect, Bloodthorn also has a passive ability called Mage Slayer. The latter places a debuff that causes them to take 35% less spell damage for 6 seconds. In other words, you have to be careful how you are using this item because it may save your enemies.

Ethereal Blade is also different

The last thing that we’d like to include in this article is that Ethereal Blade is also an item that has been reworked. Previously, this used to be a must-have for heroes like Morhpling and other AGI-based carries. This item provided tons of agility and an effect called Ethereal Blast.

Even though the item retains its Ethereal Blast, Valve decided to change the items you have to get for it and its stats. In patch 7.31, this item provides +5 AGI, +25 INT, +5 STR, +12% Spell Amp, +24 Spell Lifesteal, and +75 Mana Regen. 

The item’s effect is relatively the same, but it has 22 seconds cooldown instead of 20 seconds. Furthermore, the item deals +50 as magical damage instead of +125.

Be sure to check ESTNN for more information about the hero changes in the new patch and everything you need to know about them. Don’t forget; Dota 2 has a new hero!