Dota 2: Patch 7.30d Nerfs Tinker And Weaver; Balances Neutral Items

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Dota 2: Patch 7.30d Nerfs Tinker And Weaver; Balances Neutral Items

Some heroes and items are getting touched up.

Valve has yet again rolled out an update to balance the meta further. This is the third update after the big patch of 7.30 that the developers have tweaked things around. That said, it isn’t surprising to see so many updates to the game in a short time. Valve wants a polished end product before The International 10 begins. Let’s have a look at some of the major things the 7.30d has changed.

Neutral Item Changes

Out of the six item changes, they made buffs to Tumbler’s Toy with a cooldown reduction of 10 seconds. However, the item can no longer help rooted or leased heroes. Brigand’s Blade also got a buff with attack damage bonus increase. Item Nether Shawl got a nerf with magic resistance bonus reduced from 25% to 20% and spell amplification also getting a hit from 8% to 6%. Late tier Neutral Items also got a nerf, including Mirror Shield, Ex Machina and Fallen Sky.

Hero Changes


Bane was dominating as a support in the meta, but has received quite a bit of nerfs in this update. Nightmare damage reduction to deal significantly less damage in the early game. His ability Brain Sap which made him a strong laner has also seen deserved nerfs at early levels.


Dawnbreaker has also received nerf to Starbreaker with a reduction in bonus damage at all levels. Celestial Hammer has also received a much needed nerf at early levels, keeping the max level damage same.


Silencer was a great hero in the last patch, with positive win rates in all positions. His ability Arcane Curse now has a 1.7x Silence Penalty Multiplier rather than 2x. Last Word has a lower radius of 500 instead of 650.


Tinker has seen an increase in his mana cost for Rearm. He also faces nerf on Heat-Seeking Missile with damage reduction at all levels. Looks like TInker is still pretty good as the nerfs are not significant enough.


Weaver was one of the best core heroes in the last patch. We also see nerf to his Shard ability, where The Swarm will now have 2 seconds cooldown reduction instead of 4 seconds.

A lot more heroes have got balancing tweaks. Read the full patch here.