Dota 2: Patch 7.30c Nerfs Clinkz, Batrider And Helm Of The Overlord

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Dota 2: Patch 7.30c Nerfs Clinkz, Batrider And Helm Of The Overlord

A balancing patch is here to save us from the broken heroes and items.

It was not long when the 7.30b patch came in to balance the meta. Now Valve has released a new update balancing the game further before The International 10.

The new 7.30c patch contains changes to items, neutral items, heroes and general improvements. It is a significant update with lots of changes. However, there are few changes which stand tall amongst the others. Let’s look at the highlights of the update to know more.

Item Changes

Helm Of The Overlord

Although the item got nerfed in 7.30b, it was still an amazing value item for selected heroes in the game. Helm Of The Overlord was overpowered from the very start and the developers have changed it to counter that. There is a decrease in bonus attributes, bonus health and armor by a single point. Also, other teams will benefit more by killing the dominated creep whose bounty is now 250 rather than 200 gold.

Apart from the above, Silver Edge also got an increase in its cooldown. However, Echo Sabre received the biggest nerfs. The item now has lower mana regeneration and less strength.

Hero Changes


The hero, Clinkz, a skeletal warrior, appears in a swirl of fire in the wallpaper from the Scorched Fletcher set

Clinkz was wreaking havoc in the meta with his new ability, Burning Barrage. The recent update has addressed it with slight nerfs to the cooldown of the ability at each level. The hero also got nerfs to the Skeleton Walk’s shard ability where the Skeleton Archers will stay on the map for a lesser time period. Bonus health from Death Pact is also nerfed. The only buff Clinkz got was to his Aghanim’s Scepter ability, where the Burning Army will stay for 30 seconds instead of 20.


Batrider was one of the best mid heroes in the meta. However, the hero felt a bit overpowered, especially winning against most heroes in the lane. Although the hero’s base vision has seen buffs, he has received quite a few blows in the other departments. There is a decrease in duration of Sticky Napalm and the ability will not increase Fae Grenade damage. Flamebreak has also seen nerf to its damage and so has Firefly with vision reduction and cooldown increase in the first three levels.

The changes might not render the hero useless. However, they are enough to make him an average laner rather than a dominant one.

Keeper Of The Light

The Dota 2 Hero Keeper of the Light charges forward on his ram-horned steed

Keeper Of The Light has been one of the top soft supports or even a mid option for quite some time now. The hero’s Illuminate ability was just too good, especially in the early game when other heroes lack wave clearing abilities which cost little to no mana. KOTL was also extremely fast around the map, gaining 30% movement speed during the active period of his ultimate ability.

The new patch nerfs Illuminate, decreasing the damage at all levels, decreasing the travel speed of the ability and increasing its cooldown from 11 to 13 seconds. Base movement speed, while Spirit Form is active, also faces nerfs with subtraction of 5% from each level.

Feature Image: Dota 2 Fandom