Dota 2: Patch 7.30b Balances Heroes And Items

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Dota 2: Patch 7.30b Balances Heroes And Items

Dota 2 players needed a quick patch to put things in line.

Valve has dropped patch 7.30b for Dota 2, focusing on overpowered heroes and items. The new update checks on popular items like Helm Of The Overlord and heroes like Slark and Beastmaster.

Balancing Changes On Heroes

The patch addressed how overpowered Beastmaster was and nerfed his level 15 talent from 350 Health of Beastmaster Controlled Units to 250. However, Lycan faced a major nerf with a single point down-scaling of armor reduction at each level of Howl. Lycan’s level 10 power spike also took a hit with a Talent Tree nerf which now boosts Summon Wolves damage by 15 rather than 20. Silencer and Slark also faced slight nerfs but nothing major.

Balancing Changes On Items

The rework of Helm Of The Overlord made it one of the most broken items in the 7.30 meta. Valve has increased the recipe cost of the item by 250, making it a 6300 gold item rather than 6050. However, it doesn’t look like this will stop people from spamming the item in their pubs. The benefits of Helm are extremely good, especially in lower bracket matchmaking. It might slow down heroes who buy this item, but it looks like Valve will further nerf the item in future patches to smooth things out.

Silver Edge also got a cost increase of 200 gold, which makes its value slightly worse, but the Shadow Blade upgrade remains a solid choice for many cores.