Dota 2: Patch 7.28C Support Tier List; Nyx And Earthshaker Still Viable

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Dota 2: Patch 7.28C Support Tier List; Nyx And Earthshaker Still Viable

ESTNN lists the top five supports in the recent 7.28c patch of Dota 2.

Valve recently dropped a surprise 7.28c patch before the end of DPC Season 1.

The developers addressed a few of the overpowered heroes and dropped the nerf hammer on them. However the patch did not affect all heroes equally. Support heroes like Nyx Assassin, Earthshaker and Shadow Shaman saw a drop in win rate, but it wasn’t very significant.

With the recent changes, a support tier list is mandatory to help players know the best position 4 or 5 heroes in the current meta.

Shadow Shaman

Shadow Shaman received a slight nerf to his Shackles Shard cast range. The change saw his win-rate drop by roughly one percent. However, Shaman remains one of the best meta supports in the game. Especially if the hero builds an early Aether Lens, which gives him ample range to cast his spells. Unlike most other supports, Shaman can push towers and contribute immensely to team fights thanks to his disables and shard ability.

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Nyx Assassin

The nerf to Nyx Assassin — with increased cooldown of his ultimate and removal of a break from it — did not affect his win rate. The hero is still a splendid choice for the soft support position. Nyx has great HP regeneration of 2.5 at level 1, which gives the hero sustenance in the lane and he wins most one vs one trades. Nyx provides a solid early and mid-game, countering popular core heroes of the meta.

Ancient Apparition

Untouched in patch 7.28c, Ancient Apparition is enjoying a healthy win rate for the past few months now. The hero is great against popular core heroes like Morphling, Slark, Troll Warlord and a few others. AA doesn’t need even minor items to contribute to team fights and becomes very useful after the level 6 power spike. Eul’s, Ghost Scepter and Kaya are the most commonly used items on the hero.

Ogre Magi

Ogre has an insanely high armor of 7 and strength gain of +3.5 every level. These stats essentially make him a strength hero. He can tank spells and right clicks, making one vs one trades look futile. Ogre does not require high-level skills to play. He can sit and buff his allies with the Bloodlust spell to contribute to the game. Aether Lens, Hand of Midas and Eul’s are some of the popular early to mid-game items for the hero.

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Despite being nerfed badly, Earthshaker is still a viable choice in the current meta. The Fissure shard ability of aftershock replication was reduced to half. But it still stuns a target for 2.5 seconds on first use after Fissure. What makes this ability so cool is that Earthshaker can use it without being near the enemy targets. Previously Earthshaker heavily depended on Blink Dagger or Aghanim’s Scepter to position himself for spell usage. The shard has helped the hero significantly by reducing fissure cooldown by two seconds and grants the hero the ability to walk over it.

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