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Dota 2: Patch 7.28c Offlane Tier List; Mars Feels Really Strong

The hero Mars stands on the battlefield with his shield and spear raised. He wears a Roman centurion helmet and his eyes glow with yellow fire.

Lining up the top performing offlane heroes of the 7.28c patch in Dota 2.

The introduction of the 7.28c update changed the offlane meta. A heavy nerf to Batrider rendered him completely useless in the meta. Light nerfs to a few popular heroes like Beastmaster, made little impact on their overall win rate. The update has hardly changed offlane heroes, especially in the lower MMR games. However, it is important to know which heroes are doing well and help grind some MMR.


Underlord is enjoying the top spot in the overall hero win rate chart on dotabuff. His win rate has only increased following the new update. Although not quite the hero of the show in high MMR games, Underlord is incredibly good in the lower bracket pubs. Atrophy Aura takes away a portion of physical damage from the enemy heroes in 900 range of Underlord. The most important ability in the Underlord’s arsenal is his first skill, which pushes waves and makes space for the team.

Underlord is great for both defending and sieging high ground. He can clear creep waves using Firestorm, making life difficult for enemy lineups pushing. He can rescue the entire team with his ultimate ability, if things go south while destroying enemy Tier-3s and barracks.


Mars is probably S-Tier considering players can pick him first phase in the drafts. The hero has everything an offlaner desires, ability to tank, push waves and solo kill most enemy carry heroes. It is important to use Mars’ power spikes to advantage, especially when the hero reaches level 6. Spamming God’s Rebuke to push waves is mandatory in most situations. Clarities can help solve mana problems and a mid-game Black King Bar will help deal with Magic damage.

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Enigma is doing pretty well in the current meta. The hero is popular in high MMR pubs but can also be picked in lower brackets. He has a weak laning stage where players need to focus more on denying and last hitting creeps rather than dominating the enemy carry. Enigma item builds are around early game wave pushing. He picks up Arcane boots, Necronomicon (Level 3). Later players can go Blink Dagger, Black King Bar and Refresher Orb depending on the game.

Enigma’s Demonic Conversion along with Necrobook helps push waves, creating pressure around the map. He can also push towers occasionally when safe. The hero scales very well, thanks to Midnight Pulsee and Black Hole contributing heavily in the team fights from mid to late game.

Night Stalker

Night Stalker was untouched in patch 7.28c. He offers a strong laning phase and has great early game impact. Players need to play this hero around day and night timings in-game. Scepter, being one of the most popular items on the hero, makes Void an AOE ability which helps him farm creeps, push waves and contribute to team fights. Night Stalker is also one of the few heroes who offers a long duration AOE silence using Crippling Fear, which silences for max 7 seconds in the night time.

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Tidehunter has an approx win rate of 52% on dotabuff. Although the hero has a positive win rate, he depends on good team coordination. Weak to magical damage, most players rush a Hood of Defiance in the lane. Tide offers a strong laning phase as he is tanky and hard to deal with for melee heroes. He also has great wave pushing abilities with Anchor Smash and Scepter upgraded Gush, which becomes a ground target ability helping in tower defence and aggressive pushing.

Tidehunter falls off a bit in the late game but can contribute to teamfights with Ravage and aura based items like Pipe of Insight and Guardian Greaves.

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