Dota 2: Patch 7.27a Is Out, TI’s Prize Pool Reaches $27,000,000

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Dota 2: Patch 7.27a Is Out, TI’s Prize Pool Reaches $27,000,000

We've rounded up all the latest news from the world of Dota 2, including the latest item changes and an update on the TI 10 prize pool.

Compared to previous months, the Dota 2 news for the start of July isn't very exciting. There aren't that many tournaments and some of the top teams even decided to take the month off.

Despite that, TI 10’s prize pool continues to grow rapidly. It's now reached over $27M USD, which is mind-blowing. Especially considering the fact we don’t know when TI 10 will be held. We can only imagine what the prize pool will be like in the end.

Apart from TI news, Valve also released a new update to 7.27. However, instead of introducing the hero changes, this small patch only affects two items.

What’s new?

Helm of the Dominator now gives +25 damage (it was +40) to creep and the recipe for the item now costs +250 gold. That was expected, considering the fact that this item is the go-to option for most heroes.

Since it’s not that expensive, most heroes can buy it really early on and use it to push towers. However, these nerfs are pretty severe, which is why we think that the item will slowly fade away. The extra gold that you have to spend on this item will definitely make a lot of players think twice whether it’s actually worth it.

Even though the next change is not that drastic, it’s also worth mentioning. The second thing that patch 7.27a will change is the addition of a 350g recipe for Monkey King Bar. We can’t say we’re surprised after reading the initial patch notes of 7.27. This item was drastically changed and was way better value than before, which had a dramatic effect on its purchase rate. Despite the changes, Monkey King Bar will most likely continue to be one of the go-to items for a lot of carry players.

We expect to see the next Dota 2 update in the upcoming week. It will be really interesting to see what 7.27 has for us in terms of heroes changes.

Feature Image: Valve/Noura