Dota 2: Patch 7.25c Overview

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Dota 2: Patch 7.25c Overview

Everything that’s new in patch 7.25c.

After a couple of weeks without updates, Valve decided to release the third set of nerfs to patch 7.25c. Similar to the previous ones, there aren’t any drastic changes, but there are some things that have to be mentioned.

The overall idea of this patch is to slow down the pace of the game. In the current meta, most pub games tend to end very early on because the heroes have immense pushing power.

General Changes

  • The first change here is related to picking a hero. Now, whenever two players pick the same hero in a round, he will get banned. Once that happens, the round will restart.
  • You will now have only 20 seconds to pick a hero during the drafting stage in AP mode.
  • Regardless of the HP of your ward, you can always attack it.
  • One of the neutral creeps (Harpy Stormcrafter) now has 125 max mana, down from 150.


If we have to sum up the changes, nearly each of them affects the health regeneration. This is an issue that became very obvious recently. Most players always bought some sort of HP regen items, which allowed them to have a lot of sustain. However, this also resulted in a lot of skirmishes and fast pushes. Now, the most popular HP regen items are nerfed a bit, which should help out.

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In addition to that, there are also two small changes:

  • Vladimir’s Offering recipe is now 550 gold, up fro 450.
  • Dust of Appearance now costs 80 gold (was 90 before).

Please read the changelog to see all the HP regen nerfs.

Hero Changes

Similar to the items, all hero changes are just small nerfs to some of the most popular picks now. That’s why we will just highlight some of them.

  • Beastmaster;  His Call of the Wild Hawk now does not block the Neutral Camp. This is a change that had to be done way earlier because it was one of the most annoying aspects of this hero.
    Another change with BM is his level 15 talent gives +30 boar damage, down from +35/
  • Death Prophet; The second hero who got nerfed, which was expected. She was just too strong during the laning stage to remain in the state she was. Now, Spirit Syphon costs 80 mana (70 before), and she deals 2 less base damage. Also, if she buys an Aghanim’s Scepter, the damage multiplier will be 1.5, instead of 1.75.
  • Meepo; One of the heroes that receives the biggest nerf in this patch. We can’t really say that we were surprised, considering the his win rating. Meepo is the most successful Dota 2 hero right now, which means that the nerf was inevitable. Now, instead of 24 starting agility, the hero will start with just 17. However, the armor and the base damage are still untacked, which is good. What’s more, he will now be able to level Divided We Stand on level 4/11/18. Previously he could that on 3/10/1
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Other heroes that got nerfed include Lycan, Phoenix, Wraith King, Snapfire, Phantom Lancer as well as a few others. If you’re curious to learn more, check the full patch release.

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