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Dota 2: Patch 7.23f Highlights

Juggernaut, Crustal Maiden and Rubick, heroes from Dota 2, stand with their weapons drawn in front of the Dota 2 logo

Valve is known for releasing updates just before the important tournaments. It seems like they want to continue this trend because Patch 7.23f came out just two days before the second Major of this DPC begins.

Although there are not that many fundamental changes, it will still have an effect on the pro play. The newest patch in Dota 2 brings nerfs to some of the most popular heroes in the game right now.

Hero Changes

Doom is the first hero that gets under the nerf hammer. He now has two less strength, but that’s not all. Scorched Earth deals less damage and requires more mana, which means that he won’t be able to spam it as much. This was definitely needed because the spell definitely felt like it was too strong.

The second hero that will also be less effective than before is Drow Ranger. After the Outlanders Update, this hero became super popular due to her third skill. As a result, Multishot now requires more mana and slows for 0.5 seconds less. Hopefully, this will prevent players from first-picking this hero in pubs.


This is the hero that probably benefited the most from the Outlanders Update. Puck was long forgotten in the previous meta but he made a comeback yet again. However, it seems like the comeback was just too strong, which is why 7.23f nerfs the hero once again.

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As a result, Puck now has two less damage and his Waning Rift will no longer move the hero if he is rooted. Luckily, he will still be able to cast the spell itself, which means that it will at least silence.

Lastly, the Phase Shift Attacks talent is moved to level 15, which means there is no more a +90 dmg talent. Whether or not will this kill the “physical damage” Puck is yet to be seen.


Unlike Puck, one of the most popular heroes in every meta is Tiny. Although people expected the Outlanders Update to change this, that was not the case. In fact, he became even more picked, especially in pub games.

It seems like IceFrog doesn’t like that because he brought a couple of nerfs to the hero. Now, Tiny has 10 less base attack speed and less strength gain. As if that’s not enough, Toss now has less range and Tree Grab reduces 5 more movement speed.

Be sure to read the entire changelog here. Also, remember to watch the upcoming WePlay! Bukovel Minor that starts in just two days from now.

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bet on Dota 2

Here's a guide to bet on Dota 2